Thursday, July 2, 2015

Country life

 ~ A journey through Indian countryside ~
(Relishing peace, harmony and loads of 
organic food)

 Indian countrysides are perfect retreats to 
decipher the simple joys  of life. Away 
          from the hustle bustle of city, countryside          
 amidst its lush greenery, gorgeous landscapes
 and farm to table foods is truly a visual and
 culinary heaven for an urban dweller.Before 
bidding adieu to summertime(and daughter's 
summer vacations) I desperately wanted some 
days of peace, tranquility and a boost up for 
 upcoming projects ahead. The calmness 
is perfect for brainstorming new ideas too..


My better half traces his roots to a beautiful 
countryside in the Northern plains but having spent
 his growing up years in a chic  boarding schools 
and college, his  acquaintance to the earthy smell
 of land and winds is as limited as mine. 
So finally after all these years we decided to visit
 his farm. My father in law, a septuagenarian,
 has  beautifully managed the farmlands, thrice
 a week he drives from home to the farms to look
 after the crops.

Farm life

His entire team ( the farmhands) were so happy 
to see us around and like a young enthusiastic
 teenager they were  eager to show us every 
corner - the corn, millet and veggie fields, 
stretches of vegetable patches,the goat shed,
 the barn and of course the mango grove.The 
entire walk was filled with anecdotes  of
 yesteryears and  how FIL would climb the 
 trees and  pick raw mangoes and  jamuns that 
he can't even dare to taste now.           

Mango grove

Over the  conversation I came to know that 
he had been suffering with severe sensitivity of
 teeth since several months !! I had the perfect 
solution to it - Sensodyne, that could not only 
relieve  sensitivity but could also relieve the 
associated tooth pain.Luckily I had one along 
with a spare toothbrush in my vanity kit and 
surely I wanted him to use  it immediately 
                         and feel the difference.                               


Capturing  natural surroundings is nothing 
less than a charm for me. The best part about
 this photowalk was that I could pick up all the 
booties that I liked. FIL showed me the
 melon vines and the phalsa shrubs that had 
popped up at many places here and there. We 
picked up a few,  gladly he too was able to relish 
some - thanks to the Sensodyne effect. I handed the 
basket full of Phalsas to the farm help who was all 
eager to make phalsa sherbat for us. Mother in law 
was so happy, dad would be sipping his favorite 
sherbat after ages today. I was sure that regular 
brushing with Sensodyne would turn this sip into 
a big glassful soon. 

I was so glad to pick up loads of mangoes and 
 jamuns,we relished some farm fresh and rest were
   wrapped in newpaper for being transported to our
 city dwelling. My brain had started running crazy
 for all the icy delicacies that i could  make with
 the fruits. Before the day ended the farm helps
 made a hearty lunch of the freshest produce- hot
 chappatis with jackfruit curry, sauteed okra and 
freshly sourced gur (jaggery). The fresh mango juice
 flavored ice gola (crushed ice)dessert truly won my
 heart.I am glad that Sensodyne helped FIL in trying 
some gola too !! The sun was setting in and loads of 
fresh produce was ready in the boot space to be
 driven  off to the city. Truly a day well spent 
with wonderful memories to cherish for lifetime. 

Fresh !!

Isn't it lovely how sometimes life unfolds itself,with
so much fresh produce in hand,  I am still thinking 
about the farm life and recipes to incorporate
 fresh produce.

If you have some Sensodyne story , do share with us 
 we would love to hear from you. 

Whats more you can know the sensitivity of
 your teeth  by just clicking this link. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oatmeal Fun -2

~ Oatmeal Fun-2 ~ 

Summer brings a wealth of delicious juicy 
produce, from mangoes to melons from lychees
to stone fruits the list is endless. Of all the summer 
fruits my family eagerly waits for the special 
summer bounty of gorgeous ripe luscious mangoes,
to eat as it is or for relishing in innumerable 
gluttonous avatars - aamras, srikhand, popsicles,
shakes, smoothies, cheesecake, salsa or as a 
generous topping on daily oatmeal.  

Civet Cat Oatmeal 

Mango oatmeal - with chopped mangoes, grapes and bananas 

Scorching summers are almost here and mangoes
 not only help us in keeping  hydrated but also 
supplies loads of Vitamin A and fibre to our bodies. 
The natural sugars in this king of fruits 
is undoubtedly the  perfect treat for that 
clamouring sweet tooth too. Mangoes are full of 
benefits -right from keeping cholesterol levels in 
check, to aiding in digestion and strengthening
 immune system and fighting  microbial infections, 
it is no less than a wonder fruit.

Mango popsicles and  mango salsa 

 Oats and mangoes make a great combination . The
 sweet aromatic flavour of mangoes adds a perfect 
tropical zing to the humble oatmeal. If your child 
turns up his nose at the bowl of plain/regular
 oatmeal, get ready to play and boost its nutritional
 value with some chopped or finely grated mangoes 
in a cute creative avatar. 

Oatmeal Bunny bowl 

Oatmeal with finely grated mango & honey. 
Decorations- mango, sliced banana, grapes, strawberry 
n choco vermicelli .

Oats is surely a super grain. Since it  is so versatile,
 it can easily be used to enrich other recipes or be 
paired with loads of seasonal /exotic fruits and
 spice toppings for a new flavour  each day. Having
 been associated with Quaker Oats for their recipe
 development and food photography projects has 
made me experiment and understand so much 
more about the super grain. 

Fruity  Oatmeal Toppings 

Do check out the Quaker India website for loads of 
healthy topping ideas , right from sweet to savoury
 to kiddo favourites both sweet and savoury to 
pamper the tastebuds and body too. 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

~Oatmeal Fun-1 ~

~ Oatmeal Fun-1 ~ 

A big bowl of oatmeal with loads of diced 
seasonal fruits and a light drizzle of honey 
is my most loved breakfast. Over the years 
the Indian market has seen a sudden boost in 
the oatmeal sector, from plain oats to flavored 
from sweet toppings to savoury Indian versions, 
the humble bowl of oatmeal has come a long 
way. Oats is nothing less than a power food, 
being rich in dietary fibre, it helps one feel 
fuller for a much longer period of time and 
makes a perfect kid friendly breakfast too.If 
your child turns up his nose at the bowl of 
plain/regular oatmeal get ready to play 
and boost its nutritional value with some 
colourful  fruits.

The Oaty Fox

jumping fox

Cooked oatmeal with sliced green apple, sliced 
banana ,strawberries ,black grapes and pepitas.

Many a times parents ignore 
the role of adding a fun element to food but 
involving them or taking out extra 2 mins to 
make  their foods cute and inviting surely 
works in the long run. A colorful customised 
meal for them is a great way to encourage kids
 to eat healthy.My daughter loves oatmeal and
today we decided to breathe in some life to the
bowl of goodness. As a toddler she loved the
famous Aesop fable of 'The fox and the grapes'
so we decided to add some grapes to make our
oaty fox happy !!


Cooked Oatmeal with sliced green apple, sliced 
banana and strawberries and black grapes. 


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