Monday, August 31, 2009

Cartoon idlis

~ Cartoon Idlis ~

Idlis are considered one of the top ten most healthiest
foods in the world . These steam cooked popular
South Indian savory cakes are made of fermented
black lentils and rice/semolina , and are served with
piping hot sambhar (spicy lentil n vegetable soup)
and coconut chutney (dip).
My version of idli, accompanied with lemon n
salads for picky lil ones....

The Lion King

Idli , cucumber slices, tomato , steamed beans, peas,
olives, lemon n nigella seeds.

Mousy mania

Idlis , (4 mini /small sized idlis for ears ), olives, peas,
corn, pomegranate, coconut , tomato sauce n
cilantro ( coriander leaves) .

Click the hyper link for Idli recipe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Water balls

~ Water Balls ~

Finding the right snack for our little ones
is not an easy job. Watermelon balls are a
sweet, cool n healthy snack to feed the kiddos
in summer. Above all these are easy to make n
full of fruity goodness .....

Melon Cherries

(Gadgets- Parissiene scoop )
(Scoop out the melon balls using a melon scooper ,
shape the rind into leaves n decorate.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Scarlet mushroom

~ The Scarlet Mushroom ~

I simply love mushrooms!! these little fleshy
fruity bodies always top my grocery list.
Few days back I bought a stool for my lil one .
Its beautiful scarlet cushioned seat with white polkas
constantly reminds me of Fly Agaric , the most gorgeous
mushroom of the fungal world, truly a delight for
the eyes( Beware !!! its poisonous )
My scarlet egg mushroom is definitely
an edible Fly Agaric ......

Lil Fly Agaric

Hard boiled eggs, tomato n mayonnaise
( Cut a thin slice from the broader side of the egg to make a
stable base for the mushroom , top it with a
tomato cap , lastly make white dots with mayonnaise.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


~ Underwater ~

My daughter is learning about sea creatures
and amphibians these days, coz of which
I've installed some lovely underwater themed
wall papers on my Mac.
To add an underwater spark to her salad platter
I've made an edible tomato Turtle ,
carrot Fish and a cucumber frog ......

' Come along, come with me,
Take a dive in the deep blue sea.
Put on your gear, let's explore
All the way to the ocean floor....'

by Meish Goldish

Pond Life

Tomato , cucumber, corn , carrot, spinach ,peas,
beet n nigella seeds

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Animated Salads

~ Animated Salads ~

Salads are powerhouse of all essential vitamins
& the easiest way to take advantage
of the freshest available ingredients.
Unfortunately! kids are usually not big fans of salads
but you can surely win them over
by transforming boring salads
into lively animal shaped ones.

Veg Chick Salad !

Boiled potato slices,peas, tomato, curry leaves n nigella

Mighty Mouse

Tomato, cucumber slices , olives, corn , chilly

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiffin time

~ Tiffin Time ~

The secret to perfect school lunches
is isn't just well cooked food
but also its captivating presentation.
Kids love to eat if their meals are innovative n different.
You'l be amazed how a boring parantha ( tortilla)
or a sandwich will get gobbled up
when shaped into a flower or a cartoon.
If you struggle early in the morning
to fix the daily lunch box(or are unable to make
decorative bentos) for your little one
then these ideas will surely help .......

My Little Airplane

Fried rice ( with lots if diced vegetables) n sprouts
(gadgets- Aeroplane shaped mould)

Bicolor Sandwich

Brown n white bread sandwich, tomato, basil,pomegranate
Peel the tomato , fold n shape into a flower

Scalloped Parantha (Tortilla)

Whole Wheat Parantha ( tortilla) , stir fried potatoes n peas
( Gadgets- fluted cookie cutter)

Little Hearts

Vegetable cutlets, sliced pears
(gadgets - tiny cookie cutters of various shapes)
For the cutlets- Shape the cutlet batter into small hearts ,
coat with fine semolina/ soy chunks n top with cashews ,
shallow fry /grill. Core the pear centres with cookie cutters ,
soak in diluted lime juice for a min , pat dry n pack.
( lime juice prevents cut iron rich fruits from turning dark.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

salad days

~Salad Days~

All moms want their little ones to
eat more salads but most kids simply turn
their noses up at the bowl of greens.
These cool shapes & fun toppings will
surely make them eat and leave them asking
for more.................

