Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrations ..

~ Double Celebrations ~

Today is surely the much awaited time for
celebration. Along with Friendship day , its time
for Little Food Junction's 2nd birthday too....
Time really flies when you are having fun .When I
started this blog two years back I had no idea what 
blogging was all about , I was unsure of how
many viewers will actually like such foody creations ??
But the immense response from all you wonderful
viewers , national and international media has always
kept my spirits rocking . Today while thanking
all I remember my favorite lines from Robert Frost's
'Road not Taken- " I took the less travelled one and
 thathas made all the difference." On this auspicious
 occasion nothing  can be better than baking a
quickest cake to pamper the tiny sweet tooth . 
Its been a fun two years...look forward to see you
around for many more years to come.

Time for Celebration
with a quick 3min Cake in a cup
(perfect for lil ones to try their hands on baking )

This Cake in a cup makes a wonderful dessert in less than
five mins , its rich fudgey taste with literally no baking
hard-work will leave the lil ones asking for more....
(Owing to absence of any baking salts , it is bit dense in
comparison to normal cakes - but I'm sure u'l still love
its quick flavor ..........)

3 min Cake
Ingredients- 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 cup unsweetened
cocoa, 1whisked egg 6 tbsp milk, 6 tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp vanilla ess.
Method- Mix flour , sugar and cocoa in a small bowl, add the egg to make
a thick paste. Slowly stir in milk , oil and vanilla ess .Pour in a
 greased microwave safe cup and  micro for 3 mins ( at 900W).
Serve immediately  !!!!!

NOTE - ( this is a huge cup , u can divide the mix into 2 regular 
sized cups & proceed, the baking time will vary to 2- 2 1/2 mins .
Throw in ur fav choco chips/ walnuts / coffee to taste.
The mixture will rise immensely while in oven but will collapse 
once out . Check with a toothpick/ knife before taking out , 
if still sticky bake for some more time. (Time may vary from oven to 
oven & cup to cup) 


  1. Oh....forgot to mention..... I love that 3 mins cake recipe. I'm going to give it a try tonight!

  2. congrats on the happy b'day
    cup cake is yummy and cup is so cute

  3. Contras,wish u mny more milestones,...cup cake looks too good nd the cupmis cute too

  4. btw happy b'day~~~~and happy frndshpday

  5. Happy friendship day dear :) and congratsss on completing two creative years of blogging :) You are a rockstar for sure. All your creations are amazing :) Keep it going and entertain our eyes with your creations always :)

  6. Have an happy friendship day and congrats on your 2nd year. Cake looks amazing.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Congrats! Great moment

  8. Congrats on completing two wonderful years. Keep rocking!!

  9. Congrats on completion on two years and your blog really rocks, luv the pics and the creativity you come up with.

  10. happy b'da!hope you'll have fun in the kitchen for at least 98 more years!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to ur blog. Tempting clicks and cake....

  12. happy friendship day Smita. and a happy happy birthday to ur blog too! :)
    Wishing you many many happy years ahead.

  13. Congrats Smita delicious looking cake to celebrate with

  14.'s look delicious and i loved your frog cup. it's so cute cute cute ^^

  15. Happy Birthday LFJ :)


  16. Thanks for those lovely words...I do visit here often though dont leave comments regularly. Your creativity is so amazing!!

  17. Happy birthday. Unfortunately I dont have micro. Cannot we try it in bakery?

  18. Congrats and way to go! Nice post :)

  19. happy friendship day glad to see ur blog posts...ths cake is absolutely a must try for lil one's...thx for sharing

  20. congrats on your milestone smita...
    awesome cliks with wonderful writeup..:)
    u r welcome in my space too..
    Tasty Appetite

  21. Happy Birthday. Love the cake and the container


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