Wednesday, August 19, 2015

World Photography Day

  ~ World Photography Day 2015 ~

A good photograph is knowing 
where to stand !!
                                            - Ansal Adams 

Photography is not just a hobby for me, its 
way of life and my window to the world. 
Every time I pick up my camera,the magical
 gadget is all ready to cast a spell on me, and for
 hours and hours I stay glued to it ,changing my
 angles, adjusting the props, waiting for that
 perfect light and clicking  innumerable pics
 till I get a best shot  to choose from.On the
 occasion of World Photography Day nothing 
could  have been better than combing my 
passions in one.

Camera on my plate 

Edible camera for World Photography Day

Whole wheat bread cut into a rectangle and  topped
 with a bread circle, cheese, yellow squash and kiwi .

The pleasure of capturing moods of the people, 
the joy of shooting colourful food on plates 
or the happiness that a perfectly timed nature/
wildlife pic gives is too difficult to put in words.

Nature ...Trails near and far .....


Over all these years the camera has been my best 
buddy, with thousands of shots and gradual 
understanding and  improvement via each,
the journey has been a long and happy one. 

Lifestyle .....outdoors n indoors.........

pic feed the eyes  .....


Portraits ....full of joys ...


Photography that started as a passion took 
a different route after I started working on
 several commercial projects. Right from 
shooting food pics for Child magazine to
 mocktails for Barista and a recent Quaker
 cookbook , the passion surely came a long 
way. Many projects needed working for long 
hours but luckily the passion for photography 
food and styling always kept my spirits high. 

Truly someone has aptly said "Let your
 words be few and your exposures many"
and then let the joy begin.......

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Minion Baked yogurt

~Happy Friendship Day~ 
(and the Minions mania) 

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have 
and one of the best things you can be. 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations in
 the world n friends are one of those special people
 that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little
 bigger help live life just a little better. Researches
 show that people with strong social ties are 50% 
less prone to depression and other psychological
 disorders. Although the official day to celebrate
 Friendship Day varies from country to country but
 most of the countries in the Indian subcontinent
 celebrate it on the first Sunday of August. 

 Baked Minion Yogurt 

Minions baked yogurt

The festival has surely caught a great impetus 
with easy accessibility of social networking , with 
thousands of messages circulating all over the web, 
from quotes to flowers to poems to Minions ,the 
celebrations are in full swing. The charisma of the 
yellow color or the color of friendship has
 spread its hue everywhere. Looks like nature is 
also in hand in glove for the celebrations.

The charisma of yellow !!

Oh did I say Minions???

Yes those tiny cuties - Minions and Friends are
 surely ruling the mind and the message domain 
since their release. These cuties are everywhere,
on friendship  cards, bands, accessories, candies 
apparels and all over my daughters stationery too...
A few of my daughters friends were coming over to 
wish her friendship day today thus instead of just 
tying colourful friendship bands around their wrists
 she wanted to treat them on something too !!

Minions yogurt

 Since daughter is very fond of mangoes I suggested

 to make some mango popsicles but the suggestion 
had to be turned down because those were 
something that the young buddies had already 
tasted on a previous trip :( The brains were running 
almost an idea marathon ....the treat had to be 
simple,quick n kiddo friendly too ,after all daughter 
wanted to make it all by her own !!! Few days back 
while working in a test kitchen and developing
 recipes for a client we were brainstorming about
 a similar idea with a few different ingredients.

Minions Baked yogurt

We zeroed on a super simple dessert where
 momma was just needed for supervision - 
Baked Minion Yogurts... Jus a few ingredients and 
less than an hour in hand ( inclusive of some baking  
 n chilling time) our cuties were all decked up as
 Friendship Day icons !! And after a couple of hours 
the house had turned into a mad party arena ....... 
the girls were all gaga over the dessert ....the 
peals of laughter n all the exclamations of cuteness
 redefined had made the friendship day eve
 so memorable !! Celebration, love joy after all 
this is life all about :)   

Baked Minion Yogurt

Prep Time: 8 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins

Ingredients (3-4 medium sized ramekins)
    For Baked Mango Yogurt
    • 150 ml yogurt
    • 150 gm cream ( I used Amul 25%milk fat)
    • 150 gms condensed milk (Milkmaid)
    • 2 tbsp mango puree (homemade)
    • Few drops of mango flavouring (opt)
    For Minion decoration
    • 1 Banana sliced
    • Few black grapes (halved)
    • A strip of mango aamras or fruit leather
    • Some chocolate Vermicelli
    1.Whisk together yogurt , mango puree and flavouring till well blended.
    2.Mix in cream and condensed milk . Pour in small ramekins or bowls.
    3.Preheat oven to 160 C.
    4. Pour a cup of water in an oven safe dish and place the ramekins on the tray (this method of baking called bain-marie or water bath prevents the top from cracking or forming a hard crust)
    5.Bake for 14-15 mins or till the yogurt mixture is set .
    6. Cool. Refrigerate for 30-35 mins .
    For making Minions
    Just before serving , place 2 slices of banana and grapes for eyes,a strip of aamras/fruit leather for spectacles & some chocolate vermicelli for hair.
    Tip- you may add a few drops of yellow food color for a brighter minion yellow. 

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