Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Toon bowl

~ A bowl of Cartoons !! ~ 

My daughter is crazy over cartoons. Though the 
television watching time in my household is 
restricted to just a couple of hours weekly (and that 
too  under my supervision) yet her cartoon fever 
extends its boundaries from television to gadgets
 and accessories de fancy!! ! 

Turtle Ninja 

Green garbanzo beans, red pepper, radish n olive

Like all girls of her age shes a big fan of 
Barbie, Princesses, Little mermaid and Powerpuff 
girls but temporarily changes her likes to Power
 rangers, Spiderman or Ben10 when young male 
cousins or friends visit her. During the weekend,
 while daughter and her cousins  were busy enjoying
 football under the bright spring sun,I decided to add
 a pinch of sunshine to the salad bowls too.   

Angry Birds

Diced strawberries , pomegranate, banana, black grapes 
and yellow pepper

Kids these days are crazy over cartoons and video 
game characters.From outfits to books ,from school
 stationery  to bags, pencils boxes, shoes, hairbands 
and party themes cartoon domain seems to grow
 larger and larger each day.

Ninja Warrior 

Black grapes, cheese, banana

Kids had such a wonderful time enjoying the booties
 of the season and I surely had an equally wonderful 
time running my brain wild over some fruit fun. 


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