Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Holi-2

~ Happy Holi - 2 ~

Holi - is the most fun filled and boisterous
of Indian festivals . It is synonymous with colors,
music , fun & play . Lets add some spark to this
Holi by making some colorful edible play doh
for our little ones - a doh which little ones would love
to play , squeeze , squish & eat too ( without
even noticing that they are in the kitchen
actually helping you !!!!! )

Did I say EDIBLE ????

This is the versatile dough for making salted North Indian
crackers called Mathri / Matthi . Substitute the water
( used for binding the dough ) in the recipe with
spinach juice for green ones , beet juice for pink
& turmeric powder for yellow . Recipe (link )
Just run ur imagination wild with this
colorful magical dough ...........

Flower Power

Prepared Mathri dough - roll the doh n cut the flowers
with a cookie cutter , prick with a fork n deep fry/ bake .
Kids would surely love this part ..........
(Gadget - flower shaped cookie cutter - leaves are
easy n can be easily cut with a knife )

Colorful Swirls

Prepared Mathri dough
To make the swirl - Make 2 tortilla / roti size circles from the
pink n white dough . Sandwich together , tightly roll n cut
into 1"thick pieces . Flatten the thick roll with your
palm or a rolling pin . Prick with a fork n deep fry/ bake .

This versatile dough can be also used to make colorful
puris too ...


I'm happy to send these to Asankhana's -

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Holi -1

~ Happy Holi - 1 ~

Holi is the spring festival of India . This festival of love
& unity also marks the triumph of good over evil.
Also synonymous with vibrant colors n joy ,
it is the perfect time to renew sweet relationships.
Entire country wears a festive look,the markets
are heaped with colorful powders n water guns
( called pichkaris) . On the day of Holi ,people greet
each other by smearing this colored powder
(called abeer gulal ) . Aromatic sweets n savories
are an integral part of the festivities.

Gujjiya Cupcakes

Round gujjiyas ( Chandrakalas ) , cherries , cupcake liners
Chandrakalas are mawa ( Indian cheese ) & nuts filled circular
gujjiyas dipped in sugar syrup . Recipe (link)

Colorful Rasgullas

Colored sponge rasgullas ( sweet cottage cheese balls ), Recipe
( While dividing the paneer - as per the linked recipe, add edible
color of choice to make colorful rasgullas . Another quick method
- buy readymade rasgullas, remove from syrup n keep aside .
Mix a few drops of edible color to the syrup n soak in the
rasgullas for few hours , but the rasgullas colored by this
method will remain white or will be of a lighter
color from inside. )

A Basket of Flowers

Fryumms/ Tapioca wafers - Recipe link ( )


I'm happy to send these to Asankhana's -

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Time -2

~ Spring Time - 2 ~

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
- John Keats

The smell of the lovely flowers at the flower
show still lingers in my mind ... These vegetable
flowers surely do not have that sweet smell but they
truly have the power to make your salad platters
bubble with new life .......

Flower Garden

carrots, cheese balls , pepper corns/ capers , curry leaves .

The Lotus Pond

Onions , spinach
Cut onions in zig zag motion n divide into two flowers , gently
shuffle the layers to make petals )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring time-1

~ Spring Time- 1 ~

' Its spring its spring Oh I just can't wait
To find fruits on the vases And flowers on my plate'
- from Spring by Arvie Calimlim

Spring is the most beautiful season to captivate our
sight n senses. Besides being cheerful colorful n
blossoming with new life , it is also synonymous
to all the beautiful n colorful flowers . A recent
visit to a flower show warmed up my imagination
and inspired me to get a little bit of
sunshine on my plate too ..........

Physalis Topiary

Physalis (rasbhari/ cape gooseberry), wooden
dowel or a sturdy wooden stick , floral foam

Kiwi Blooms

kiwi slices, skewers

Guava blossoms

Red n white guava , black grapes , dill

The Fruity platter

Guava , strawberries

Sunday, February 14, 2010

With Love-5

~ With Love - 5 ~

Every time is good time for love , yet
Valentine's Day has its own charm , n surely
lucky are those who are loved and cared for .
Get set for this occasion with these cute Valentine
foods that silently say - the ' Three Words '
your darling is dying to hear from you.........

Hearty Mornings

Bread, jam / jelly , sprinkles, strawberries, chocolates
gadgets- heart shape cookie cutters in 2 graduating sizes .

Cupid's Lunch

Rice, beet juice, salt, lemon juice , lettuce
n flavorings of your choice .

