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The Protein Powerhouse

~ The Protein Powerhouse ~

As u all know that I hardly write any recipes
on my blog, since this place is more abt food
presentation i link the recipes to other blogs n sites,
recipes happen only once in a blue moon 
when i really find something unique n worth sharing.
This recipe Dal ki Roti has a special story to it too

Dal ki roti ( Lentil Tortillas )

Dal ki roti - is an ancient recipe ( more than 100 yrs old ) n almost
uncommon today. As a kid i used to hate cooked dals ( I hail from
a vegetarian family where dal is the only source of protein)
this picky habit of mine was truly a nightmare for my mom . One
day my mom's granny taught this secret version of dal atta roti
to my mom to nourish my picky little taste bud !! During my childhood
this roti became my favorite n mom's too coz it was a 100% source
of pulse protein. Originally it was called Chooni ki roti ( I have
changed its name to Dal ki roti ) an easier one .

Dal ki Roti - The protein powerhouse

A protein rich roti made by mixing together Moong dal &
urad dal flour .

Ingredients -
Moong dal ( green gram ) flour 1/2 cup ,Urad dal ( dehusked black
lentil ) flour - 1/2 cup ( just in case readymade flour is not available,
raw dals can be ground finely in a food processor )
Salt to taste, Water 3/4 cup ,Butter or ghee for smearing

Method -
Mix both the flours and salt in a big bowl .
Slowly add the water to make a paste . Leave the paste
for 10 mins( during this time the dal will absorb the water
& become thick n dry.Slowly knead it with greased
hands till it looks like regular kneaded flour, (add a little
flour if required ) Divide into 8 even size balls Generously
dust the rolling surface n roll the ball with a rolling pin ( if u
find it difficult to roll like this , sandwich the dough between
two plastic sheets or silpat n carefully roll into thick rotis).
Place the roti on a heated skillet , when it starts puffing
in different places, flip over . Flip again after few seconds n
lightly press the puffed parts of a roti to puff it up( or roast
the roti on flame as per typical Indian roti cooking method )
( Sometimes this roti dosent puff that well , don't worry it will
still taste good once cooked ) Smear ghee or butter n serve
hot with chutney , vinegar onions & vegetable curry .


  1. that's really a good recipe..i too make dal ki roti but in other way as i too don't like to eat leftover dal so mix it with flour and you got a nice and soft roti which is actually good for traveling and picnics too as they remain soft for longer time

  2. :) Nice variety of roti.. my daughter is really really picky abt her proteins.. n i'll try this 1. Does it remain soft through the day or I need to serve it hot??

  3. Dfntly a protein powerhouse , worth trying . I love spicy food can i mix green chillies n finely grated onions to it ?

  4. Thats a very yummy protein packed rotti...looks yummy..I generally mix left over dal in atta and make paratha's..

  5. Smita, ur entry for march artsy-craftsy is up here .

  6. hi. came on from mindful meanderings and am so impressed. u have a great taste and lovely creativity. such simple items have been transformd to such magical edible stuff. will keep visiting for more ideas. thanks :)

  7. Saw your entry for ARtsy Craftsy. This is such creative stuff, Smita. Hats off to you. :)

  8. This is an interesting recipe. Would love to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is very new to me and I must try this out. thanks for the sharing Smita.

  10. A very warm welcum to all new n old buddies ...
    Thanks for liking the recipe friends . Do try it out n let me know ...

    Although this recipe involves lil hardwork but believe me its worth it , tastes v diff than the rotis of flour kneaded with cooked / leftovr dal .

    @Mindful Meanderer - This tastes best wen served hot ( right from the griddle ) .

    @ Saumya - Adding chopped chillies / onions will make it difficult to roll . Absence of gluten in this flour makes a bit difficult to roll in comparison to normal wheat flour - rathr u can add heeng (asafoetida) n chili pdr for a spicy version.

  11. i don't like dal either! i've not tried dal ki roti but i did try out a dal tikki recipe that was recently featured on femina. turned out to be truly delicious! i'll tell my mother to make me this roti next.

  12. Its new to me...Looks yummy and healthy...

  13. Looks a very unique preparation. Looks very healthy and tasty as well. Also very well decorated.


  14. loks delicious ...
    good to hear that ur also a great lover of byran adams i also love his songs ...
    esp love his music .
    recelloecting his song

    Everyday i do it for u ..

    Look into my eyes - you will see
    What you mean to me
    Search your heart - search your soul
    And when you find me there you'll search no more

  15. dear smita,
    i really enjoy your blog and all the beautiful dishes that you churn out. i've decided to present you with "one lovely blog" award. visit to get it! keep it up!

  16. I too make dal ki roti :) but my presentation is not half as good as yours Smita:)
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Smita nice recipe will definitely try and let u know dear. I make with left over dhal but I am sure this tastes very different from that.. looks so good and healthy.

  18. i just remembered that my mother DOES make this roti! but she makes it using left over dal. they turn out to be so yummy and crispy!

  19. आपने मेरी भूली हुई सबसे पसंदीदा "चुनी की रोटी" याद ही नहीं दिलाई बल्कि बनाने की विधि भी लिख दी ! आपका वाकई आभारी हूँ ...तीस साल पहले का वह स्वाद याद आ रहा है : -)
    शुभकामनायें !!

  20. Thanks for such lovely comments friends , do try out n let me know.

    @Satish Saxena - happy to know that it was ur fav . Its surely a pleasure to revive such a old n almost lost Indian speciality !!!

    @ Rima - thanks for passing ovr the award ,I'l surely link it in the nxt post !!

  21. I love roti...I have not had it in months and I miss it so much.

  22. Excellent recipe with lots of protein. first time here and you have great presentations here. I'm following you.

  23. New to me , sound really healthy .

  24. My family loves Indian food , n we oftn eat out Indian food here - this lovely recipe reminds me of the yummy naaans n rotys !!!

  25. The pictures you are making to illustrate the recipes are gorgeous. Sometimes I drop in at your blog just to look at the photos once again. Something within me reacts so well for what I see (may be because I am a fond of photography as well :) ). And I am also thinking to organize some dinner in an India style and invite our friends to it. The recipes will be taken from this blog!


  26. Hi Smitha! Please accept the award from my blog.

  27. First time I heard about a lentil tortillas, sounds great! I'll have to make this soon, it's going straight into my food-to-try queue.

  28. Hi smitha, your ideas are great.My son loves very much.God give nice talent to you.we all are luckey to learn your ideas.pelase tell me your mother toungue.I do no english properway.


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