Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day

~ Joys of the Fall ~ 

Technology has made the world smaller ! After having a 
long online chit chat with a friends daughter in USA, my little one 
wanted to know why don't we have a Thanksgiving holiday here 
in India . Like her friend she also wanted to have a harvest festival 
with turkey lunch and a big slice of the spiced  pumpkin pie.Thus
 entire evening afternoon was spent answering her  innumerable
 questions about the varying cultures and  festivals around the
 world . Being a vegetarian I could not treat her on a real turkey 
but a turkey sandwich was waiting to be gobbled !!!! 

Turkey sandwich 

Bread , cheese & veggies

Beautiful Pumpkins 

The magic of this turkey sandwich is that with a few changes it can be 
transformed into a cute Red Indian(  Native American) inspired 
sandwich too, look how easily the turkey feathers becomes his funky
headgear ...and now all is needed is a cucumber arrow !!! 

 Native American  sandwich 

cheese, bread and veggies 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Children's Day

~ Happy Children's Day ~

Children are the world's most valuable resource
and its best hope for the future - John F. Kennedy

Little Food Junction wishes all the kids a very happy children's day.

Children's day (in India) is celebrated on 14 th november each year. 
The day commemorates the birthday of our first Prime Minister , 
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who  loved kids and believed that they 
 are the future of our country and should be nurtured and loved 
dearly. As a tribute to which his birthday is celebrated as
 children's day. Most schools have cultural programs on this
 day. Often the teachers enact plays, narrate stories , sing songs
 and shower them with yummy treats and colorful gifts. 

Magic Toadstools 

Garlic oregano cheese bread from local bakery (or substitutes)* 
topped with tiny cheese circles (use small bottle caps/larger end of a
piping tip), cucumber, cherry tomato, grape and parsley.  

My lil one is very fond of  fairytales - thus for the celebrations at home 
her dad bought her a big book of '365 fairytales 'so that we never 
fall short of great stories for reading out to her every night. To add 
a wonderful zing to the day , I decided to bring alive the little 
land with  -' The Frog Prince' and the ' Magical Toadstools '. 
spotted some garlic oregano cheese bread in one of the local 
bakeries and decided to put in to use with some veggies 
and  loads of fun !!

The Frog Prince 

Garlic oregano cheese bread from local bakery (or substitutes)* 
with tiny cheese circles green tomato , cucumber and olive eyes , 
cherry tomato ketchup mouth and cucumber feet . For the cheesy tongue-
keep a cheese slice diagonally & cut out a long ribbon using a 
toothpick, make a cut on the bread and insert it gently  

*Half moon shaped bread can be replaced  with  folded stuffed paratha ,
dosa, uttapams, crepes, pancake , whole wheat bread circles, tacos  
calzones or even Quesadillas ( click link to check out our indo 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Party time

~ Party Time ~
(And announcing the Giveaway winners)

 Thanks to all the participants for taking out time and  putting in your 
valuable comments . I loved going through each and every word !!
Drumroll pl - the 2 lucky winners selected via are  - 
from the LFJ Blog- comment no. 44 , Sue and from our Facebook page -
 comment no. 4 Archana Shenoy !!!! Heartiest congrats to both of you pl 
mail me ur address so that I can send in your prize . 

Life had been jus too busy since last few months - from working on a book, 
to dividing time between family and professional assignments time had almost 
been running on a treadmill !!  I had been literally dreaming of throwing a tiny 
pamper party for lil one - I knew she was also dreaming for a lovely play date 
with mom and dad............What could have been better than referring the 
Little Food Junction book-'Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters' for a quick 
appetizer ! Oh did I tell you that there is  a chapter 'Party Time ' in the book
 and  you can find some similar ones on pg 58-59.

Tomato Boats 

Since our play date had to start from watching a movie at the theater and 
returning home for the party , the menu had to be quick & simple. I had done 
most of the preparations- from scooping out the tomatoes to mounting the
 bell pepper triangles and keeping the sprouts all ready beforehand.!

Boat appetizers - scooped tomatoes filled with seasoned sprouts and some 
green chutney ,topped with tiny bell pepper  masts and placed on a bed of
shredded purple cabbage. 

And of course the star of the day - 'my lil one' had to serve us some  tea in her tiny mini 
ceramic tea set too ( few days back I had shot some beverages for Barista n a
 sealed tetra pack of iced tea still lying with me was put to use ) . The date came to an 
end with a sweet note - sinful decadent chocolate truffles !!

These  colorful wooden paper clips and some roses made great gifts too :) 


Winners of the Giveaway 
Screen shots of the two winners selected by random .org 
From the blog commentators- comment 44 Sue  
from the Facebook page  commentators- comment 4 Archana Shenoy

 Heartiest congrats to both of you pl mail me ur address so that I can send
 in your prize . 


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