Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flower Idlis

~ Flower Power ~

Making cute food is my passion - its so fun
making all the cute colorful edibles . The biggest
reward for all this funlicious food is surely the million
dollar smile that I see on my lil ones face ...Healthy food
week is going on at her school so kiddos are expected to
get food from the set menu .Today was Idli day n she
wanted something different - "Mom u already made the
cartoon idlis last time -pl i want something new like flower
idlis" ( ah poor me!!) .So I spent an hour last night thinking over
the execution .....& guess what- I ended using the newly made
plastic stencils ( which of course i had made to stencil paint
a table cloth) on these foody creations .......Should I call
it flower power or pretty food power that my hubby dear
who is not that fond of idlis was tempted to eat these
for breakfast too !!!

Flower Food

Idlis - (steamed rice cakes ) (linked recipe video ) .
To create flower idlis-
cut a stencil of the desired pattern on a hard plastic
sheet or tetra pack carton. Keep the stencil on the
idli n put desired food color with your finger or
a cleaned unused brush. ( natural colors - like beet ,
spinach juice or dissolved turmeric works fine too )

Tiffin Garden

Idlis , beet juice extract as color for the
stenciled flowers

This edible stencil printing works well with breads , tortillas ,
rotis n crepes too .

Also see my previous Idli creations - Cartoon Idlis
- The Lion Idli & the Mousy Mania


  1. wow, what an innovative idea.no doubt ur kid must be delighted

  2. smitha that is an excellent idea. my little one like idlis and dosa, probably this would tease her more to eat.....wonderful..susan

  3. Iam sure with creations like this kids will take Indian foods to school.Excellent idea.......

  4. Lovely dear..I can't take eyes from the clicks...

  5. Hi
    Very cute! Lovely. Going to try it next time.

  6. Looks so beautiful .... although i have nvr tried idliss before but this image surely inspires me to try out some for my kids !!!

  7. That is so pretty! I love the story, your daughter is adorable!

  8. Wow! Smitha as usual very cute creative and artistic and beautiful ofcourse.

  9. Toooooooooo good .... such a wonderful idea truly leaves me dumbstruck .

  10. perfect forkids tiffin
    Grt idea!

  11. u r too good smita ...these idlis r so cute n beautiful ,after seeing ur idlis anyone who doesn't like idly will start love them...ur little one must be very happy to c her mom's new creation :)...


  12. Lovely dear..I can't take eyes from the clicks..

  13. So cute....lucky little one to have a mom like u...

  14. Smita that looks lovely and very neat work on idlis. Do you make these plastic stencils at home?
    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. Thanks for all the lovely words ladies ... Do try out these fun creations & send me the clicks , I would love to post them here with a link to ur blog .

    @ Deepa - Hamaree Rasoi - These stencils can be easily made at home , jus require a thick plastic sheet ( X ray sheet thickness ) , (even tetra pack cartons can be put to use) Keep the plastic sheet over the pattern & trace with a fine tipped marker pen. If possible place it on a piece of glass & cut precisely with an x acto or surgical blade. A simple paper cutter blade also works fine .
    If stencil making sounds too tedious u can use any stencils from ur kiddos stencil drawing sets too .

  16. Lovely and creative lunchbox idea for tiny tots, Smita.

  17. Cute idlies, kid's will definitely love this..

  18. those are the prettiest idlis I've ever seen! Wow, just amazing.

  19. awesome... this is just so creative without sending a fortune and yet so healthy.....

    bow down to you smita.....

    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
    Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

  20. found you on MBC! I love these ideas! So cute! I will definately be checking in for ideas for my picky 4 year old! Happy you were the featured blog today on MBC! I am following you now! :) http://avacationgenerator.blogspot.com/

  21. Omg !!!!! never seen blog like dis.. u have a lot of creativity and mind blowing presentation... idli's luks very soft and yummy.. i'm sure kids love them..
    u have a good colection of recipes... if u find time to visit my blog...happy to follow ur blog

  22. What a lovely idlis. You, definitely, have a good hand on the ways to present food to kids. Nice work.

  23. These are so very cute! What a great way to keep kids interested in different foods.

  24. OMG Hats off to your patience and creativity !! Am sure any kid would love to take such tempting lunch box :) Great Work !!!



  25. I am a huge foodie - this page is right up my ally! Following you from Mom Bloggers club. Great blog! And what cute goodies!!

  26. Hi Smitha, I would like to share an award with you. Just visit my blog and grab it.

  27. looks amazing ....Grab an award from my blog tomorrow :) Congrats

  28. Hello from France . Your blog is amazing and the recepies looks so funny. I'm sur the kids are also interrested by the colored food !
    see you soon

  29. @Smita,

    I was travelling in London this week, I have seen an article about your creative food preparation. My appreciation to you for this wonderful job.

    I am a widower, when my wife left us from the world my daugther was 8 months old and my son was 7 years old.

    to get my daugther eat and so make her feel special, I used to make something special for lunch box every friday.

    I have posted an article "Friday Lunch Box" in my blog as an article, when you get some some time have a look


    I have more collections, if intereted I can send those

  30. Cute idlis I love the stencilling on them very innovative idea.

  31. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many great food decorating idea...

  32. Hi I love your blog...who would not? My daughter would be tickled pink to find such an idli in her lunchbox! I have a question...do I have to stencil on to an already steamed idli or something I am about to steam? Sounds dumb I grant u but I am a new foodie mommy :) Also do I have to hold down the stencil real tight? Thanks!

  33. Ohhh God, So Cute.. definitely Try this tomorrow..


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