Thursday, August 26, 2010

Red Rabbit

~ The Red Rabbit ~

Some of the greatest joys of life are those that
are the simplest . Like all kids my lil one loves
stories and quickly finishes dinner for her
favorite pastime of the day - Bedtime Stories ...
Bed time story narration is more of a custom
in our house . I always believe that this is the
best time for our kiddos to snuggle and connect
with us before going to sleep.These days I'm reading
out 'Alice in Wonderland ' to her . Her fascination
towards the White Rabbit inspired me to create
this Red rabbit for her ....................

The Red Rabbit

Watermelon, olives, cucumber , carrots


The Tiny Taste Team @ Sainsbury

When the Sainsbury people sent me information about
their latest campaign .. I was too eager to check their
wonderful - 'Tiny Taste Team' . The mere name suggests
all the fun there . The Tiny Taste team ,is a group of young
food fans who invite adults to cook them some treats
using delicious Sainsbury's ingredients.
Join them on facebook to be a part of their wonderful

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


~ The Bond of Love ~

India is a land of festivals . Virtually celebrating
each day of the year , there are more festivals
celebrated here than anywhere else in the world .
To celebrate the beautiful bond of love n purity
between brother and sister , we celebrate
Raksha Bandhan . Raksha means to protect and
bandhan means a bond. The festival is marked by
tying of a holy thread adorned with decorations
by the sister on wrist of his beloved brother .
This thread called Rakhi is the symbolic
representation of the unspoken promise
to protect the sister from all evils .........

Today's creation is a depiction of the pious
Rakhi - the sweet n edible way !!!

The Thread of Love

Spritz cookies (flower cookies) with sprinkles
& shoestring licorice (jelly sticks )

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun Shakes

~ Milk- n - Shake ~

Making yummy lip smacking shakes is a lot
of fun . Calcium n nutrient loaded recipes like
milkshakes & smoothies are a great way to get
our lil ones cooking . Besides having great fun
in the kitchen n learning the initial lessons of
healthy cooking they 'l definately love to relish
their wonderful creations too :) :) :)

Surely gives we mommies a reason to sit
back n relax (pondering over the amount of
nutrients the lil ones just had )

Mango Funshake

Mango milkshake - topped with Watermelon
balls (for eyes ), cucumber n cheerios / honey
loops ( for nose) , shoestring licorice or jelly
sticks for smiley mouth .


What do u call a shake that marks the
celebration at a close friend's blog ????
Ha Ha !!! I call it Friend Shake indeed ....

Blogging has not only been a platform for my
creative displays it is also a great place for
meeting new friends .This shake is dedicated to my
friendship with Nachiketa of TheVariable-Nachiketa
the creative baker behind all those yummy
droolicious cakes n cookies for her upcoming
200th posts celebrations

Do go thru her blog for yummy cakes n


Artsy Crafty Challenge - Aug '10

My lil one & I are great fans of creating art stuff
from leaves .Sending our creations for the Aug
Artsy Crafty Challenge at Mindful Meanderings ...

My Family



Sunday, August 15, 2010

BBC feature & Independence Day

~ Happy Independence Day ~

Today India celebrates her 64 th Independence Day.
On this auspicious day Little Food Junction salutes
the Nation n the immortal heroes & celebrates
the season of freedom with this Tricolor rice .

Hope peace , love & harmony reigns in all
parts of the world today n everyday ......
Happy Independence Day !!!!

Tricolor Rice

Saffron flavored aromatic rice with carrots n peas .

Featured on BBC

slideshow link -

On the the occasion of this auspicious day
let me have the pleasure to share with you a
wonderful news too. Creations from Little
Food Junction have been featured on the
prestigious BBC website (Aug13th 2010).
A very warm thanks to the BBC family
and Mrs S. Tilak for this wonderful feature .

More than 6500 viewers (readers )in a day
is surely a great motivation . Thanks to all of
you for making this possible ..........

Thursday, August 12, 2010


~ Watermelon in Disguise ~

Watermelon holds the honor of being the most loved
fruit of my family . Hardly a day passes when this
divine fruit does not make its way through our palettes .
Besides neatly diced fresh fruit - watermelon Salads,
watermelon juice & popsicles are some of the most
irresistible crunchy n juicy versions that we enjoy ..
While browsing the internet for watermelon sorbets ,
the fun idea of serving watermelon in a box made
me nuts (idea link) .. I decided to treat my lil one
on some FAST FOOD (pun intended)- of faux
Cake, french fries n Cola too ... Holy Cow !
thats really fruiteeeeeee indeed .....

