Monday, July 19, 2010

Elmo Fruitoon

~ Elmo's World ~

These days my lil one is deeply in love with her
new cuddle toy - the furry little orange nosed monster
Elmo from the Sesame Street (aka Gali Gali Sim Sim).
Elmo- the fire engine red dynamo with positive
attitude & infectious giggle is one of her favorite
cartoon characters, so while downloading some
Sesame Street coloring pages , a foody rather fruity
idea clicked my mind n I decided to treat her
on some Elmo Fruitoon too ................

Elmo Fruitoon

Watermelon slice ,cucumbers, olives & carrot

See previous post on Sesame Street too-


Artsy Crafty Challenge ( July'10)

Kids Crafts esp Crafts made from trash
are a great way to teach our tiny tots
about recycling and re-using. Sending our
entry Junk Ceramic planter for Artsy crafty
Challenge at Mindful meanderings .

Junk Ceramic planter

( While walking down the road a couple of days back ,
a junk ceramic insulator ( the brown one which is widely
used on electric poles) lying at a junk shop caught my
attention .I somehow found it so attractive that I got it home
unaware of how we will transform this mundane object into an
object d' art After removing all the dirt n grime i planted
a small creeper in it. Aloha !!!! My recycled planter was ready,
with some stones arranged around it it simply adorns my terrace !)

Award Time

A very warm thanks to Sumathi of
Ammavin- adupankarai for this lovely award .
I'm so happy to receive it n with all love I pass
it on to all my blogger buddies .......


  1. Awesome... awesome ...... Simply amazing . Admire ur creative skills !!!!!!

  2. Cool :) will add it soon.

  3. First of all thank u soooo much for trying the lachha parathas and liking it also. Your nice words really made my day :-) Please pass on my thank you note to your hubby also for liking it.

    That was really so creative on your part to turn that junk into cute little pot . Cute decorated watermelon slices

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Awwww such cute watermelon .... The planter looks amazing too .

  5. Hey, thatz very to delight my little kid with this...:)

  6. Again..ur pics always always amuse me to no end...elmo is adorable...and the pit idea, brilliant!

  7. ur ideas are brilliant ad mind blowing.....keep going...all the best...thanx for ur comment on my dates dip fry...

  8. Hi Smita, thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

    The watermelon Elmo is darling and even though my youngest is already 8 I still think he would be delighted if I made this for him!

  9. Cho cute, I always love ur pictures...very pleasing ones:)

  10. So cute!

    Love the bulging eyes and small mouth... Kuchiku...

  11. really creative
    i like to see all this wonderful work u made with food ingred..
    sure ur little one will be happy to have all

  12. Wow! That is so cool! It looks just like Elmo! Thanks so much for the great idea. I'd love to link to him in the next Crafty Food Roundup if you didn't mind.

  13. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies !!

    @ Rachel Pl feel free to do so, its surely an honor to be linked to ur esteemed site .

  14. Wow smita, brilliant blogging....loved u r ideas...thanks for visiting my site :) followin u :)

  15. hey smita..thanks for dropping by..ur blogspot is just shining with unique innovative dish...i really appreciate...all ur work is just sooo beautiful..btw loved ur profile pic..ur kiddo looks smart.. :)

  16. I Liked your presentation of food, they are kid friendly with bright colors. nice.

  17. The Elmo is sure to be a hit at our lunch table- I have 20 month old twins who are OBSESSED with Elmo! What a fun idea.

  18. Lovely blog, nice to be here. Following you to keep in touch. Best wishes, take care.

  19. Hi Smita :)..
    This is Neethu here.. I accidnely dropped into ur blog and my god!!! u r amazing :).. what creativity skills :).... happy to follow u and plz drop in into my small world of cookery world :)

    I would love you to drop in and share your thoughts and comments on mnine :)..

  20. Oh my gosh found you on mommy bloggers, this is so freaking cute. i could get my little monkey to eat ALL of that! very cool!

  21. Not only are your ideas fantastic but your photos are so well-composed! They're completely inviting! So much so my daugther wanted to try ti right away. Thanks for making our morning a little brighter!


  22. Just found your site... my daughter loves Elmo! I hope to use the little Elmo fruitoon idea for her birthday party this weekend. Great post.

  23. You have me everytime with each of your posts....Er, I hate to call them posts...cuz they're your creations! Lovely!!!

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