Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CSN Winner

~ CSN Giveaway Winner ~

Gift theme Sandwiches- white n brown bread, carrots n cucumber

I know you are eagerly waiting for the results
but before I select the winner I should give a warm
Thanks to all who gave their precious time to stop,
comment & share this $75 CSN giveaway .

The winner is picked through &
Ginny of comment no. 5 is the winner .
Do go through her lovely blog Letyourlightshine
I have been there often ....She shares her thoughts
about God ,her life, kids & nature .....

Congrats Ginny .Pl check ur email & confirm
asap so that i can forward ur details to CSN.

As per the rules I have omitted the entries that
were sent after the deadline

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heart pops & LFJ on air

~ My Heart will go on ..~

........ ((())) .........

With World Heart Day being observed today
Little Food Junction gears some yummy
Apple lollies to keep our lil ones happy
n healthy.... 4 Lollies a Day keeps
the Doctor away ..........

Apple Lollies

For the lollies- Core n divide the Apple in
four. Draw a heart or make a heart impression
with a cookie cutter & gently peel off. Soak for 5
mins in lemon water to prevent browning .
Pat dry , top on skewers n serve......

Creations on Air ...
Creations from Little Food Junction ( Zoo Sandwiches)
were aired on 23rd Sep. Recreated @ Mommy on Shoestring
(Chicago Channel WCIU..) Warm thanks to Beth Engelman,
WCIU family & the viewers for liking my creations .

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tomato toasts & Feature

~ Tomato Toasts ~

I'm sure all of you will agree that some recipes
happen by chance . Yesterday was a busy Sunday
for me so the daddy daughter duo decided to help
by taking over the kitchen chores .. whenevr the
kitchen is their domain they try to please the palettes
with their innovative (sometimes destructive) foodie
experiments . I was amazed when a red toast &
scrambled eggs landed at my table ...... the little one
right beside me wanted to know how it tasted ...
Yummmmmmmm , I had to leave my work to know
the recipe ......Today I recreate the toast with the
same recipe with a cuter look & veggies :) :)

Toast Toons

Cut out fun shapes from bread , spread some pasta
sauce n toast till crisp . (used Ragu 7 herb Pasta
Sauce n baked in microwave till crisp )

Featured on Open Magazine

( scroll to pg 58 ) or read here - link

I would love to share with you that creations from
Little Food Junction have been featured on the
current issue of Open magazine . Thanks to the Open
family & Mrs Tilak for the wonderful feature .


Award Time

A very warm thanks to Shruti @ Mindful Meanderings &
Bits of Chocolate (the prize sponsor) for sending me the
lovely prize -"My first Sticky Mosaic "(for our leaf collage )
My lil one is jus loving the wonderful present !!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


The giveaway is closed ....

~ A CSN Giveaway ~

Hope all of you have been making the
dining table times a real fun with the
fun food arts here ...........

Guava flowers - made by cutting the guavas
through an apple corer slicer (available at CSN too)

Most of the things at Little Food Junction are for
our little ones , but this time its different -Its a great
chance to make one of you wonderful moms feel
special with$75gift certificate from CSN. They have a
huge collection of items at their store - dining tables,
crockery , kids accessories, home decor or anything
u can dream of .........With Halloween right around the
corner I'm sure u'l have a great time picking up so many
beautiful things from their 200+ sites .

Huge thanks to CSN stores for making my
readers feel so special ...........

On to the details -

1. Leave a comment on this post ( Busy moms can jus drop a Hi!
anyways if u have lil time at ur hand i'd love to know about fun
mealtimes at your house or may be what u plan to buy from CSN)
2. Blog about this giveaway with a link to this post (Non bloggers
can share this link on your orkut/ twitter /facebook wall-

3. Pl do not post anything about this giveaway on the CSN Facebook
Wall as this is in violation of the Facebook Corporate Page regulations
4. The winner will be picked throughTrue Random Generator

If u like my creations u are most welcome to join my follower list
, it will onlytake a couple of mins from ur precious time but will be
a big motivation for me .(Click on the Follow button on the right
putin ur id n passwrd click on Done & Follow Publicly tab . thats it
U can even click on subscribe button n add your mail id to get the
blog updates in ur mailbox. (This part is optional ).

Giveaway ends by midnight Sep 28th, 2010(GMT) . Although
this giveaway is open to all yet owing to delivery restrictions the
prizes can be only delivered at a US or Canadian address.
The winner if not a US or canada resident can surely gift
the certificate to his/her friends /relatives in US / Canada .

If you are a non blogger pl make sure to include ur email in
the comment soI can contact you if u win.. Good Luck !!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

CookieCandy Cards

~ Happy Teachers Day ~

A teacher affects eternity ; He can never tell
where his influence stops - Henry B. Adams

Sep 5th is celebrated as Teachers' Day in India .
A day we pay tribute to our teachers ,facilitators ,
coaches , trainers & mentors ...Thanks for being my
teacher & guiding me towards the right path of life.
Without you , I would have been lost . Thankyou
for guiding me , inspiring me & making me
what I'm today.... ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿

Happy Teachers ' Day !!!!

A Sweet Treat (read card)

A pic of the handmade cards that my lil one & I have
made to wish her teachers .
Cookies ( wrapped in cling wrap) & candies stuck on
the card with double sided tape.

Blog repost -


Artsy Crafty Challenge Sep'10

Also sending this card as an entry to Artsy
Crafty Challenge @ Mindful Meanderings

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Krishna Ashtmi

~ Happy Krishna Ashtmi ~

Krishna Ashtmi , commonly known as
Janama Ashtmi is the popular Indian festival
to celebrate the birth of the Lord Krishna.
This popular Indian deity is often depicted as
a young boy with flute in hand and a colorful
peacock feather as a headgear . Thousands of
devotees fast on this day and several sweets
n savories are prepared to mark the festivities .

Little Food Junction wishes all a very Happy
Janamashtmi .Todays food art is a depiction
of His famous flute n Peacock feather , the
edible art way ...................

Symbols & Substance

Feather- Green chutney ( sauce/dip) with cucumber
(slice & juliennes) ,carrot & bell pepper .
Flute - french fries adorned with tomato sauce drops
& cucumber juliennes.

My Little Krisna (from Aug-'09 post)


Award Time

I'm beaming with joy , our creation Leaf
collage Birdie is the first winner at the
Thanks a lot to Shruti , the Sponsor (bits of
chocolate ) & all of you for liking &
voting for our creations :) :) :) :)


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