Sunday, October 3, 2010

CWG 2010

~ Commonwealth Games 2010 ~
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Finally the day has come & Delhi is fully decked up
to host the most awaited event. Experience the best
of adventure, excitement, exhilaration & ecstasy
along with India's unique culture and hospitality.
Little Food Junction celebrates the spirit of 19th
Commonwealth Games with Shera(official mascot)
Sandwich. Shera is a symbolic depiction of the Royal
Bengal tiger. Besides being our National animal
Tiger signifies the spirit of the game & maintaining
the true Indian policies of Justice & truthfulness.
With the Motto- Come out and play lets be there
to watch it happen .......................

Shera Sandwich

Brown bread, cheese, cucumber, olives & carrot


  1. Awesome! You are definitely a creativity genius, the most mazing part is you make these with simple ingredients that is always found in our kitchen.

  2. OMG !!!! Thats totally out of the world .... really admire all ur creative ability .

  3. Awwwwww! This is adorable, Smita!! And hard boiled egg slices for ears! I'm also thinking how well rounded this is, with the eggs, cheese, bread, you've really got lots of vitamins and protein, all you need is a drink and it's a whole meal!

  4. woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats beautiful!! :)
    can i use this pic at my blog??

  5. very nice presentation as shera looks live

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments friends. Such lovely words surely make my day !!
    @Shruti- sure buddy , pl go ahead .

  7. I am a big fan of your creations, Smita :-)

  8. Acho cho cute :) No one can match you in celebration occasions rightly. Brilliant one again :) hugssss :)

  9. That is absolutely adorable. I love your homage to the Commonwealth Games. The opening ceremonies were beautiful!

  10. Your food art is fantastic! You are SO creative!
    Thanks for the visit:)

  11. love the presentation
    this slice of bread looks fantastic

  12. love the presentation
    this slice of bread looks fantastic

  13. Hi, this is my first visit to your space and I love it! I try pottering around to make food interesting for my ids. And this is waaaaaay creative! Very cool and hats off to your patience! I have a food blog too and would love to link back to your posts, if that's ok with you :).

  14. Hi Smitha,

    Lovely lovely little teddy...the olives, the cheese, brown you sketch them ahead or carve them as you go?


  15. Hey Smitha... this is my first visit to your amazingly creative world of food... I am simple floored... Thanks to Alka's blog... I have been missing your space for such a long time...
    More than happy to follow you :)


  16. Thanks for liking my creations friends :) :)
    @ Anu - it'd be a pleasure to be linked to ur blog . Pl go ahead !!!

    @Anubhavati- most of the times the idea generates right from my mind & off to the plate . But often i sketch a rough layout while creating a theme based stuff .

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