Salad Wreath

Onion, spinach & beet
(Gadgets- flower n heart shape cookie cutters)
For the wreath- Finely shread the spinach, mix in diced onions
and place around the serving platter)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jelly belly

~ Little Jelly Belly ~

My little one's sweet tooth had been
clamoring for some attention,
so I made a fruitful jelly
( loaded with chunks of seasonal fruits n
adorned with a black plum ) for her.
See how taste n health can go together!!!!

Fruitful Jelly

Diced seasonal fruits set in jelly, black plum .
(Prepare jelly as per the pack instructions . Place diced fruits
(i've used finely cut kiwis, strawberries n mangoes) in the
mould and pour over the jelly. Once set, turn it upside down
n garnish with a fresh whole plum.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence Day

~ Independence Day ~

15th Aug is celebrated as Independence Day in India.

No nation is complete without its sense of

patriotism which arises out of its

national symbols and flag.

The Indian flag is a beautiful combination of

Saffron, white & green with a blue chakra

(wheel) in between .To commemorate

the tireless efforts of our freedom fighters ,

my creations for today are in Tricolor ……

Tricolor Salad

Cucumber, curry leaves, papaya balls.

Finely strip n roll the cucumber slices to make the rose .

(Gadgets- cookie cutter, melon scooper)

Little Ship

Sooji upma ( Semolina cake), carrots, curry leaves

(Gadgets- ship mould)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


~ Little Krishna~

Tomorrow we would be celebrating Janmashtami .

One of the biggest festivals of India , it commemorates

the earthly appearance of Lord Krishna, the protector.

Common depictions show Krishna as a dark or blue

skinned little boy, clad in a silk loin cloth

& adorned with a peacock headgear and a flute.

Do check out amazing Krishna coloring pages

and games on

My Little Krishna

Brown bread ,cabbage, carrrot, beet, pomegrante,

radish, corn, olives, curry leaves n nigella.

(Gadgets- cookie cutters)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The crepe magic

~The Crispy Crepe Magic~

Lentil Crepes better known as
are a very famous traditional Indian snack.
These are thin crispy crepes made out of soaked n ground split .
Green gram. Owing to the lightness of the ground lentils,
this yummy crepe tastes like a lacy French omlette .
If your kids love crepes they will surely cherish
this delicious version.
A big hit at my little one's garden party .........

Little friend

Lentil crepes,cucumbers, tomatoes,beet , radish n cloves.


Lentil crepes,olives
n capsicum.

Little Cat

Lentil crepes,cucumbers, tomatoes, olive , radish n cloves.

A Hungry Bird

Lentil crepes,carrots, tomato, olive , Granny Smith apple n curry leaves.

Butterflies in my stomach

Lentil crepes,carrots, tomato, beet , cucumber,corn,
radish ,nigella seeds n curry leaves.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

C is for crab n chick

~ C is for CRAB & CHICK ~

While teaching alphabets to my daughter
I had an idea-
How about making her learn the
alphabets in a new edible art way?
Lol! she learnt C in a jiffy .....

C for Crab

White n brown bread, peas,
steamed french beans,olives ,corn n nigella seeds.
(Gadgets- circular cookie cutters)

C for Chick

Hard boiled egg, carrots n Cloves

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cute sandwiches

Welcome to my food blog !!!!

A baby right now, Little Food Junction is the

amalgamation my twofavourite hobbies - crafting n

snacking, into one wonderful fun frenzy...It documents

my day to day efforts to create tasty and healthy stuff

for my little one.This blog is all about food display,

garnish and presentation.It is my creative space to rave

about my edible creations for picky little eaters..

Hope you enjoy……

Some healthy sandwiches to begin with.....

Flower Power

white bread ,

carrots, olives, corn, peas, pomegranate, basil


White n brown bread,

Olives, tomato ,corn, pea, nigella seeds, carrot.


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