Saturday, May 1, 2010

zoo sandwiches -3

~ Zoo on my plate ~ 3 ~

Summer holidays are fast approaching n kids are
already in the vacation mood . With all their sporty
attitudes it seems the motto for the current month is
'Less of studies and more of play ' Lol . I'm happy
that kids will get a break from the structured routine
but still pondering over multiple ways to keep holiday
boredom at a bay . The overwhelming response from
all of you for Zoo sandwiches motivated me for some
more yummy foody fun animal creations ......Hope
you like these too , do let me know ......... :) :) :) :)

Fishy fishy fishy

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives

Jumbo Dumbo

Bread,cheese ,cucumber ,olives ,egg, armenian cucumber (kakdi

Miss Piggy Wiggy

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives , egg, pepper corns

Sandwich Cowtoon

Bread, cheese , carrot, olives , egg

Monkeys for Lunch ?????

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives , egg, tomato sauce


Award Time

I'm beaming with joy . Our creation paper mache
Babushaka has won the User Choice award at the
Thanks a lot to Shruti n all of you for liking &
voting for our creation .

A warm thanks again to Shruti , the creative brain
behind Mindful - meanderings for passing on
this award to me ........:) :) :)

The award asks for listing 3 things I love abt myself .
- ha ha need to think ovr before answering !!!
Also calls to post a pic that i love -
of course it has to be of my lil one


  1. Hy Smita,

    Congrats on your Awards dear...Keep up the great work...!

    I love your creativity..and your cute kid is too lucky indeed to enjoy zoo on her plate...

  2. Awwww, these are precious! I love them :)

  3. Congrats on your awards. U deserve it dear. I love your creativity . And your interesting and attractive pictures makes a simple meal very appealing.

  4. I have just discovered your blog and am now following. You are so wonderfully creative! I am always looking for fun ways to serve my daughter meals and this post is adorable. I will definitely be making some of your creations.


  5. So creative and wonderfull delicious.

  6. Congrats on your awards. U deserve it dear. I love your creativity .

  7. They are all so cute...and your daughter is so adorable dear...lucky to have a creative mom like you.

  8. congrats on all ur awards.As usual lovely and artstic animals with veggies.Smita u r a lovely and talented and innovative artist.

  9. Very creative and yummy sandwiches...congrats on your award!!

  10. Congrats on ur awards,well deserved. All I can say is 'Awesome, awesome and only awesome,no other words can match that creativity. I am not exaggerating :):)Loved those zoo sandwiches.

  11. Smita, OMG, I do not have words to describe your fantastic creativity. Mind blowing job.

  12. Hi Smitha, am here to say hi. Very cute and creative sandwiches.

  13. wooow!!fantastic creativity.....congrats on your awards...

  14. congrats on your awards. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. Your blog looks amazing...awesome photos. looks really fantastic.

  15. aw the pic is beautiful and colourful! was it taken at surajkund?

  16. fish is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! just loved it..
    others are awesome too...great stuff

  17. WOW!!! this is such a fantastic post.

    The fish, elephant, piggy, cow and monkey are done so sweetly...

    Little one is looking adorable :)
    congrats on the award

    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
    Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

  18. Thanks for dropping by. It's my first time are very creative! Love the photo of your princess..

    blowing peachkisses
    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things

  19. Wow Smita!! This is Mind-blowing!!! Great da!! I love all the zoo's!!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments!!!
    i m going to be here, whenever there is a new post!!!

  20. बहुत कलात्मक प्रस्तुति । सुंदर लगा ।

  21. cutest slices of bread ever!
    congrats on your award!

  22. HEy congrats on ur award and truely u deserve it.. wow another set of cute animals in the plate. Cute kid with wonderful pose...

  23. Hey, Its LittleMissBaker from the The Art Of Baking blog:). Thanks for dropping by my site and for your lovely comments.

    I came to check out your blog and I was really impressed.The zoo animals on the plate really impressed me and put a smile on my face especially with my favorites the fishy and the monkey. But also the older posts I checked out with the owl and the white tiger. You have some real creative ideas to make food fun and exciting for kids and I guess adult too :).

    With being so impressed I even showed a few family member your zoo animals and sent a few links of your blog to couple family members and friends to check out,especially ones with kids that would love to make themselves.

    Well I have rambled on too much lol.Well keep going on these great ideas and Ill keep reading,watching and commenting :)

  24. Hello,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I love these zoo animals, I have to show this to maniece and nephew they have been making some fun "breakfast" plates, they'll love these.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great day.

  25. Thats a fantastic job . Your creative talent is worth a round of big applause .

  26. Wow! lovely zoo sandwiches!!
    Congrats on the award.. your babushaka was cute :)
    And loved your lil one's pic..all colourful :)

  27. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love yours!! What a creative person you are! My kids would love these adorable treats!!

  28. Congrats on your well-deserved award dear:) Give a tight hug to your princess, she is soooo cute:)

  29. Oh they are so cute! I will have to try these for my picky eater! :)

  30. These sandwiches are just adorable!

  31. ♥ Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Para você... com muito carinho ♥

    "Quem tem o abraço mais apertado...
    mais carinhoso...♥
    e um amor tão grande... tão grande...♥
    que apaga qualquer desamor?"♥

    Feliz Dia das Mães!!!

    ♥Ótimo fim de semana!

  32. what a lovely pic of ur daughter. :) happy mothers day n congrats!!!

  33. Hi Smita! You are awesome. We make your Zoo sandwiches with kids in our local church. The sandwiches look great!! Kids are happy and adults are happy too ))

  34. Thanks for ur comments buddies !! Hope to c u all here again ....

    @Rima - u are right Rima this pic was taken at Surajkund Fair .

    @Little Miss Baker - thanks for liking the creations n sharing it with your family dear . Hope to c u here again .

    @Selena - Nice to know that kids love these sandwiches at ur local church !!!

  35. Hey, aren't these really really cute?


  36. Hey Smita,

    Ever thought of creating a photo book out of your food pictures?

    Check this out:

    I am also mailing you about it. Let's make something special together for our readers. What say?

  37. Love the sandwiches. So very creative. Have a 9 year old who is extremely picky about what she eats and does not like to try new things.

    May serve her some of these and see what happens. Thanks for the tips.


  38. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Smita! I'm so flattered :o) You have such a wonderful talent with food art. I love these zoo sandwiches!!! It's no wonder you've received many awards. Just great things here.
    My husband and I have a special connection to India. A dear family we know has kids here in the states while they live part of the year in India and part in the States. We visited them in Hyderabad in 2001 and my husband went back in 2008. What an incredible country you live in. We were very moved by our experience being there. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Wish you the best.

  39. hi this is harika first time in your blog lovely art and carvings loved that. Pls visit when u get time.....

  40. may i use your image in a magazine as an example of how to be creative with food?

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Thank you for sharing this great post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Just a quick note to let you know that I've feature it here. Please feel free to grab a button on my sidebar.

  43. Thanks for ur kind words buddies.
    @ Anonymous - pl go ahead with credits , also pl send me a link or a pic of the mag article on my email id.

  44. These are really wonderful, you turn food into art! Well done!


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