Sunday, October 31, 2010


~ Little Boo Junction ~
(Halloween Treats -5)

At this spooky time of the year ,
When all black cats hiss,
May sweets & treats all come ur way ,
And tricks give you a miss !!!

Happy Spooktacular Halloween !!!!

Today is Halloween & if you are still looking
for some creepy , haunting food ideas then
you need'nt go any further. With a small effort
& very very basic ingredients your party can
be anything but ordinary. Creep the kids out
with these Crepes that look scary to but are all
the easy to make .........

Fill the crepe batter (recipe link )in a squeeze
bottle & let ur creations go wild !!!

Ghost Buster

Skull & Bones ????

Caught in the Web !!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


~ Little Boo Junction ~
Halloween Treats -4

Halloween is just a couple of days away ...
If your kids are smitten with the Boo Bug
why not add a little oomph to their regular
breakfast too . Surprise & delight the little
ghouls and goblins with some scar-vd(read
scary &carved)apples n R.I.P BooBoo eggs.
Truly embodying the spirit of Halloween !!!

Apple Bobbing

Apples, few drops of lemon juice
Make the desired pattern on the apple with a toothpick.
Using a carving knife peel off the design carefully. Soak
in a cup of water with few drops of lemon juice to
prevent browning. Serve or cling wrap for later use .

Devil Eggs ( R.I.P. & Boo )

Hard boiled eggs , few drops of soy sauce or
caramel color ( for painting features on the egg )

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun treats

~ Little Boo Junction ~
(Halloween Treats -3)

Halloween is fast approaching and if you are
on the prowl for some scary & gross looking
but healthy foods these salad treats are for you.
These haunted treats are not only fun to make
but also great to scare away those crappy candy
cravings too. Enriched with goodness of fresh
vegetables these are the perfect alternatives to
candies & sweets . Happy Healthoween...

Which (Witch) Hats ????

Cucumbers, carrots, olives.
Cut a small piece from a cucumber & shape into a triangle.
Mount on a cucumber slice. Decorate with carrot peel & olive.

Vroom -The Veggie Broom

cucumber, carrots
Cut out a rectangular piece from a carrot. Keeping one of the
sides intact make thin multiple slits. Soak in cold water for 10
mins for slits to open up Arrange on cucumber sticks .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Festival time

~Karva Chauth ~
(The Indian Festival of Moon )

May the sight of Full Moon fill your life with
happiness & prosperity
Wishing you a blessed Karva Chauth ...

India is the land of varied cultures & traditions,
each month in the year comes with assortment
of different festivals & fairs. Karva Chauth ,is
the festival of the married women. Women fast
from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and
longevity of their husband . In the evening they
deck themselves in traditional Indian attire and
makeup.Everyone eagerly waits for the moonrise
after which the actual festivities start. The moon is
viewed through a sieve,after a few holy rituals the fast
is broken by having water n foods from the hubby's
hand. As a token of love women receive gifts from
their beloved & elder members of the family.

Observing the Moon

Cucumber, savory stars, dip n bread

The most Desired Present

Sliced & lighly tossed baby corn with cucumber & carrot

Monday, October 18, 2010


Little Boo Junction
Halloween Treats-2

Halloween time is fun time. Besides being
synonymous with scary crafts, decor & foods
it is also very much synonymous with loads of
fancy sweets ,candies and confectionaries. Lets
add fun to the holiday season & make the
celebrations much sweeter with some healthy
& natural ingredients (sans harmful n artificial
flavorings,sugars and colors).
These cute n easy to make treats will surely
leave the lil ones asking for more .................

Fruit-o- lantern

Skewered Black grapes & carved cape
gooseberries (rasbhari/physalis) . Use yellow
tomatoes in absence of the berries .

Milk Shhhhhake .....

Melted chocolate & cool flavored/plain milk
(Melt the chocolate on double boiler , using
a clean brush/ finger tips make fancy shapes
on the inner wall of an empty glass. keep in the
refrigerator for a couple of mins (to set the
choco drawing) . Pour cool flavored or plain
milk as per ur choice .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween -1

~ Little Boo Junction ~
Halloween Treats -1

Halloween is around the corner & the mere mention
of the word is enough to evoke all the spooktacular
fun .This easy to make icky- looking yummy recipe
will surely make all the lil ghouls & goblins scream
in delight . Ready for Trick or Treat ????????

Although Halloween is not much a celebration in
India but owing to the page three parties, pubs ,MNC
culture the spooky celebrations are rapidly catching up
here too. Believe it or not I was unaware of this fun
festival till couple of years back. After gearing up some
gross n spooky treats for my lil one & her friends last
year we are in a full mood to party harder (read
scarier) this time !!!

Spiders on my Candy Corn ......

Candy corn Pizza- diced yellow pepper,tomatoes, & onions
topped with mozzarella . Spiders - black olives .
Bake n divide into segments. Serve..

Before baking & slicing

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Celebration Giveaway

~ Celebrating Hundred Thousand Hits ~
with a Giveaway

Little Food Junction passes the 100,000 hit mark today.
Thanks to all viewers for visiting my space n putting in
your valuable comments. Look forward for your love
& support today n always ....... :) :)

Image from the first post (Aug '09)

On this wonderful occasion I'd like to share with
you a wonderful Giveaway. This Giveaway is different
than the regular ones- with a very very personalized n
artistic theme this will surely bring a smile to ur face.

