Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter time -2

~ Easter Time -2 ~

When the flowers bloom and the sun shines bright ,
Easter is right around the corner . Since the ancient
times Easter has been associated with wonderful
easter eggs, baby chicks, nests , lilies n rabbits .
These easy to make treats are cute n yummy n
will surely make the celebration memorable !!

Cluck Cluck .....

Chick- Toasted bread circles topped with mayo, steamed
corn kernels, olives n tomato . Plant- Strips of
Armenian cucumber ( kakdi / kakri) with sauce

The Sparrow's Nest

Potato baskets with fox nut ( makhana ) as eggs.
Grate the raw potato into thin juliennes , place on a
sieve/tea strainer n deep fry till golden brown .
Sprinkle some salt n pepper before serving .


Event time

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour-2010

~ Earth Hour - 2010 ~
Saturday 27th March @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Earth Hour is a global initiative by WWF that aims
to send out the message that we are concerned about
the climate change. It is a call to stand up to get involved
& lead the way towards a sustainable future. Today is
Earth hour so don't forget to turn off the lights n enjoy
the star studded sky or a wonderful candle lit dinner
I pledge to turnoff unused lights & appliances
every day of the year . What abt you ........????

Switch off for our planet ...

Earth shaped sandwich topped with mayo n spinach ,
with cheese crescent n savory star snacks .
( Earth Sandwich- cut 2 bread circles using a circular cookie
cutter or a sharp rimmed bowl . Put a generous layer of
mayo / cheese spread on top , dab a few drops of blue
food color or a few drops of red cabbage juice ( gives
a natural blue color ) & smear to create water like effect.
Cut continents from greens n place on top. cut out a
crescent from a cheese slice to make the moon .)

I'm thrilled to tell u that Little Food Junction
has been featured on the prestigious
Telgu e- newspaper Eenadu (Mar 26, 2010 - Pg7)
Thanks a lot for all your love, support &
motivation friends . ( click here to read )

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I'm happy to send this 5 min magic cake


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Time-1

~ Easter Time -1 ~

Easter is approaching so its time for some yummy
easter eggs & gummy candies n jelly beans . The
easter lilies are in full bloom n the spirit of spring
is in the air ... Easter reminds me of my school days
when the sweetest , yummiest sugar easter eggs
were available in our canteen n the most exciting
part of these eggs was to split them open n find
an array of colorful candies in them .. Ahh sweet
memories revived ... I don't know how to make
those but definitely we can shower some love
on our little ones by making some cute n easy
to make easter theme foods ..........

Flowers on my egg !!

Hard boiled egg, spinach, red cabbage n carrot .
Gadget - flower shape craft punches
Punch out flowers from spinach , red cabbage n
carrot slices , stick on the egg with mayo .

The Egg basket

hard boiled eggs, savory loops , spinach n beet juice
or few drops of edible color .
Divide the egg into two halves , cut a thick slice from
the ends to make a stable base for the baskets. Soak the
slices in spinach/ beet juice or edible color ( few drops
mixed in half a cup of water ) . Once the desired color is
achieved pat dry n place on the basket. Cut a savory loop
in half n place as handles .

Award Time

A very warm thanks to Rima Kaur & Suma of
Cakes And More for passing these wonderful
awards to me . Thanks a lot for liking my
creations buddies . This award truly
encourages me towards more creations :)....

With all love i pass this award to all my blogger
buddies . Kindly accept the award from my blog
n pass it on to encourage other bloggers too ...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Protein Powerhouse

~ The Protein Powerhouse ~

As u all know that I hardly write any recipes
on my blog, since this place is more abt food
presentation i link the recipes to other blogs n sites,
recipes happen only once in a blue moon 
when i really find something unique n worth sharing.
This recipe Dal ki Roti has a special story to it too

Dal ki roti ( Lentil Tortillas )

Dal ki roti - is an ancient recipe ( more than 100 yrs old ) n almost
uncommon today. As a kid i used to hate cooked dals ( I hail from
a vegetarian family where dal is the only source of protein)
this picky habit of mine was truly a nightmare for my mom . One
day my mom's granny taught this secret version of dal atta roti
to my mom to nourish my picky little taste bud !! During my childhood
this roti became my favorite n mom's too coz it was a 100% source
of pulse protein. Originally it was called Chooni ki roti ( I have
changed its name to Dal ki roti ) an easier one .

Dal ki Roti - The protein powerhouse

A protein rich roti made by mixing together Moong dal &
urad dal flour .

