Monday, August 15, 2011


~ Independence Day ~

On the occasion of India's 65th Independence Day ,
Little Food Junction salutes the Nation and the
immortal National Heros for their devotion and
sacrifices. Hope peace , love and harmony reigns in
all the parts of the world today n everyday.
The Indian Flag is a combination of saffron,white
& green with a blue chakra &wheel in between.
Saffron on the flag symbolizes courage & sacrifice,
white - peace & purity & green- faith & chivalry .
The blue wheel represents the dynamism of a
peaceful change.

Happy Independence Day ...

Saffron flavored rice with carrot & peas .

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Festival time

~ The Bond of Love ~

India is a land of festivals .Virtually celebrating each
day of the year ,there are more festivals here than
anywhere in the world .To celebrate the beautiful
bond of love n purity between brother and sister ,
we celebrate Raksha Bandhan .Raksha means
to protect and bandhan means a bond. The festival
is marked by tying of a holy thread adorned with
decorations by the sister on wrist of his beloved brother .
This thread called Rakhi is the symbolic representation
of the unspoken promise to protect the sister from
all evils .........The day will be full of treats & sweets
so a simple festive themed breakfast is a must to
Keep the lil one rocking

Food of Love

Flower shaped Jam sandwich with sprinkles &
shoestring licorice/jelly sticks ribbons.

Rakhi - the holy thread

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrations ..

~ Double Celebrations ~

Today is surely the much awaited time for
celebration. Along with Friendship day , its time
for Little Food Junction's 2nd birthday too....
Time really flies when you are having fun .When I
started this blog two years back I had no idea what 
blogging was all about , I was unsure of how
many viewers will actually like such foody creations ??
But the immense response from all you wonderful
viewers , national and international media has always
kept my spirits rocking . Today while thanking
all I remember my favorite lines from Robert Frost's
'Road not Taken- " I took the less travelled one and
 thathas made all the difference." On this auspicious
 occasion nothing  can be better than baking a
quickest cake to pamper the tiny sweet tooth . 
Its been a fun two years...look forward to see you
around for many more years to come.

Time for Celebration
with a quick 3min Cake in a cup
(perfect for lil ones to try their hands on baking )

This Cake in a cup makes a wonderful dessert in less than
five mins , its rich fudgey taste with literally no baking
hard-work will leave the lil ones asking for more....
(Owing to absence of any baking salts , it is bit dense in
comparison to normal cakes - but I'm sure u'l still love
its quick flavor ..........)

3 min Cake
Ingredients- 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 cup unsweetened
cocoa, 1whisked egg 6 tbsp milk, 6 tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp vanilla ess.
Method- Mix flour , sugar and cocoa in a small bowl, add the egg to make
a thick paste. Slowly stir in milk , oil and vanilla ess .Pour in a
 greased microwave safe cup and  micro for 3 mins ( at 900W).
Serve immediately  !!!!!

NOTE - ( this is a huge cup , u can divide the mix into 2 regular 
sized cups & proceed, the baking time will vary to 2- 2 1/2 mins .
Throw in ur fav choco chips/ walnuts / coffee to taste.
The mixture will rise immensely while in oven but will collapse 
once out . Check with a toothpick/ knife before taking out , 
if still sticky bake for some more time. (Time may vary from oven to 
oven & cup to cup) 


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