Saturday, August 13, 2011

Festival time

~ The Bond of Love ~

India is a land of festivals .Virtually celebrating each
day of the year ,there are more festivals here than
anywhere in the world .To celebrate the beautiful
bond of love n purity between brother and sister ,
we celebrate Raksha Bandhan .Raksha means
to protect and bandhan means a bond. The festival
is marked by tying of a holy thread adorned with
decorations by the sister on wrist of his beloved brother .
This thread called Rakhi is the symbolic representation
of the unspoken promise to protect the sister from
all evils .........The day will be full of treats & sweets
so a simple festive themed breakfast is a must to
Keep the lil one rocking

Food of Love

Flower shaped Jam sandwich with sprinkles &
shoestring licorice/jelly sticks ribbons.

Rakhi - the holy thread


  1. I saw a couple of rakhis while shopping last Thursday and was explaining this tradition to my otherwise ignorant kids. You've made a lovely rakhi with food--so creatively done!

  2. That looks wonderful:) perfect for celebration..

  3. Thats unique..lovely edible rakhi..

  4. Love the idea behind the Raksha Bandhan festival, so sweet!

  5. Lovely Rakhi..looks perfect and love the edible idea.

  6. Fabulous rakhi, lovely edible rakhi looks damn cute..

  7. very good ideas!lovely and so cute

  8. Beautiful and great idea !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Appetizers

  9. This is by far the most creative food blog I have ever come across . Hats off to your creativity .


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