Mad over Watermelon

Watermelon juice , watermelon cake n fries

The divine Concoction

Watermelon Juice ( recipe)

The Zero calorie Cake & Fries

Cake- Watermelon sliced into eight quarters &
topped with cashews . Fries- watermelon cut
as sticks .


Award Time

A very warm thanks to Deepa & Tanu of
for sharing this wonderful award with me .
I'm so happy to receive it .Do visit their lovely
blogs for tons for yummy recipes.

With all love I pass this award to all my blogger
friends .......Pl collect this award from here buddies !!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy B'day LFJ

~ Happy First Birthday ~

A year has gone by,
How quickly time has flown
I just can't believe
How Little Food Junction has grown
Foody creations are immense joy
and always so much fun .....
Lets celebrate today for
Little Food Junction turns One .

Today on the occasion of First Birthday -Little Food Junction gets
its long awaited present - a Logo & a Masthead ( header)
(see on top of the page )
(The Hut in the logo is a symbolic representation of our
individual Home Sweet Home whereas the Smoke
indicates that we mommies are there in the kitchen
trying out new funlicious foods to make
our little ones healthy & happy .....)

Little Food Junction is not just a mere blog for me
it is a canvas of my love & passion . It is my Junction to meet
new friends & to express myself . It is a destination sans all social
& cultural boundaries. With only one unspoken universal language -
of millions & millions little smiles spread all over the world.

Its been a great year .. Thank you all for viewing my creations
commenting , motivating & following. Little Food Junction
wouldn't have be the same without you ........

Looking forward for your love and support today n always !

The Thankyou Rose
( with love to all my viewers )

Chocolate muffins topped with roses (made from mangoes) .
To make roses- peel off thin strips of mango pulp , fold
& arrange in the shape of petals .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Featured on UK newspaper

~ Featured On Metro (UK) ~

Today's post is not a regular food art post but rather a
"Thankyou Post -to all the readers" for liking my creations.
The morning of 30th July brought a big smile n tons of
motivation for me . My creations were featured in
UK's renowned newspaper - Metro .
Almost 6000 visitors (readers ) in a day was
surely a landmark for Little Food Junction .

Several mails filled my Gmail mailbox .(I'm trying to
answer all your mails but pl apologize if it takes a
little more time -I don't think I'm good writer & need to
put in much more brains to answer the questions than to
create a Foody creation ... LOLS )

A very warm thanks to the Metro family for liking my creations,
interviewing me & featuring me on their esteemed newspaper .


Mango Pineapples

Mangoes n Greens
( Cut a slice of un peeled mango , gently make vertical n horizontal
grooves on the pulp - be careful not to cut the peel . gently press
from the peel side for the cut sections to open )

One of my oldest blogger buddies - Abraham from the
wonderful recipe blog Chacko's Kitchen is celebrating his
first Blogaversary . Blogging has given me lovely friends and
Abraham & Susan are one of them . Abraham was the first one
who gave me an opportunity to Guest post (link) at his blog long
time back n since then there has been no looking back .......
We live miles apart to celebrate this occasion together so
jus thought of creating a small post - Mango Pineapples
for him !!!!!!! Look out for the detailed clicks & lots of
yummy n easy to make recipes there...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tomato basket

~ Happy Friendship Day ~

A friend is like a flower ,
a rose to be exact ,
Or may be like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched .
A friend is like an owl ,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost ,
whose spirit never dies .
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend .
- by Adrianne S (link )

Little Food Junction wishes everyone a very
Happy Friendship Day ... ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿
Thanks for making me smile today n always ......

Friendship Basket

Tomato, corn , spinach


Award Time

A very warm thanks to Vasavi of Vasavi's Recipes &
Sayali of Treat Your Tongue for this wonderful award .
Do visit their lovely blogs for tons for fingerlicious
recipes . I'm so happy to receive it n with all love
I pass it on to all my blogger friends ...........
Pl collect this award from here buddies !!!


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