Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fruit Candies

~ Fruit Candies  ~
(by kids- for kids)

What could  be more soothing than freshly cut fruits
on a hot scalding summer day !!! Unlike the pleasant flowery 
western summers , Indian summers  are hot and humid. Although
 its time for the kiddo summer vacations all over the Indian  
subcontinent,  yet with temperatures soaring above 42C ,dry hot
 winds and scorching heat - outdoor games and activities , picnics ,
 play n parties are almost next to impossible hence every morning 
we mothers have to creatively plan out the day to keep the lil
 ones occupied !!!!

Before going off on a 15 day  vacation I wanted my lil one to enjoy 
the essence of summer with her friends and  planned for a tiny summer 
 party. Besides treating them on regular fun sandwiches , yummilicious 
choco orange  muffins  and fruit popsicles , I wanted some cute finger 
foods too .Few fruits  and a lot of imagination and love with a dash of 
chocolate came to my rescue.

I threaded a few slices of orange & kiwi on satay sticks , chilled them 
and handed over to the kids along with a piping bag filled with some 
tempered chocolate for them to make their own fruit candy pops

The cuties were a big hit with the kids . While the kids were having a 
blast playing and relishing the stuff, I was busy packing for the vacation. 

Fruit Candies !!!

The perfect finger food to add fun to the lil parties ....

Ingredients - 4 slices of oranges & kiwis , 100 gm tempered chocolate, 
8 skewers & a piping/ziplock bag. 

Method- Skew the fruit slices on a satay stick and chill for 10 mins . 
Melt the chocolate on a double boiler or in a microwave . Mix well & cool 
for a couple of mins. Fill the melted chocolate in a piping bag/ziplock bag , 
snip off a tiny piece from the corner and pipe spirals on the chilled fruits.
Chill for another 5 mins till the chocolate sets and serve immediately. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day

~ Happy Mothers Day  ~
( Homemade treats for mom by lil ones !) 

Mother is such a simple word, 
But to me there's meaning seldom heard .
For everything I'm today . 
My mother's love showed me the way 
( What Mother Means by Karl Fuchs)

With mothers day tomorrow  , its time to think for some 
tiny treats that kiddos can make .Its difficult for the little  ones 
to take over all the cooking duties for a day , but they can surely 
add a zing to the celebrations with some tiny treats . These treats
 are fun to make, easy  and impressive!!!! So lil ones wear
 your  aprons and chef hats and get ready to gear up some 
lipsmacking stuff for momma . Don't forget to make this edible 
handmade card in  advance !!! These tiny treat will definitely 
speak louder than words :) 

Edible Card for Mom 

Forget the printed market cards, this cute card is not only easy
 to make but yummy to eat too !! Play creative and use mom's favorite 
cookies for flowers . Instead of making colorful paper cutouts for 
clouds, leaves and grass, tiny tots  can even draw and color these.

Materials required- Colored A4 size pastel sheet,glue,  colorful 
paper - green and blue ( or crayons), 2 flower shaped cookies ,
 some cling wrap and double sided tape. 

Method- Cut out grass and leaves from blue and green sheets
 respectively . Fold the A4 sheet and paste the cutouts ( or draw and 
color the same). Tightly cling wrap the cookies and stick on the card
 with double sided  tape . Write some lovely words or a poem inside
 and present it to momma early morning tomorrow along with 
some flowers from your garden .

Nutella and coconut truffles

These easy to make coconut ladoos or  truffles make a great 
edible present too!! With jus a few ingredients and 5 mins in hands 
they can perfectly  add a sparkle to the celebrations. 

Ingredients - 2 + 1/2 cups desiccated coconut ,200 gms ( 1/2 tin ) 
condensed milk , 2 drops vanilla essence ,2 tbsp nutella , 
some oil/butter  for greasing the hands 

Method- Mix together 2 cups coconut with rest of the ingredients
till it forms a soft dough . Divide the mixture and shape into round
 discs. Place 1/4 tsp nutella in the centre and gently shape into balls . 
Roll in reserved desiccated coconut and serve. 

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Warm Cabbage Salad

~ Warm Cabbage Salad ~ 

Loved by adults and mostly disliked by lil ones , the humble  cabbage 
is loaded with unique health benefits. These incredibly nutritious 
leafy greens are not only rich in  fibre and  minerals but also a very good 
source of Vitamin A and  C too (I know its hard to believe, but researches
 show that  it has a higher Vitamin C than oranges !!!) . Being  rich in iodine 
and sulphur it helps in growth and  muscle development owing to which it 
must be consumed well by the kids.

Besides making this warm salad,  I love sneaking in cabbage for stir
 fries, soups, cutlets, sandwich fillings, parathas , pancakes and even curries . 
With mothers day just around the corner what could be better than sharing 
one of my favorite recipes I have grown up eating !! Mom used to add tiny 
bits of tossed boiled  potatoes along with some mustard seeds(and serve it 
 as a side dish with lunch). But this tweaked version with colorful bell peppers 
and a hint of sesame can wonderfully double up as a warm salad too !!

I am a great fan of colorful bell peppers , the vibrant  red yellow and greens 
besides adding a gorgeous oomph to any recipe beautifully impart  a sweet 
peppery flavor too. I often cut the colorful leftovers  in strips n freeze them
 in Ziplock bags for being used in future (frozen availability year round 
makes life so much easier). 

The aroma of fresh curry leaves and nutty sesame imparts a beautiful crunchy
 and earthy flavor to the recipe . Serve the warm salad with a light lunch or some 
 lemon juice drizzled hot  Bottle gourd Rissoles .If you like some heat don't 
forget to throw in some hot red chillies and some coarsely crushed chilly flakes . 

Warm Cabbage Salad 

Ingredients -
 1 medium sized cabbage finely shredded , 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp urad
 dal ( split black lentil), 2 tsp sesame seeds, 7-8 curry leaves, 1/2 cup finely sliced 
colorful bell peppers , 1  dried  chili ( sabut lal mirch), 1 red chilli finely chopped 
or some chili flakes, salt to taste .

Method - 
Heat oil in a large wok / kadhai . Add  urad dal & dried chili n roast on 
slow flame till the lentils turn brownish. Put 1 tsp sesame and the curry
 leaves and roast for  another 15 secs. Add in peppers , cabbage and salt
 n cook on  high flame stirring intermittently  for 7-8 mins or till cabbage
 is cooked yet firm. Sprinkle some chili flakes and remaining 
sesame and serve. 

( Opt- Just before serving add some pomegranate pearls for an extra zing)


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