Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jelly belly

~ Little Jelly Belly ~

My little one's sweet tooth had been
clamoring for some attention,
so I made a fruitful jelly
( loaded with chunks of seasonal fruits n
adorned with a black plum ) for her.
See how taste n health can go together!!!!

Fruitful Jelly

Diced seasonal fruits set in jelly, black plum .
(Prepare jelly as per the pack instructions . Place diced fruits
(i've used finely cut kiwis, strawberries n mangoes) in the
mould and pour over the jelly. Once set, turn it upside down
n garnish with a fresh whole plum.


  1. hey,,, one advice... it will be great if u can please explain in details the process of making any recipe...
    for example in this one its difficult to understand how u got that red, pink colors over the jelly??
    i mean a bit more explanation of what all steps are required to make a dish will be great...
    do you agree???

  2. Thanks for the advice dear. U r so right .... I 'l surely follow your advice n write about the recipes in detail.....also i'l try to include step by step pics of the featured edible art!!!!

  3. Dear Smita ,

    First of all I must say I missed your blog all these days.. Wow wow wow how wonderful you have done simply superb. Just loved everything, cannot say which is best everything was awesome. Will be here often.


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