Ingredients -
Moong dal ( green gram ) flour 1/2 cup ,Urad dal ( dehusked black
lentil ) flour - 1/2 cup ( just in case readymade flour is not available,
raw dals can be ground finely in a food processor )
Salt to taste, Water 3/4 cup ,Butter or ghee for smearing

Method -
Mix both the flours and salt in a big bowl .
Slowly add the water to make a paste . Leave the paste
for 10 mins( during this time the dal will absorb the water
& become thick n dry.Slowly knead it with greased
hands till it looks like regular kneaded flour, (add a little
flour if required ) Divide into 8 even size balls Generously
dust the rolling surface n roll the ball with a rolling pin ( if u
find it difficult to roll like this , sandwich the dough between
two plastic sheets or silpat n carefully roll into thick rotis).
Place the roti on a heated skillet , when it starts puffing
in different places, flip over . Flip again after few seconds n
lightly press the puffed parts of a roti to puff it up( or roast
the roti on flame as per typical Indian roti cooking method )
( Sometimes this roti dosent puff that well , don't worry it will
still taste good once cooked ) Smear ghee or butter n serve
hot with chutney , vinegar onions & vegetable curry .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

IPL Fever

~ IPL Fever ~
Of Kings & Devils...

The third season of Indian Premier League-
IPL started on 12 th March - n of course it has
gripped my home too . My hubby is a die hard fan
of cricket n my lil one seems to follow her
dad's footsteps . Both are desperately waiting for
Mar 19th - when they would go to the Kotla Stadium
to watch their dream teams playing live . The Odd
One Out ( ahhh thats me!!! ) would be more than
happy to stay at home n take a long cozy nap ...z..z..

This food art is a symbolic representation of
the lion of the - Chennai Super Kings n of course
magical devils of The Delhi Daredevils :)

Lion Kings ( Chennai Super Kings )

Lion Sandwich ( bread , olives, mayo , celery ,
carrot, lettuce) , halved red radish , boiled corn cobs

Wonder Devils (Delhi Daredevils )

Hard boiled egg, tomato, olives, cloves, carrot

Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's Day

~ Happy Women's Day ~

When God sat down to make a woman
he gave her empathy love & compassion,
By the time he finished her
He had no more left for the man ......

Little Food Junction wishes a very
Happy Women's Day to all the women
across the globe . Everyday, remind
yourself that .......

You are the Best !!!!

Bread , noodles in soy sauce , spinach circles & white sesame
( for eyes ) , tomato sauce, halved olive slice ( mouth )
tossed baby corn slices

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

India Calling

India Calling @ The Crafty Crow

I feel so honored to be one of the guest bloggers
at the Crafts Around the World series at the
renowned website - The Crafty Crow .
I couldn't believe my ears ( eyes in this case )
when Cassi - the super brain behind Crafty Crow
wanted me to be a part of this event . At the site
Rose Lassi . This event will last throughout
this month n feature bloggers from different
countries . Loads of fun is waiting there .....

step by step instructions on

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kindergarten Days

~ Kindergarten Days ~

Kindergarten ( or playschool ) is a world
of fun & learning . Owing to the fun n frolic-
lovely colorful toys , fun activities , melodious
songs , action poems n loving teachers the
kindergarten becomes our lil ones home
away from home. A recent visit to my
daughter's school was the inspiration
behind these creations ........

The Fruity Abacus

Skewered Red n green grapes mounted
on a banana

Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse went up the clock ....

Clock - Orange slice, pieces of grape peels , celery
Mouse- Strawberry , sliced grapes for ears , mini mint
candies for eyes , black grape slice for nose

C is for Clown

Bread ( cut with a circular cookie cutter ) , lettuce, red cabbage ,
carrot,capsicum , olives, chocolate coated candy gems , corn .

Dum dum dum says the Drum

orange, grapes

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi-3

~ Happy Holi -3 ~

Little Food Junction wishes all its readers
a very happy & colorful HOLI !!!!

India celebrates Holi today ,
soon everyone will gather with colorful
powdered colors & the riot of brightest glittery
colors will envelop the entire surroundings .
The kids seem so excited filling colorful
water in their fancy water guns.
The smell of festival foods & perfumed
herbal colors is truly enchanting ........

I loved this Holi Google Doodle too -

Caramel topped Gujjiya

Gujjiya , caramel sauce , sprinkles

Ladoo party favors

My daughter will be offering these Indian sweet
Ladoos wrapped in colorful foils to all her friends
who 'l come to play holi with her today ...

Holi meals

Rice, dal, salad n gujjiya
I 've made this holi themed platter with rice shaped as
pichkari ( water gun ) for my daughter's friend who is
sick & thus cannot have all those fried festive foods ....


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