Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dragon tales

~ Dragon Tales ~

Sometimes you just need to sit down and
 ponder  over how time just flies. When daughter
 was in playschool, our bedtime routine was reading
 out stories to her ...everyday she would select the 
most colourful book and keep it near her pillow to be 
read out ...sometimes I'd miss out the daily regime 
and then had to  read two in lieu of the missed one !! 

Dragon Dragon where have you been !!! 

Cucumber halved into 2 verticals for face n  body, 
colourful peppers for flame n limbs, radish, carrot n
 olive eye, baby corn, halved cherry tomato n spring 
onion greens for wild grass, cheese for teeth n body spots.

 Few days back while at a book store we chanced 
upon  a toddler storybook about dragons and 
flipping through it I remembered how a similar one
 was my daughters favourite as a kid .
How I wished we could time instead we made 
this dragon salad and lived those moments again !!!! 
To add to the weekend fun we went out for a short
 outdoor excursion and  clicked loads of pics too , truly 
nature  is such a therapy and we can just spend 
endless hours amidst the greenery !!!!  


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