Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainy Days

~ Rainy Days ~

Raindrops, Raindrops ! Falling all around
Pitter patter on the rooftops ,Pitter patter on the ground
Here is my umbrella ; It will keep me dry
When I go walking in the rain, I hold it up so high .

These foody creations are for all the lil ones who love
to go out in the rain , splash in the muddy puddles ,
make paper boats , collect the popping mushrooms
and kiss the dripping raindrops from the umbrella....
Ahhh childhood ...... Wish to be a kid again !!!!

Its Raining Men ....

Watermelon , olives, cucumber , jelly sticks /shoestring licorice
( Divide a slice of watermelon in half , using a circular cookie
cutter or a bottle cap cut out semicircles from the straight side
of the melon , use finely cut strips of cucumber to make
umbrella divisions & raindrops . Bend a jelly stick to
make the handle . )

Magic Mushrooms

Carrot , baked potato


Award Time

A very warm thanks to Shruti ,the creative brain behind
Mindful Meanderings for sending me the lovely prize -
"Art Attack- How to PapierMache "(User choice award - Apr '10)
Do check out her blog for more rocking arty competitions .


  1. Beautiful beautiful smita.. looks very very cute. And this art attack program is awesome and I enjoy seeing it in the TV... so enjoy this book. Beautiful and cute creation.

  2. Smitha, those look super cute. you are such a creative person...love coming back to your space.

  3. excellent... no words can describe ur creativity

  4. :) love the watermelon. n Congrats. No artsy craftsy for this month from u??

  5. congrats on ur awards Your umbrella and the mushrooms look so cute and artistic as usual.keep it up you cutie artist.

  6. Congrats on your well deserve awards. And ur umbrella is sooo cute. It's rainy season here, so can I hire ur umbrella? :-)
    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. OMG, just luv ur ideas n the way u present them...very cute indeed.

  8. i really liked the slipper.. u r superb.. too good..

  9. Truly amazing ..... Love the umbrella .

  10. OMG ... its too good - really wonder where u get these ideas from ????
    Awesome Awesome !!!!!

  11. mind blowing yaar....u r very talented....visit my blog sometimes and pass on ur valuable suggestions

  12. Super cute umbrella, slippers and the mushrooms :)



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