Sunday, January 25, 2015

Republic Day

~ Happy Republic Day ~
Welcome Prez Obama 

Happiness in mind, Faith in  words, 
Pride in our hearts, Memories in our souls, 
Lets salute the nation on Republic Day ! 

 26th January is celebrated as Republic Day in India. 
It was on this day sixty six years back that India 
became truly sovereign and the constitution came 
into force. The day is celebrated all over the country
 with  great enthusiasm and joy. The streets of our
 national capital - New Delhi wear a majestic 
tricolor look ,beautifully laced with the charisma
 of orange,  white and green. 

India Gate 

Dosa (lentil and rice crepes ) with tricolor salad
 -carrot, radish cucumber n sliced steamed
 baby corn.

The most awaited Republic Day parade that
 majestically exhibits our country's defense 
capability and social and cultural heritage 
starts after our Prime minister lays a floral 
wreath in  memory of martyrs at India Gate.
After this the President arrives with the chief
 guest and  hoists the national flag with the
 famous 21 gun salute,and the magic national
 anthem fills the entire area.

Welcome Prez Obama ....

It is truly an honor , that President Barack Obama
 is our chief guest for the 66th Republic day. Mr 
Obama  along  with our Prime minister Mr Modi 
will be a part of the special radio address- 'Mann ki
 baat'(from the heart),Prez Obama will be landing
 in our country in a couple of hours from now. 
People all over the country are so excited over
 his iconic visit most of us willsurely be glued to our
 television sets to watch the entire set of events. 

Carrot, radish , capsicum, red bell pepper and 
dehydrated blueberries 

Monday, December 22, 2014


~Merry Christmas-2 ~

Christmas is in the air, colorful baubles and beautifully 
decorated Christmas trees are surely a treat to the eyes!! 
Local markets and shopping malls have transformed into
tiny santa lands with the festive paraphernalia beautifully 
displayed all over the market place. Its Xmas everywhere !! 
Chill winds and fog give a perfect excuse to spent the morning 
indoors and indulge in some  cutie treats for lil ones. A bit of 
 creativity n food play with some readily available ingredients
 is perfect to add some warmth to cold winter mornings. 

Good Morning Santa !!! 

Whole wheat bread topped with peanut butter, sliced bananas 
strawberry, grapes and red berry. 

Christmas is incomplete without sweet treats and fresh bakes, 
while we have been baking our gingerbreadman cookies for the 
Christmas eve, our big jar of soaked fruits and nuts is all juicy
 and full of aroma, just waiting to flavor our spiced Plum cake. 

While I was busy making this Santa PB sandwich for 
daughter , she was standing beside me and creating a cute 
little breakfast for her daddy - a red nose rudolph with 
some pocky stick horns !! While the daddy daughter 
duo was laying the table for breakfast I was busy
 clicking some pics of the Xmas cuties. 

Xmas breakfast .......

The house is all ready for Christmas, must share this 
DIY santa that daughter made with some outer garlic 
peels ,paper plate and some crystals sometimes back. 

Santa Craft 

Paper plate, outer garlic peels, cotton , color paper & colorful decorations. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Xmas time !!

~ Merry Christmas -1~

Christmas is all about spending time with family, taking
 out kids for an adventure walk, making tonnes of christmas 
crafts or just lazying around with them at home and watching a
  wonderful movie of their liking. Adventure walk was surely on
 top of our things to do list but owing to some ongoing projects n
 some pre festive assignments ,daughter and I decided to stay at
 home ,watch her favorite movie and munch on some easy peasy
 x-mas cuties at home ....

X-mas buddies ....

Crackers topped with cheese, tomato , olive and red berries 
(Indian ber) with savory star snack . 

While picking up tomatoes from the local market yesterday,
the pointed tips of a local Roma type variety set my creative 
juices to thinking , while driving back I turned off the music
to keep the upcoming ideas intact in my mind- I know it 
sounds crazy but this is what creative addiction is all about!

Back home we enjoyed the movie truly Christmas style !!!
Movies are incomplete without hot buttery popcorns , I quickly 
popped some southern spice  flavored ones and brought it to life 
with tomato and olives. Of course no one loves to be disturbed 
between the climax of a movie , but it was nothing less than a 
surprise when kiddo paused the movie and made a cute face 
with a loud loving "Awwwwww "....exclamation and kept 
admiring the Rudolph  before finally popping the popcorn .

Xmas popcorn !! 

Popcorn, olives, halved tomato and cucumber


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