Thursday, July 20, 2017

Froggy Times !

Froggy times  ..

So the rainy season finally sets in my city ..
Pitter patter of raindrops , thundering clouds ,
soothing showers, myriad shades of gorgeous
sparkling greens n kids in colourful umbrellas 
the essence of rain is almost everywhere !!

Froggy on my plate !! 

Whole wheat garlic bread roundels ( if 
unavailable cut bread into circles)  topped with 
greek yogurt spinach dip ( add coarsely ground 
blanched spinach to yogurt n  season to taste), 
cucumbers , olives , baby corn, leeks n karunda berries 

The mundane life of metro suddenly seems to 
abuzz with sudden thunder storms ..wild mushrooms
 and greens pop up here in there transforming the 
metroland to short lived faux woodlands !!! The magic 
of rains seems to cast a spell almost everywhere.  

The Dancing Frog 

During the rainy evenings daughter and I sometimes
go to the nearby park to revive ourselves ..the 
raindrops, the water ripples , the croaking of frogs
 and toads and the murmur of the wild mantis 
is truly therapeutic n we love these elements of
 nature to the core !!!Rains are surely 
here to stay, and we are excited to get in that 
element home too !!!! 



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