Monday, February 1, 2010

With Love-1

~ With Love - 1 ~

Love is in the air !! With Valentine's Day just around ,
what could be better than to show our endless love
towards our little ones ( n their daddy too.. ) by
preparing cute heart shape foods.
Of course, the quickest way to heart is through
the stomach n these cute little fun treats will
surely leave them asking for more !!!!

Ur the Apple of my Eye ...

Apples, strawberries, lemon juice
Gadget- a sharp pairing knife / carving knife

Good morning , Honey !!

Fried egg with greens , painted hard boiled egg ( unpeeled )


The Artsy - Craftsy Challenge @ Mindful - Meanderings

Kids crafts esp the Hand, foot n finger prints are a great way
to capture a moment of childhood . Recently
Shruti @ Mindful - Meanderings had a wonderful contest in
which the kiddos had to turn their cute lil handprints to
wonderful works of art .Do check out the creations from budding
lil artists at her blog . My daughter Nandika's creation -
'The Handprint Fishes' won a second prize . Thanks to the
jury n the voters for liking her creations !!

The Handprint fishes ( Nandika's winning entry )

India's National symbols ( her another entry )

Handprints remind me of a lovely poem ,
that i had bookmarked long time back -
hope u'll like it too !!!

Miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
See how big I've gotten
Since you saw me last ?
As I grow , I'll change a lot ,
The years will fly right by
You'll wonder how i grew so quick
When and where and why ?
So look upon this handprint ( these handprints )
that's hanging on your wall .
And memories will come back of me ,
When I was very small.
( source )



  1. Thats cute decor.. loved everything. Happy Valentines Day !!!!

  2. Wow.. sooo cute :):).. and lovely!!!.. I can just keep those cute little carvings and prints and keep looking at it all time!!.. beautiful!

  3. Amazing ! wonderful .......
    (I really need to look up a dictionary for more adjectives )
    Hats off to ur creativity , u simply turn simplest of foods to wonderful art foods .
    Also congrats to Nandika too , loved both her creations !!!

  4. Nice creation .You daugher's handprint fish is so beautiful .Creative just like her mother.

  5. SUPERB!!!!! many many congrats..
    hey this comment is for Pihu... great yaar.. she is following her parents...:)

  6. :) We loved nandika's paintings.. n there is just no better way to describe ur posts other than calling it all 'food art' Really u are amazing!!!
    what a lovely poem.. if u don't mind, I would like to post the same on my blog.

  7. Congratulations to Nandika!!!!!!!
    Beautiful and cute presentation...

  8. Thanks for all your wonderful comments ladies. Your little tokens of love (all ur comments ) encourage me to create more !!
    @ Mindful Meanderer - Pl feel free to use the poem on ur blog .

  9. Simply marvelous...those were the words that came out from my mind when I finished browsing your are an ocean of creativity and this is displayed aptly on your space...Kudos!

  10. Hi Smita,

    Came over from MindfulMeanderer... :)
    Congrats to Nandika!! Cute finger print paintings :) and lovely poem to go with it!

    Your space is beautiful.. Simply superb creations!!!

  11. You are simply too good dear! Your creativity is beautuful and your daughter is really talented and creative:) I think she has in her genes:)

  12. Superb! Loved your omelette, really cute :-)

  13. cute heart omelete n apple.perfect for valentine'sday.loved the pics too.nice post

  14. Cute V'Day Decor.Your daughter inherits ur creativity.Lovely.

  15. Awww thatz a superb idea ... I might spring some surprise like this too on my better half :)

    Congrats to Nandika .. lovely entries :)

  16. Dear Smita,
    Super and nice creation.Thanks for your interest of my blog.For you I added a translate button on my blog.See you.Mine from Turkey

  17. A very warm welcome to all the visitors n new followers .
    Thanks for all the lovely words buddies , ur comments keep me rocking !!

  18. I always enjoy your posts. Such beautiful photos and great ideas for children. Thanks.

  19. ur posts r entirely different..i mean cute recipes and the way u present it is different and feels a new blossom to heart smitha..i like ur blog n presentations...i m happy that i am folloeing ur blog...creative ideas u have...

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