Four lucky winners will get a chance to get their caricature
made from renowned Caricaturist Mr Prashant Sinha.(link)
The talented artist has been published widely for his very
own style of humor. His works have been published in
several newspapers & magazines of repute & have greatly
won over hearts of numerous celebrities, bollywood stars n
cricketers. Pune's most sought after professional on the spot
caricaturist will sketch caricatures (in pen & ink ) for 3 lucky
winners. A high res image will then be scanned n emailed to
you. (do go thru his website esp the personalise gifts section
to get an idea how wonderfully u can use your caricature
image to make a great present for ur loved ones)

Huge thanks to Mr Sinha for making my readers
feel so special ........

On to the details
1.This contest is open to all the followers of Little Food Junction
(If you are not a follower become one now- just click on Follow
button on the right > click on ur id choice >add in ur id n
password > click on follow this blog >done ) thats it .

2. Leave a comment on this post (mandatory). Busy moms can
just drop a Hi !! Don't forget to put in ur mail id if its not on ur profile.

3.Blog about the giveaway with a link to this post .(for an extra entry)

4.Winners will be picked through True Random Generator . (The
winners will be required to mail me their desired image which
can be a portrait shot /couple pic or a group pic (nt more than 4
members ) for commencement of the caricature.

5. Giveaway ends by midnight 30th Oct '10 GMT.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CWG 2010

~ Commonwealth Games 2010 ~
(Post -2 )

The 2010 Commonwealth Games began with
a spectacular opening ceremony at Delhi's
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.The ceremony that
was no less than a colorful Indian festival
beautifully captured our glorious history
and culture. With 71 participating countries,
17 sports & 1408 medals in stake each
sporting event is full of fun n vigor......


Brown bread circle topped with cheese, onion rings, carrot
& tomato sauce. Arrow- shaped cucumbers on skewers

Weight Lifting

Circular mini mayo sandwiches on a skewer .
For medal - bread crust (sides) topped with tomato sauce n
savory snack stars along with cucumber & yellow pepper.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

CWG 2010

~ Commonwealth Games 2010 ~
(Post -1 )

Finally the day has come & Delhi is fully decked up
to host the most awaited event. Experience the best
of adventure, excitement, exhilaration & ecstasy
along with India's unique culture and hospitality.
Little Food Junction celebrates the spirit of 19th
Commonwealth Games with Shera(official mascot)
Sandwich. Shera is a symbolic depiction of the Royal
Bengal tiger. Besides being our National animal
Tiger signifies the spirit of the game & maintaining
the true Indian policies of Justice & truthfulness.
With the Motto- Come out and play lets be there
to watch it happen .......................

Shera Sandwich

Brown bread, cheese, cucumber, olives & carrot

Friday, October 1, 2010

Event time

~ Calling All to Submit Recipes ~
(30 Best Recipes of 2010)

There is no love sincerer than the love of food .
- George Bernard Shaw

With the festival season just around the corner
its a great time to gear up our aprons n gloves
for experimenting with new cuisines.

This is to call all the wonderful blogger buddies to
share their lip smacking yummulicious recipes
for the event -'Top 30 Recipes of The Year 2010'

I am delighted to introduce the other co- hosts of
this event -

Abraham of Chacko's kitchen- I bet u'l love his wonderfully explained tried n tested recipes .This event is the brainchild of Abraham, I really admire all the hard work hes put in.

Alka of Sindi Rasoi - if Sindhi food is ur passion theres no better place than Sindhi Rasoi .The beautiful clicks will surely make you hungry .

Thasneen of Cooking with Thas- the great recipes on the blog will be no less than a virtual treat n will surely leave u asking for more .

Event Starts: October 1st 2010

Event ends: November 25th 2010


  1. Must write or tweet about this on their Facebook, Twitter and their own blog/website.
  2. Participating bloggers must mail us the LINK of the published recipe ONLY (within the time-frame, as mentioned below).


  1. The participating blog (as a whole) MUST have been on the web at least since 31st Dec. 2009.
  2. Recipe send by the bloggers must have been published on their blog on or after 1st Jan 2010 and not later than the entry closing date. The recipe send for this event could have been posted for any other event as well.
  3. Must not have any offensive remarks or comments against other bloggers, persons, religions or politics on the recipe post.
  4. Must be posted by the blog/website owner; not a guest post.
  5. Must write a few lines to let us and the readers know why you like that recipe so much (do you have any sentimental or nostalgic value to it).
  6. Judges decision is final.
  7. Participating Bloggers send their LINK only as comment to any ONE Host ONLY.
  8. Participating Bloggers can send in a maximum of TWO posts; and both must be send to the same HOST.

Recipe post would go through the following selection process:

  • 40 points for photos (presentation/number of photos/clutter free photos/step-by-step process photos).
  • 30 points for the recipe (clarity of steps/ease of use for a non-blogger and for those whose cook sparingly).
  • 20 points for the bloggers note about the recipe.
  • 5 points for the number of comments accumulated.
  • 5 points for the presentation of the whole recipe post itself.


  1. The hosts select the recipes based on the above criteria (especially on the points system).
  2. Each individual will be notified by email.
  3. Once selected these bloggers would have to copy and paste the HTML code send to their email id onto their blog homepage.
  4. Copy of the LOGO is as above.

If you have any queries please e-mail or post a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

Don’t let go this chance of your recipe to be on the top 30 recipes of 2010!


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