Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fruit Candies

~ Fruit Candies  ~
(by kids- for kids)

What could  be more soothing than freshly cut fruits
on a hot scalding summer day !!! Unlike the pleasant flowery 
western summers , Indian summers  are hot and humid. Although
 its time for the kiddo summer vacations all over the Indian  
subcontinent,  yet with temperatures soaring above 42C ,dry hot
 winds and scorching heat - outdoor games and activities , picnics ,
 play n parties are almost next to impossible hence every morning 
we mothers have to creatively plan out the day to keep the lil
 ones occupied !!!!

Before going off on a 15 day  vacation I wanted my lil one to enjoy 
the essence of summer with her friends and  planned for a tiny summer 
 party. Besides treating them on regular fun sandwiches , yummilicious 
choco orange  muffins  and fruit popsicles , I wanted some cute finger 
foods too .Few fruits  and a lot of imagination and love with a dash of 
chocolate came to my rescue.

I threaded a few slices of orange & kiwi on satay sticks , chilled them 
and handed over to the kids along with a piping bag filled with some 
tempered chocolate for them to make their own fruit candy pops

The cuties were a big hit with the kids . While the kids were having a 
blast playing and relishing the stuff, I was busy packing for the vacation. 

Fruit Candies !!!

The perfect finger food to add fun to the lil parties ....

Ingredients - 4 slices of oranges & kiwis , 100 gm tempered chocolate, 
8 skewers & a piping/ziplock bag. 

Method- Skew the fruit slices on a satay stick and chill for 10 mins . 
Melt the chocolate on a double boiler or in a microwave . Mix well & cool 
for a couple of mins. Fill the melted chocolate in a piping bag/ziplock bag , 
snip off a tiny piece from the corner and pipe spirals on the chilled fruits.
Chill for another 5 mins till the chocolate sets and serve immediately. 


  1. Fruit candies are looking perfect and fantastic one. Thanks. CLickrecipe

  2. never imagined fruits can be made interesting like this.simple.but wow.

  3. looks tempting... enjoy your holidays...

  4. That's a really clever way to serve snacks for kids..My daughter will eat anything if it has even a drop of chocolate over it..These will be perfect for her too..:)

  5. Goodness, that looks so gorgeous. Gotta try this for my son...too cute!


  6. Beyond the imagination, that the fruits also be interesting like this..


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