Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flower Idlis

~ Flower Power ~

Making cute food is my passion - its so fun
making all the cute colorful edibles . The biggest
reward for all this funlicious food is surely the million
dollar smile that I see on my lil ones face ...Healthy food
week is going on at her school so kiddos are expected to
get food from the set menu .Today was Idli day n she
wanted something different - "Mom u already made the
cartoon idlis last time -pl i want something new like flower
idlis" ( ah poor me!!) .So I spent an hour last night thinking over
the execution .....& guess what- I ended using the newly made
plastic stencils ( which of course i had made to stencil paint
a table cloth) on these foody creations .......Should I call
it flower power or pretty food power that my hubby dear
who is not that fond of idlis was tempted to eat these
for breakfast too !!!

Flower Food

Idlis - (steamed rice cakes ) (linked recipe video ) .
To create flower idlis-
cut a stencil of the desired pattern on a hard plastic
sheet or tetra pack carton. Keep the stencil on the
idli n put desired food color with your finger or
a cleaned unused brush. ( natural colors - like beet ,
spinach juice or dissolved turmeric works fine too )

Tiffin Garden

Idlis , beet juice extract as color for the
stenciled flowers

This edible stencil printing works well with breads , tortillas ,
rotis n crepes too .

Also see my previous Idli creations - Cartoon Idlis
- The Lion Idli & the Mousy Mania

Monday, July 19, 2010

Elmo Fruitoon

~ Elmo's World ~

These days my lil one is deeply in love with her
new cuddle toy - the furry little orange nosed monster
Elmo from the Sesame Street (aka Gali Gali Sim Sim).
Elmo- the fire engine red dynamo with positive
attitude & infectious giggle is one of her favorite
cartoon characters, so while downloading some
Sesame Street coloring pages , a foody rather fruity
idea clicked my mind n I decided to treat her
on some Elmo Fruitoon too ................

Elmo Fruitoon

Watermelon slice ,cucumbers, olives & carrot

See previous post on Sesame Street too-


Artsy Crafty Challenge ( July'10)

Kids Crafts esp Crafts made from trash
are a great way to teach our tiny tots
about recycling and re-using. Sending our
entry Junk Ceramic planter for Artsy crafty
Challenge at Mindful meanderings .

Junk Ceramic planter

( While walking down the road a couple of days back ,
a junk ceramic insulator ( the brown one which is widely
used on electric poles) lying at a junk shop caught my
attention .I somehow found it so attractive that I got it home
unaware of how we will transform this mundane object into an
object d' art After removing all the dirt n grime i planted
a small creeper in it. Aloha !!!! My recycled planter was ready,
with some stones arranged around it it simply adorns my terrace !)

Award Time

A very warm thanks to Sumathi of
Ammavin- adupankarai for this lovely award .
I'm so happy to receive it n with all love I pass
it on to all my blogger buddies .......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainy Days

~ Rainy Days ~

Raindrops, Raindrops ! Falling all around
Pitter patter on the rooftops ,Pitter patter on the ground
Here is my umbrella ; It will keep me dry
When I go walking in the rain, I hold it up so high .

These foody creations are for all the lil ones who love
to go out in the rain , splash in the muddy puddles ,
make paper boats , collect the popping mushrooms
and kiss the dripping raindrops from the umbrella....
Ahhh childhood ...... Wish to be a kid again !!!!

Its Raining Men ....

Watermelon , olives, cucumber , jelly sticks /shoestring licorice
( Divide a slice of watermelon in half , using a circular cookie
cutter or a bottle cap cut out semicircles from the straight side
of the melon , use finely cut strips of cucumber to make
umbrella divisions & raindrops . Bend a jelly stick to
make the handle . )

Magic Mushrooms

Carrot , baked potato


Award Time

A very warm thanks to Shruti ,the creative brain behind
Mindful Meanderings for sending me the lovely prize -
"Art Attack- How to PapierMache "(User choice award - Apr '10)
Do check out her blog for more rocking arty competitions .

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Purple Love

~ Purple Love ~

I'm back after a long vacation ... feel so refreshed
( Lols -but a little lazy to head back to kitchen ).
The first shower of rain has flooded the markets with
luscious purple Jamun (jambul /Indian blackberries).
With a box of yogurt n lots of jamuns in hand I couldn't
resist myself from trying out some whacky combination..

The Purple Yogurt ( Smoothie )

Making this is surely a breeze - blend together a cup of
chilled yogurt, 2 tsp sugar , 6-7 deseeded jamuns . To
make jamun flowers - leaving the bottom intact
split the fruit into 4 sections )



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