Sunday, September 2, 2018


~ Happy Krishna Ashtmi ~

Krishna Astmi or Janmashtmi is the annual Hindu
 festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. 
One of the most awaited  festival at Krishna's
 birthplace- Mathura (and of course all
 over the  the  country ) the day transforms 
the holy city to its most enigmatic avatar filled 
with the sound of divine bells, aromatic floral 
decorations and pious holy chants !!! 

My Krishna 

Blueberry yogurt, museli, apple, grapes, 
pomegranate & pumpkin seeds. 

Krishna , the Lord of compassion is one of  the 
most popular deities of  Hinduism and surely 
many of us have grown hearing his beautiful 
anecdotes of  friendship with cow boys, Sudhama
 and Radha, his daring encounters with demons
  and also his unending love for the freshly 
churned butter ( Makkhan). 

The mere mention of word Krishna conjures 
beautiful images of  his flute, his love towards 
beautiful pink lotus , peacocks , cows and of course
 the bluish tone of his skin and nothing could 
have been better to remember him by this 
work of our edible art !!!!

Happy Krishna Ashtmi to all !!!!! 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cafe review

 ~Pahmos Cafe : Review~ 

The mark of a good restaurant is not necessarily its size, 
but the quality of its food, cheerful lively ambience and 
of course the courteous staff ... in sync with these lines, 
some of the finest experiences that I have had as a food 
blogger are not just limited to high end destinations but 
also to several newly opened joints, bistros, eatries  
and  even takeaways .........

Nestled in the most loved destination of Indirapuram- 
Habitat Centre , Pahmos is a perfect place to hang out 
with friends or family and enjoy some awesome 
gastronomic goodness . Apart from the food ,the place 
has been beautifully done up with creative use of scrap.
If you are an art lover like me , I must warn you you'l 
surely spend several minutes gazing the artful walls ,
identifying the variety of junks from old  keyboards, 
iron plates, bicycle chainrings, bodies of old mobile 
phones to stove rings, pipes , gears , cycle wheels or
just anything under the sun that you can imagine !!! 
Dont miss the 'made from tyres' table for two
 and the low tyre stools ........

 It was a hot humid day and nothing could be more 
welcoming than the Pahmos signature Milli Shocker, 
watermelon cooler with crushed watermelon, 
peach and mint . The freshness n taste was lovely 
n so was the fox shaped mason jar ....
 just a thicker straw would have surely been 
better to pull the fresh pulp to the last sip though !!

Each sip of the Milli shocker was being enjoyed 
with crisp panko crusted stuffed Mushroom and
 Zucchini fritters on the bed of lettuce . Oh !the prop
 lover in me just fell in love with their serving
 platter - a hollowed wooden rolling pin
......creative indeed !!! 

Our next try was Alfredo Pasta , which was 
undoubtedly  quite creamy with an aromatic hint 
of sage butter ,parmesan and finely chopped 
parsley. The serving size was quite decent too. 
I feel a teeny drizzle of EVOO ( my all time
 fav extra virgin olive oil ) just before serving 
could have transformed it to another level. 

During the off and on conversations with 
my tasting buddy , my eyes kept on identifying 
the junk objects used for the chic wall decor !! 
n I must admit that besides food the walls were 
 a hot topic of discussion too .....

I'm quite a sucker of good Barbecue sauce and
 surely find the 'made from scratch 'versions
 much better than bottled store brought ones. 
A good bbq sauce is a burst of  flavours and 
Pahmos's signature recipe Capt Morgan Bbq 
Wings with oven roasted wings tossed in 
homemade style sauce was surely a show stealer ! 

If you are a fan of thin crust pizza make sure 
to try their Tandoori chicken pizza which is quite 
 a perfect combination of IndoItaliana flavours 
with onion , green bell pepper and mozzarella with 
tandoori masala marinated tender chicken.
The pizza was  was followed by the dessert  ....

Someone has aptly said that 'Dessert is like a 
feel good song and the best ones make you
 smile ' ....!! Irresistible combination of 
warm fudgy brownie with vanilla ice cream
 n chocolate sauce was surely a perfect n 
sweet way to end our dining 
experience at Pahmos . 

Our verdict - Good food great interiors!!
 Surely a must visit !! 


Monday, June 25, 2018

Crabby Times

Crabby On My Plate ~ 

Summers are incomplete without fun and 
loads of fresh fruits and veggies !! The fun surely doubles 
when instead of apples and bananas you have a big cute 
all vegan crabby sitting cosily and waiting for the nom
 nom nom to  begin .......

My vegan Crab 

Over few months many new projects and professional 
commitments kept me away from blogging, but 
food art once again came as an answer to kiddos 
summer vacation boredom ....Besides natural 
excursions and photography ,playing with food 
is equally satisfying for me  !! The fun element 
truly never lets my inner child die :) 

Seas and backwaters have their own charm. Cool
 wind, swaying coconut trees, sound of waves , the
 soothing sand and of course collecting seashells
 and watching the tiny red brown crabs crawling all
 over the beach is just so therapeutic...... n our 
crab food art is undoubtedly inspired from
 the crustaceans.....
Do check out our maiden attempt to the step by 
step slideshow too .......



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