Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breakfast fun

~Fun with Flavors ~
Review : Quaker Oats in 4 new flavors

A bright beautiful morning , birds chirping , some cool
crisp air & a bowl of hearty healthy breakfast on the table
are somethings we all crave for but life moves at such
fast pace that we tend to miss these small pleasures.Often
we mommies find ourselves in the kitchen planning &
preparing breakfasts to reenergize our tiny tots .
"What if I could make something real power packed ,
yummy & just in a couple of mins & yet spend most of the
beautiful morning out of the kitchen " -we often
ponder . But I have surely found my way out !!!!

A chirpy breakfast

Quaker Oats - 4 new flavors

Few days back I received a packet from Quaker Oats
with several colorful & fun packed samples of their
recently launched Flavored Oats. Flavored Oats- as the
name suggests are the new range of flavors that adds a
yummy punch to the wholegrain Quaker goodness.
Available in 4 delightful flavors - Strawberry with apple,
Kesar with Kishmish , Lemony veggie mix & Homestyle
masala, these little goodies just take 3 mins to pep up .
Cooked with milk Quaker Oats - Strawberry with apple &
Quaker Oats Kesar with kishmish are perfect to pamper the
sweet cravings in a healthy way .

Apple Bird

Prepared Strawberry flavored Oats (cooked a per packet directions) ,
apple slices , java plums

A simple garnish of few slices of apples & a couple of java
plums added an extra fun to the flavorful breakfast . Poof !!!
the breakfast vanished much more quickly than I had imagined .
The luscious flavor of strawberry with sweet & sour chunks of
apple had won over the little taste buds.

The 2 savory flavors - Quaker Oats Lemony Veggie Mix
& Quaker OatsHomestyle masala are perfect to woo the
Indian taste buds - lemony , crunchy & mixed with flavorful
herbs & real chunks of capsicum & vegetables these flavors are
perfect & healthy replacement for savory breakfast delicacies.

I know christmas is far ahead , but the vibrant colors of the
packs and colorful chunks of added vegetables in Homestyle
Masala somehow made me imagine how much fun we will
have lazying a bit more on winter mornings & having fun
during the Christmas holidays with just 3 mins in the
kitchen &a bowl of steaming delicacy . The yummy flavors
paired with a veggie Rudolf garnish were enough
to cheer up the lil one on a warm sunny morning .

Rudolf - the red nose reindeer

Homestyle masala Oats (cooked a per packet directions) ,
capsicum , cherry tomato & olives.

These flavorful sachets are quick & convenient way
of adding a healthy yummilicious twist to breakfast .. just cut
a pack, mix in the milk or water ( as the pack suggests ), cook for
3 mins & ta da its ready ...This great tasting bowl of breakfast
comes at a humble price of INR 10 /- only . Available in
modern retail outlets across India .

Note- A steaming bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal porridge is the
perfect way to start your day . Each tiny grain of this miracle
food is a powerhouse of the dietary fibers required to power
our bodies . The soluble fibre - Beta Glucan is known to lower
cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease & type 2 diabetes.

All pics by Smita Srivastava @ Little Food Junction


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