Monday, November 11, 2013

Party time

~ Party Time ~
(And announcing the Giveaway winners)

 Thanks to all the participants for taking out time and  putting in your 
valuable comments . I loved going through each and every word !!
Drumroll pl - the 2 lucky winners selected via are  - 
from the LFJ Blog- comment no. 44 , Sue and from our Facebook page -
 comment no. 4 Archana Shenoy !!!! Heartiest congrats to both of you pl 
mail me ur address so that I can send in your prize . 

Life had been jus too busy since last few months - from working on a book, 
to dividing time between family and professional assignments time had almost 
been running on a treadmill !!  I had been literally dreaming of throwing a tiny 
pamper party for lil one - I knew she was also dreaming for a lovely play date 
with mom and dad............What could have been better than referring the 
Little Food Junction book-'Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters' for a quick 
appetizer ! Oh did I tell you that there is  a chapter 'Party Time ' in the book
 and  you can find some similar ones on pg 58-59.

Tomato Boats 

Since our play date had to start from watching a movie at the theater and 
returning home for the party , the menu had to be quick & simple. I had done 
most of the preparations- from scooping out the tomatoes to mounting the
 bell pepper triangles and keeping the sprouts all ready beforehand.!

Boat appetizers - scooped tomatoes filled with seasoned sprouts and some 
green chutney ,topped with tiny bell pepper  masts and placed on a bed of
shredded purple cabbage. 

And of course the star of the day - 'my lil one' had to serve us some  tea in her tiny mini 
ceramic tea set too ( few days back I had shot some beverages for Barista n a
 sealed tetra pack of iced tea still lying with me was put to use ) . The date came to an 
end with a sweet note - sinful decadent chocolate truffles !!

These  colorful wooden paper clips and some roses made great gifts too :) 


Winners of the Giveaway 
Screen shots of the two winners selected by random .org 
From the blog commentators- comment 44 Sue  
from the Facebook page  commentators- comment 4 Archana Shenoy

 Heartiest congrats to both of you pl mail me ur address so that I can send
 in your prize . 


Questions?? Comments !! Its a pleasure to hear from you :) :)


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