Friday, February 12, 2010

With love -4

~ With Love - 4 ~

Valentines Day is incomplete without cakes n chocolates.
Anything made with love is surely the best gift for our
loved ones n these cute little muffins n chocolates are
the perfect treats to melt a heart............

Loving Muffins

Muffins , Fruit rolls/ sheet

Chocolate Lovers

Nothing melts a heart like yummy homemade chocolates.
Recently I came across a wonderful Chocolate maker
from Delhi - Mrs Deepika Garg. Mrs Garg is the lady behind
ChocoDelite , a brand that specializes in variety of chocolates
( sugar free also ) , truffles & yummiest homemade cakes.
-customized to one's liking . Packed in beautiful artistic gift
wraps n very reasonably priced these are a perfect way to say
" I'm Nuts for you Honey !!! ''
For more info on yummiest gifts mail her at -


A very warm thanks to Shruti from Mindful Meanderings
for sending the lovely prize - the books n the beautiful
hand painted card. Do check her blog for the
Feb 's Artsy Crafty Challenge (Paper Crafts theme )


Award time
Warm thanks to Nisha of Nisha's Kitchen &
Devi of Devi's blog for passing this Kreativ
blogger award . Thanks a lot for liking my
blog buddies. This award truly encourages
me towards more creations....

With all love I pass this award to all my blogger
buddies. Kindly accept the award from my blog
n pass it on to encourage other bloggers too ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

With Love-3

~ With Love - 3 ~

Valentine's Day is the most important day of the year
and surely deserves an extra special dinner to
celebrate the beautiful feeling of Love . Make
your beloved feel special with this easy to
make heart shape ( seductively stress - free )
Valentine Pizza ................

Pizza Love !!!

Whole wheat Pizza bread , beet hearts , sliced olives
cheese n peas .Shape the circular pizza bread into a heart
( non artists do not worry - just wrap the bread well in a
cling film /wrap , draw a heart on the film or place
a heart shape paper cutout on the film n secure with tape,
and gently cut out the shape with a pizza cutter !!)
Use heart shape cookie cutters to make veggie hearts .

(Before baking )

As suggested by Ramya - I'd love to send it to Priya's

Thursday, February 4, 2010

With Love-2

~ With Love - 2 ~

Lets celebrate Love by making some cute
little treats for our little cupids. The season
of Valentine has begun ,so heart shape yummy n
healthy foods are the best way to to say
' I love u my little sweetheart '

Fun Lollies

carrots, black n green grapes , bananas
Gadgets- heart shape cookie cutter , toothpicks.

Tiffin Treat

Heart shape cookies ( i've used Britannia Little Hearts ),
carved apple , grapes on a toothpick n lettuce

Love u baby

Girl's face - Bread , lightly tossed green n purple cabbage
( for hair ) , bow pasta ( farfalle) , spinach hearts

Monday, February 1, 2010

With Love-1

~ With Love - 1 ~

Love is in the air !! With Valentine's Day just around ,
what could be better than to show our endless love
towards our little ones ( n their daddy too.. ) by
preparing cute heart shape foods.
Of course, the quickest way to heart is through
the stomach n these cute little fun treats will
surely leave them asking for more !!!!

Ur the Apple of my Eye ...

Apples, strawberries, lemon juice
Gadget- a sharp pairing knife / carving knife

Good morning , Honey !!

Fried egg with greens , painted hard boiled egg ( unpeeled )


The Artsy - Craftsy Challenge @ Mindful - Meanderings

Kids crafts esp the Hand, foot n finger prints are a great way
to capture a moment of childhood . Recently
Shruti @ Mindful - Meanderings had a wonderful contest in
which the kiddos had to turn their cute lil handprints to
wonderful works of art .Do check out the creations from budding
lil artists at her blog . My daughter Nandika's creation -
'The Handprint Fishes' won a second prize . Thanks to the
jury n the voters for liking her creations !!

The Handprint fishes ( Nandika's winning entry )

India's National symbols ( her another entry )

Handprints remind me of a lovely poem ,
that i had bookmarked long time back -
hope u'll like it too !!!

Miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
See how big I've gotten
Since you saw me last ?
As I grow , I'll change a lot ,
The years will fly right by
You'll wonder how i grew so quick
When and where and why ?
So look upon this handprint ( these handprints )
that's hanging on your wall .
And memories will come back of me ,
When I was very small.
( source )



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