Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tulip Mania

~ Tulip Mania ~

The first thing that comes to mind when we say the word
'Tulips ' is definitely a colorful picture of the beautiful
countryside of the Tulip country- Netherlands .
Very few of us know that our very own Paradise on Earth-
Kashmir , has Asia's largest tulip garden.This garden ,
nestled in the foothills of Zabarwan mountain range
n overlooking the world famous Dal Lake has more 7.5
million colorful blooms this season .I too didnt know
about this enchanting garden until yesterday when my
daughter pointed T for Tulips & said that her teacher
told her that they grow in Kashmir .... Holy Cow
How could I be so ignorant ??????? (Thank God ,
google is there to be at par with these lil new gens :)

T for Tulips ....

Strawberries, toothpicks
Make an imaginary centre line around the strawberry ,
make deep zig zag cuts to divide the fruit in two
halves & Skew on toothpicks . Make sure to consume
the cut strawberries soon !!


  1. The flowers look so pretty . nvr knew that tulips grow here too !!

  2. wooow!!! simply superb tulip flower nice cut in strawberries perfect presentation dear,,

  3. Wow, The strawberry tulips look so beautiful dear, great work there!!Tulips remind me of all the Yash Chopra films that I have seen.

  4. Woww beautiful strawberry tulips looks sooo cute..

  5. Lovely pic...Strawberry tulip is fascinating...love to have one...!

  6. Such wonderful flowers , perfect for spring .

  7. strawberry became tulips...so cute..

  8. Hey, Tulips are beautiful flowers that has one thinking of Amsterdam flower market/netherlands countryside. I would certainly prefer this edible one. They are simply splendid!

  9. OMG you r so talented and artistic Smita.

  10. wow,...i am dazed lookin at the pic

  11. Oh how delightful! The strawberries themselves look so luscious!

  12. Wow Wonderful! when I first saw the title, I was wondering "Tulips in India?". But I guess you can make anything out of anything. Beautiful bouquet.

  13. first time here, what a delightful picture, did not know that tulips grew in kashmir, thanks for adding to my knowledge :))

  14. Lovely one. I am not sure if you have come across this before.. But this post of yours reminded me of it ... do check this out.

    I think you will LOVE it.

  15. The Stawberry Tulips are so so beautiful, have no words for them! Love the way you are so creative!

  16. BEAUTIFUL is the only word i have for this lovely presentation..


  17. Very creative! That's really beautiful. I like it.

  18. amazing work. It looks so beautiful...and can make a great gift.

  19. hopped in here for apnatva's blog and i am delighted to see your beautiful creations ...the photography is great too.
    Saw you other blog too and you are so creative....i am into crafts too n loved your blog.

  20. too lovely 4 wrds!

  21. hi i m veggie lover and i m always wanted to make my two son to eat veg but it's always difficult for me after watching and making your style. they love it,and now want it more and more
    many thanxs


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