Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flower power

Flower Power

The thing I love most about winters is the bounty of
colorful flowers, fruits & vegetables that it brings along.
The season offers the widest choice in fleshy fruits, leafy
vegetables & colorful tubers. Bright red & purple maroon
carrots swiftly overtake the orange colored English carrot
market, the harder variety of summer guavas are replaced
by their soft n aromatic white & pinkish fleshy cousins .
The colorful scenic vegetable & fruit markets constantly
remind that spring is not too far .........

Floral Inlay Salad
(Inspired by the Indian floral marble inlay designs)

Sliced guavas & carrots on a cabbage leaf
(Using a flower shape cookie cutter cut out flowers from the centre of sliced
guavas & carrots. Replace the flowers of carrot with guava & vice versa)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sun festival

~ The Sun Festival ~

The co- relation of cosmic events with individual life
& values is one of the most astounding traits of Indian
culture. Makar Sankranti or the Sun festival marks the
transition of Sun towards the Northern hemisphere .The
celebrations beautifully signify that as the sun beats
the chill & spreads warmth may we mortals too spread
the warmth of love & happiness . Kite flying , Sweets
made from jaggery & sesame , khichdi (rice cooked
with lentils) , fresh fruits & popcorns are the main
attractions of this festival .

Fruity Offerings

Sliced orange topped with black grapes, cherry , spinach
(moustache) Guava ( rays & clouds),apple, papaya & lettuce(greens)
To make guava triangles for rays - divide a slice of guava into 8
segments n arrange around the orange slice.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toon food

Little Toon Junction

I've never met a kid who doesn't like cartoons !!!
These days the little ones seem to be obsessed with the
cartoons.Besides enjoying their favorites on the television
they are constantly searching for their favorite character
accessories too .......Spongebob Squarepants n Doraemon
are my little one's all time favorites. Although I have
restricted the TV viewing time but still the crazy toon
mania has engulfed her too . After picking up the
Doraemon cuddle toy from the mall last month , it was
time for Spongebob ..... Anyways here goes the sandwich
that I made yesterday for Nandika n her best chum ..
I'm sure you would love the colorful dices too
( salt n pepper shakers ) ..............

Platetoons ( Spongebob & Doraemon)

Brown bread , cheese, olives, tomato, spinach
( use a wavy/ crinkle knife to cut the wavy cheese ends)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

~ Welcome 2011 ~

Little Food Junction wishes you a very
Happy & Prosperous new year .....

New year party is the best way to celebrate the new
beginning . Whether your kids are old enough to stay up
till midnight or not they will surely love to sink their sweet
tooth in this easy to make '2011 Choco- Marshmallow pop' .
Truly the most promising & sweetest way to ring in 2011 !!

Pops - 2011

Marshmallows, chocolate numbers , skewer .
( to make choco numbers- melt choco chip/ bar in a double boiler,
add mint or any other flavoring of your choice & set in number
shaped candy/ choco molds . Refrigerate for 15 mins & de mold .
Skew the marshmallows on a skewer & dab some melted choco
to stick the choco numbers.


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