Monday, July 14, 2014

Shark on my plate

~ Shark On my Plate ~ 

The monsoons have just stepped in the northern part of India. 
Cool winds accompanied with wonderful gush of shower are
perfect to rejuvenate the mind and body from the scorching and 
soaring temperatures of summer.....The first showers of blissful sunday 
afternoon surely needed some creative  monsoon snacking and nothing
 could have been better than involving lil one in making and relishing 
an edible version of her story book - 'The Great Shark Escape'........

Brown bread, carrots, cheese, radish, onion green, pea, olive 

Mom's Speak with Real Fruit Power 
(an excerpt from the  writeup )

I always believe that  the most crucial step in making kids understand 
 healthy food choices and  habits is to involve them in tiny fun food 
activities. Taking  their help in picking up fresh fruits , veggies and grocery
 from the store to planning and preparing healthy versions of their 
favorite junks are a few  smart moves to encourage healthy eating. 
The Old chinese proverb "Tell me and I forget, show me and I will remember ,
 involve me and I will understand " beautifully enlightens this theory . 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day

Pomegranate Basil Mojito ~  
for Fathers Day 

Fathers are wonderful people...Too little understood, 
And we do not sing their praises ,as often a we should ....
But fathers are just wonderful , in a million different ways 
To make us happy today and everyday !!! 
Little Food Junction wishes all fathers  a very Happy Fathers Day.
While half the world is still busy celebrating the occasion , we 
from the other side of the globe would love to share our take for the 
occasion. The tiny handmade card  accompanied with a cool non 
alcoholic mojito was perfect to beat the summer heat and swing in
 to the celebrations. 

The summer season is the hottest time throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Unlike western summers , the Indian summer is not about colorful days 
and warm wonderful afternoons but about unbearable scorching heat ,
 dusty winds and dripping sweat . Chilled beverages accompanied with light 
meals or a big bowl of garden fresh salad is the best way to keep heat at bay.

Although the blooming season ended long time back , yet there were some

 beautiful myriad red poppies in the garden till last week that seemed to have
 conquered the unbearable heat of the season .Daddy is quite fond of tiny 
potted succulents so lil one had  potted a gorgeous green one in a tiny red
pot to serve as a fathers day gift. 

Both lil one and father are quite fond of pomegranates so nothing could 
have been better than a sparkling glass of ruby red goodness. Some 
freshly picked basil truly added to the zing. The simple recipe and some 
help from me made the lil one 'Mixologist of the day'....

Pomegranate Basil Mojito
This easy to prepare non alcoholic mojito is perfect to try with your
 lil ones on a hot summer day. 

Makes 2-3  glasses 
Ingredients - 
1/4 cup basil, 1 cup pomegranate juice , 250 ml club  soda ,
 2tsp sugar syrup , few pomegranate pearls and some ice.  


 Muddle basil with sugar syrup and divide into 3 glasses. 
Fill each glass with a few ice cubes and pomegranate pearls, pour in
 pomegranate juice and soda.Garnish with tiny basil leaves and serve. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Rain

~ Spring Rain ~ 

April has already stepped in!! Its difficult to understand how quickly 
time flies , its hard to  believe that the new year and christmas bells
rang more than 3 months back! Seems like a few days back  we were
 decorating the Christmas tree and now easter and summer both are 
gradually stepping in. The colorful spring flowers are in their last
 blooms but wait there is something really unusual about this spring,
 its has been raining quite a lot this time , undoubtedly  the sudden 
showers refresh us but it adds to the plight of the poor farmers 
who have already faced much damage to their crops.  

Owing to the  sudden thunderstorm and downpour in the evening , little 
one could not go out to play with her friends. While she was busy admiring 
the pitter patter of the rain on the leaves and spring blossoms, I decided 
to capture the scene on plate. 

The sudden thunderstorm and weather disturbance filled the market place 
with oranges and  I stocked up (as much my refrigerator could hold) a few
 dozens for juice and fruity ice lollies. The berries were driving me crazy!!
Spring is also the season  to dig into unlimited berries too. 

 Along with the fun salad I made a big bowl of refreshing fruit salad too.
Luscious strawberries, cape gooseberries, cherry tomatoes, kiwi, grapes 
all tossed up with some lemon juice,mint  and black salt .

The garden and  the plants thoroughly enjoyed the sudden shower and 
 the lil one her themed salad. 

Orange, grapes, banana , parsley and toasted sunflower seeds. 



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