Thursday, February 4, 2010

With Love-2

~ With Love - 2 ~

Lets celebrate Love by making some cute
little treats for our little cupids. The season
of Valentine has begun ,so heart shape yummy n
healthy foods are the best way to to say
' I love u my little sweetheart '

Fun Lollies

carrots, black n green grapes , bananas
Gadgets- heart shape cookie cutter , toothpicks.

Tiffin Treat

Heart shape cookies ( i've used Britannia Little Hearts ),
carved apple , grapes on a toothpick n lettuce

Love u baby

Girl's face - Bread , lightly tossed green n purple cabbage
( for hair ) , bow pasta ( farfalle) , spinach hearts


  1. OMG - Such pretty food , surely a treat for the eyes . U won't believe but i love ur creations so much that as soon as i c an update in ur blog , i desp log on to open it !! Surely this blog is an healthy addiction , LOL !!!!!! -

    -Love *\^.^/*

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh the girl is sooo cute!! :) Gosh! It makes my day looking at such pretty food!
    I'll try the cabbage girl & fruit lollies this weekend for sure! :)

  3. Wowww wat a gorgeous and pretty ideas..

  4. Loved the post ,loved the pops . Thnx for the tip also , i nvr knew that bananas can be prevented from turning black .

  5. Not only it is healthy but a feast to the eyes, Smita...

  6. I know I am repeating myself, you rock girl!!!! what a beautiful presentation... absolutely gorgeous:)

  7. Looking pretty,kids will enjoy these things. How do you cut very small hearts? You have a cutter or just with a knife?

  8. Thanks for liking my creations n putting in all the kind words !!

    @ Mindful Meanderer- U can mail me ur creations i'd love to see ..

    @Sailaja - Apologies dear , I had uploded the post in a jiffy , just forgot to mention that i've used - heart shape "Craft Punches" to make the small green spinach hearts. ( i had experimentd the gadget on the leafy veggies n found it great so got a few designs for my food art too )
    Will update it in post too !!!

  9. Wow loved your creation.Special the carved apple.

  10. Heey:).. I always visit your blog with a big smile!!:).. as always!.. beautiful, innovative presentation!.. your just wonderful!

  11. Beautiful blog; loved your creations!

  12. Beautifully presented and thats the trick every mom has to learn to make kids fall in love with food!!! My first visit here, you have a nice space!!! Shall come by for more...

    Do drop in @

  13. A very warm welcome to all visitors , hope to c u all here again , also thanks to all for such kind words ..

  14. Your ideas are superb!! and I have a 2 year daughter and i fight with her everyday for nutritious calories intake... Definitely your ideas worth try by everyone!!

    Good job and keep posted with new ones...

  15. Awe... I love the banana with the skewers and grapes. I need to get my creative juices flowing and have some fun with food again! Summer is here afterall!


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