Friday, February 10, 2017

Eating out

~The best places to eat out in the city~

 In today’s world, indulgence has become synonymous to 
the beautiful way of living, whether it’s apparels 
or accessories, automobiles or hi tech gadgets, or an
 evening out with friends, we are always looking for something
 that could tantalize our senses.With the craze for the limited
 editions and the tenfold increase in upscale living with
 modern amenities; and the paraphernalia of indulgence,
 we are gladly acknowledging the famous quote of 
living life king size. A bit of indulgence off and on is a 
perfect way to pep up life and add a little more spark to it.
 The mere mention of the word is enough to evoke our 
senses for the finer things in life. Pampering the five senses
 every now and then is surely the best way to maintain the 
balance between work and life, though of course, pampering
 the sense of taste surely tops the list. 
Life and food surely go hand in hand and satiating
 the taste buds with some food around some gorgeous
 ambience is surely what most of us believe in.
Our national capital, New Delhi and NCR, undoubtedly,
 tops the list when it comes to indulgence and pampering
 in the form of best food! The exclusivity and creativity of
 both the menu and the décor for me truly reflects in 
these gorgeous restaurants - Olive bar and kitchen, 
Lodi – The garden restaurant, Veda, Lavaash by Saby n 
Oh! Calcutta.

Olive bar and  Kitchen

Situated in Mehrauli, the Mediterranean décor of the place
 is truly enchanting. Nestled amongst huge trees with a
 cobbled courtyard, the place is the perfect epitome of 
indulgence and exclusivity on a Sunday morning. 
Their Crispy fried poached egg is truly something
 to die for.

Pic credit-

Lodi – The garden Restaurant

Considered as one of the best restaurants of the city, this 
beautiful al fresco themed restaurant does full justice to its name. 
Sophistication along with nature creates an exclusive experience
 for the food enthusiasts to savor the delicacies, this 
place offers. This casual dining restaurant serves 
some best garden fresh salads. 

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The pan Indian fine dining restaurant is greatly known not 
only for great food but also for its gorgeous and exclusively 
designed interiors. The dramatic interiors with crystal framed 
mirrors and elegant yet super stylish chandeliers truly steals 
your heart, as it is the best example of exclusivity and
 indulgence. Their Veda Spinach Chaat is surely a must try.

Pic credits

Lavaash by Saby

The brainchild of award winning chef, Chef Saby,
 is highly popular for its chic colorful interiors and
 exclusive Armenian delicacies with lip-smacking 
Bengali touches. One can enjoy the picturesque view 
of the QutubMinar from the veranda too!! 
Their Crispy lentil sticks are a must try.

Pic credits- Lavaash by saby


One of the best restaurants in Delhi, Oh! Calcutta serves
 authentic Bengali cuisine. If you love Bengali 
food then this is the place to rock on!!The subtle yet
 gorgeously  done interiors truly remind of the British
 Raj days. Their BhajaMoong dal is lip-smacking good!!  

Pic courtesy –

So these happen to be a few of my favorite destinations
 that strike a beautiful balance between exclusivity and
 indulgence. It will take you to a great gastronomical
 journey, pampering both the palate and the eyes.

The second best thing that we Indians are addicted to
 besides food is our love for the cars! The glossy beasts 
are the best way to indulge into a lovelier world of class 
and style. Oh, did youcheck the recently launched 
limited edition Dzire Allure?? It just reminds me that all 
finer things are always limited!!!
Limited Edition Dzire Allure comes with beige 
carpet mats, elegant interior styling kit, side skirts and 
stylish body graphics, which is a perfect amalgamation of 
enhanced comfort features and elegance!

Maruti Suzuki has been a brand icon, and when it 
comes to cars geared up with safety and style, they 
have always proved to be the best!! And their limited 
edition Dzire Allure is yet another testimony to 
the brilliant work they do, exclusively for the customers.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Xmas-1

~Merry Christmas -1~
 The Healthy (junk free) Xmas!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, 
jingle all the way.
Oh! What fun it is to ride 
in a one horse open sleigh.

Its the time of the year when the smell of  freshly 
baked plum cakes and gingerbread cookies wafts 
in, the twinkling lights of the decorated 
xmas trees gently spreads its cheer all over
 and  kids dressed in their beautiful santa caps
and captivating smiles spread love everywhere …..
The season of joy n jingles is just a few days away. 

HoHo Santa belly salad 

  Watermelon slice topped with cucumber ribbon belt
 and buttons and yellow pepper buckle. 

Christmas is incomplete without a glistening 
Xmas tree and some red nose cuties or santas
love-  rudolphs . Even if you are short of time 
these 5 min fun foods are perfect to spread 
the festivities on the tables too !! 

 Zucchini Xmas tree salad 

Grilled Zucchini slices topped with yellow pepper 
and pomegranate decorations and some pepper gift boxes !! 

Over the years the fictional red nose reindeer , also known
as santas 9th deer with illuminating red nose has gained 
immense love n popularity  amongst kids, and 
christmas without one is hard to imagine :) 

Rudolph Fruit salad 

Watermelon wedges topped with black grapes eyes,
dried red berry nose and cucumber antlers.

If you are planning a healthy christmas , these tiny fruity
easy to make edible cuties are sure to be a hit !! 

Do check out the Dec '16 issue of Child magazine (India)
where my column has some star tortilla crisps and yummy
 baked eggs to spread joy this festive season. 
Merry Christmas everybody !!! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Adieu !!

~Adieu Olympic 
Adieu Google Fruit Games~ 

While Rio was busy with the spectacular 
closing ceremonies of Olympic 2016 and 
Google was all ready to wrap up the super 
Doodle Fruit Games my daughter and I were 
craving for some more fruity games . 
Though we are not much of a online /app 
gaming family but the daily super cute google
doodles that kept popping for 17 days in cutest 
new avatars totally stole our hearts.
To add a zing to the sunny sunday morning 
(yesterday) , we decided to make a few 
cutie avatars  come alive !!!!

Mr Orange - the Golfer 

Orange, Banana, grapes, cucumber, kiwi, beans

Ms Appleberry - the athlete 
(Apple mocks the strawberry in this 
no strawberry season here ) 

Apple, Banana, grapes, cucumber, kiwi, orange 

Ms Mango - the Badminton Champ 

Our  very own super talented PV Sindhu who 
bagged wonderful Silver for our country 
looked radiant in  bright yellow costume on
 the final day of the match !! How we
 cheered like super enthusiasts throughout 
her match and were truly bowled over by 
her super duper performance!!  

Mango, Kiwi, banana , grapes, tomato n cheese 

The  Apple Wrestlers

It was the first time we stayed glued to the 
wrestling match when the female super wrestler 
from our country was in the ring …. the chivalry 
and efforts displayed by Sakshi Malik were 
just out of the world !Her bronze n never say die
 attitude created history when she became the first
 female Indian wrestler to clinch an Olympic medal. 

Apple, Banana, grapes, kiwi, 

Olympic cookies from the blog archives .
Google doodles for ref only. 

The endless discussion over Rio Olympic, the 
 2020 Olympics at Tokyo,the significance of 
sports in ones life and the importance of fibre
 and a balanced diet for a healthy life 
along with some cute fruit doodles turned a 
simple morning to a wonderful chirpy family
 time morning. 
After all these are the little joys of life !!!!! 


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