Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zoo sandwiches -2

~ Zoo on my plate -2 ~

Searing heat continues to scorch North & central India .
Dreadful summers with temperature soaring to about 45ÂșC
& dry dusty winds have made life miserable . Kids are the
ones most effected with this gruesome weather . This post
was scheduled for Thursday but my little one had a heat
stroke n severe dehydration coz of which she was in the
hospital . Today shes back home but looks so weak ...
Coz of all those intravenous drips her little hands are
still paining terribly. Finally sound asleep after so
many days..zzzzzzz........!!!!!!!.With such sizzling
heat & temperatures schools should definitely
give an early summer break ..................

Anyways these quick n easy to make healthy
sandwiches will surely give we mommies a
break from tiring cooking chores .....:) :)

A Dog's Story

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives

Papa Bear

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives , egg

Sharking Around

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives

Mouse Mania

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives

Little Birdie Blue

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mad about Blues

~ Mad about Blues ~

James Cameron's completely immersive 3-D sci fi
epic- Avatar with all its blue aliens was so much liked by
my little one that for some days her girly favorite Pink
color mania had changed into a sudden blue !!! "Mama now
my favorite color is blue .. " Blue dress , blue colors, blue
hanky ,blue bedcover my lil one suddenly wanted every
thing blue. I agreed with her blue fever but her request
for blue food really left me in a fix. I jus knew about
blueberries as something naturally blue but then
these are not available in India .. Blue jellies , blue
syrups , blue cakes .... Google showed a list of some
whacky blue things readily available in the market ...
but then they wern't available here:( Finally blue
squash , mint candies n blue M&Ms were the only
things i could get ... Thank God her blue mania
felt contented with these .......& off went her blue
color fever in a couple of days ...
Yesterday while helping my nephew with his science
project I came to know abt the Cabbage juice as natural
pH indicator ( red cabbage when shredded n boiled turns
the water blue !!! - adding lemon juice makes it turn
pink while addition of baking soda darkens its color)
After a lot of googling I was eager to incorporate this
into my food experiments .....(ahh what fun we had
dipping the eggs ,radish ,white onions in this concoction
jus wished I had known it before... :) :) :)

The Pandora Rice
( or should i call it The Avatar Rice )

Rice cooked in red cabbage water n veggies .
( The cabbage water doesn't add much of a flavor to the rice
so feel free to experiment with your own flavorings n spices )

The Magic Eggs

Eggs dipped in red cabbage water ( for blue shade ).
Add few drops of lime juice to the cabbage water
& immerse the eggs for pink color ones.


Award Time

A very warm thanks to Prani of Prani's Kitchen
for this lovely award . I am so happy to receive it
& with all love I pass it to all my blogger buddies ..


Artsy - Crafty Challenge ( Apr 2010 )

The Babushka Piggy Bank

Sending our paper mache Russian Doll (babushka)
piggy bank for the Apr Artsy Crafty Contest . Papermache
is a great craft for all ages . Although its very simple to make
but owing to tons of pasting becomes a little messy at times .
Blow a large ballon , once knotted or tied try to create a
basic babushka shape by pressing the ballon in the centre .
Stick a jam bottle lid on the base of the ballon for a stable
standing of the project . Mix 3 tbsp fevicol with a cup of water,
tear lots of newspapers into small pieces , dip into this solution
n stick on the ballon ( say 4-5 layers ). Let it dry overnight.
Now gently cut a coin size slot on the top . Color & decorate .
Finally coat a layer of clear varnish to protect the colors .
( Suitable for kids 4 yrs + under adult supervision )

click here to enlarge

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zoo sandwiches

~ Zoo on my plate -1 ~

With the arrival of intolerable summers I'm
sure none of us want to spend long hours in the kitchen.
I always think summer time food ,besides being light n
healthy should also be quick n easy . Sandwiches are
great for an easy going laid back meal (esp when you
are short of time or want to spend more time with your
little ones) . These animal sandwiches are healthy ,
will not take more than 2 mins to assemble , n
above all they are sure to please the kids too....

Absolute Whootie .....

Owl sandwich- brown bread topped with cheese,
egg slices, olive , carrot n cucumber .

The White Tiger

Brown bread topped with cheese, green n black olives,
carrots, n cucumbers

Cool Koalas

Bread topped with cheese slice, olive , peppercorns n
cucumber slices .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tulip Mania

~ Tulip Mania ~

The first thing that comes to mind when we say the word
'Tulips ' is definitely a colorful picture of the beautiful
countryside of the Tulip country- Netherlands .
Very few of us know that our very own Paradise on Earth-
Kashmir , has Asia's largest tulip garden.This garden ,
nestled in the foothills of Zabarwan mountain range
n overlooking the world famous Dal Lake has more 7.5
million colorful blooms this season .I too didnt know
about this enchanting garden until yesterday when my
daughter pointed T for Tulips & said that her teacher
told her that they grow in Kashmir .... Holy Cow
How could I be so ignorant ??????? (Thank God ,
google is there to be at par with these lil new gens :)

T for Tulips ....

Strawberries, toothpicks
Make an imaginary centre line around the strawberry ,
make deep zig zag cuts to divide the fruit in two
halves & Skew on toothpicks . Make sure to consume
the cut strawberries soon !!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Time-3

~ Easter Time - 3 ~

Rabbits soft and cuddly Baby chickens,too.
Easter eggs for baskets White and pink and blue.
Easter cards of greeting, Music in the air ,
Lilies just to tell us It's Easter everywhere .

by JS Bach

Little Food Junction wishes all its readers
a very Happy Easter . May your Easter be
blessed with health, longevity , love
and a lots of happiness !!!

Easter Bunny

Rabbit - Bread, mayo , carrots, olive, tomato
Carrot- carrot peels n strawberry crowns

Singing a Joyful Easter

Cucumber & carrot slices, olives, greens

Award Time

A very warm thanks to Deepti of Some Salt to taste
for this lovely award . I am very happy to receive it ,
n with all love i pass it to all my blogger buddies ....


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