Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring time

~ The Call of Spring ~

Spring is the nature's way of saying , "Let's party !"
-Robin Williams

Springtime is undoubtedly the most loved time of
the year when the entire world sways to the rhythms
of the heart induced by the beauty of nature .To me
spring is all about taking in the smells of the earth &
frolicking on the lap of nature, its about breathing in
the fragrances of the different types of spring flowers.
The gorgeous fiery array of the most enchanting
conspicuous red roses,scarlet lilies,crimson poppies,
vermillion nasturtiums & dark magenta color gerberas
at a local flower show that I visited recently inspired
me to get a patch of red on my salad plate too ....

Let's paint the plate Red !!!!!!

Sliced red carrot folded as edible flowers.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Blogging

~ Back to Blogging ~

Almost after 20 days Little Food Junction is back to
blogging again .Life has been really tough since last
fortnight - Mom and Dad met with an accident - a
speeding motorbike hit them while crossing the road.
The news literally shook me to the core,the thought
of their critical state, injuries and severe blood loss
with miles apart distance and the two hour delay of
flight made every passing minute miserable. Each n
every tear from my eye said "Mom & Dad I love you
more than myself "My silent prayer & tons of prayers
from blogger & facebook buddies, friends n relatives
got answered and almost after 15 days they are towards
speedy recovery. On coming back to Delhi ,I realized
that little Nandika's birthday had passed without any
celebrations. Yet no party at home but her pals at
school surely deserve some treats for her B'day. What
could be better than saying thanks to all the belated
birthday wishes with homemade Choco Lollies .

Choco Wishes

Milk & white chocolate molded on a loli stick n decorated
with colorful sprinkles.

Featured on Child

Would like to share with you that creations from
Little Food Junction have been featured in the
Feb '11 issue of Indian edition of 'Child 'magazine .
A warm thanks to the 'Child' family for the feature .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fruit yogurt

~Tiny Treats ~

What do you do when your little one wants a birthday
treat from you and you are too exhausted to go out for
a quick lunch or bake a delicacy .I had to face a similar
situation yesterday - after returning from a 600km drive
the first thing I had to do was to finish the pending works
& household chores. While I was busy with my works
little one was engrossed with her colors & sketch pad .By
afternoon a cute little card with colorful animal faces &
"Hapy Birday Mom"was on my table (lil one is learning
simple 3letter words via phonetic sounds -this is what she
deciphered by the word sound Lols ). Although she was
ok with the postponed treat but still I felt the simple lunch
of lentil & rice should have some added fun .Curd ,
strawberries and papaya were enough to whip
up some fun ..........

Fruit (read Fun ) Yogurt

Curd , papaya, strawberries, grapes, marshmallows,
chocolate vermicelli .

The Little Pink Piggy

Strawberry yogurt - blend together 2-3 strawberries with a tsp sugar
& 1/2 cup curd /plain yogurt . Use black grapes for eyes & mouth ,
cut & shape marshmallows for nose & ears.

Mellow Yellow Bunny

Papaya Yogurt - whip up 1/4 cup diced ripe papaya , a tsp sugar
& 1/2 cup curd/ plain yogurt .Use black grapes for eyes & green for
nose .Cut & shape marshmallows for teeth & ears.


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