Saturday, September 16, 2017

Melon love

~Melon Times ~

When one has tasted watermelon ,
 he knows what the angels eat. 
                                     - Mark Twain 

A slice of luscious  juicy watermelon is something 
that can set your brains and  taste buds to an 
immediate spree. To me the humble red is not just 
another fruit but a bundle of sweetest  memories
 too!! A trip down the memory lane conjures images 
from my childhood...juice dripping down my chin and
 mom's scoldings on proper table manners (that I 
always forgot while relishing this delectable 
thirst quencher) !!!!! Though times have changed 
but my love for fruit remains just the same !!!

Whoot Whoot !!
( its the watermelon hoot ) 

Owl-Slice of watermelon topped with cucumber ,
 carrot, black grapes and olives . Branch- spring 
onion greens, capsicum.Radish ,moon n crispy stars

The scorching summers and the rains have almost
 bid adieu to the Northern plains yet the occassional
showers and sudden increase in the mercury means 
the body should be well hydrated through out the day , 
and what can be better than spending few playful 
moments before relishing the watermelon ......

 The Little Red Bear 

Slice of watermelon topped with cucumber ,
 carrot, black grapes , cherry tomatoes n olives . 

Loaded with almost 92% water , this refreshing fruit is a 
powerhouse of nutrients. The quintessential summer 
 goodness is loaded with lycopene , antioxidants and amino 
acids and a perfect all time snack for the little munchkins. 

Bunny-Slice of watermelon topped with cucumber,carrot,
 black grapes, apple n olives Carrot- carrot & kiwi 

Serve it sliced , chunked or skew the  wedges on a 
skewer to make lovely Watermelon pops , or simply 
have a play date with kids to pop up their melons 
the fun will never end !!!!! 


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dragon tales

~ Dragon Tales ~

Sometimes you just need to sit down and
 ponder  over how time just flies. When daughter
 was in playschool, our bedtime routine was reading
 out stories to her ...everyday she would select the 
most colourful book and keep it near her pillow to be 
read out ...sometimes I'd miss out the daily regime 
and then had to  read two in lieu of the missed one !! 

Dragon Dragon where have you been !!! 

Cucumber halved into 2 verticals for face n  body, 
colourful peppers for flame n limbs, radish, carrot n
 olive eye, baby corn, halved cherry tomato n spring 
onion greens for wild grass, cheese for teeth n body spots.

 Few days back while at a book store we chanced 
upon  a toddler storybook about dragons and 
flipping through it I remembered how a similar one
 was my daughters favourite as a kid .
How I wished we could time instead we made 
this dragon salad and lived those moments again !!!! 
To add to the weekend fun we went out for a short
 outdoor excursion and  clicked loads of pics too , truly 
nature  is such a therapy and we can just spend 
endless hours amidst the greenery !!!!  

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Froggy Times !

Froggy times  ..

So the rainy season finally sets in my city ..
Pitter patter of raindrops , thundering clouds ,
soothing showers, myriad shades of gorgeous
sparkling greens n kids in colourful umbrellas 
the essence of rain is almost everywhere !!

Froggy on my plate !! 

Whole wheat garlic bread roundels ( if 
unavailable cut bread into circles)  topped with 
greek yogurt spinach dip ( add coarsely ground 
blanched spinach to yogurt n  season to taste), 
cucumbers , olives , baby corn, leeks n karunda berries 

The mundane life of metro suddenly seems to 
abuzz with sudden thunder storms ..wild mushrooms
 and greens pop up here in there transforming the 
metroland to short lived faux woodlands !!! The magic 
of rains seems to cast a spell almost everywhere.  

The Dancing Frog 

During the rainy evenings daughter and I sometimes
go to the nearby park to revive ourselves ..the 
raindrops, the water ripples , the croaking of frogs
 and toads and the murmur of the wild mantis 
is truly therapeutic n we love these elements of
 nature to the core !!!Rains are surely 
here to stay, and we are excited to get in that 
element home too !!!! 



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