Sunday, September 2, 2018


~ Happy Krishna Ashtmi ~

Krishna Astmi or Janmashtmi is the annual Hindu
 festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. 
One of the most awaited  festival at Krishna's
 birthplace- Mathura (and of course all
 over the  the  country ) the day transforms 
the holy city to its most enigmatic avatar filled 
with the sound of divine bells, aromatic floral 
decorations and pious holy chants !!! 

My Krishna 

Blueberry yogurt, museli, apple, grapes, 
pomegranate & pumpkin seeds. 

Krishna , the Lord of compassion is one of  the 
most popular deities of  Hinduism and surely 
many of us have grown hearing his beautiful 
anecdotes of  friendship with cow boys, Sudhama
 and Radha, his daring encounters with demons
  and also his unending love for the freshly 
churned butter ( Makkhan). 

The mere mention of word Krishna conjures 
beautiful images of  his flute, his love towards 
beautiful pink lotus , peacocks , cows and of course
 the bluish tone of his skin and nothing could 
have been better to remember him by this 
work of our edible art !!!!

Happy Krishna Ashtmi to all !!!!! 


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