Thursday, November 14, 2013

Children's Day

~ Happy Children's Day ~

Children are the world's most valuable resource
and its best hope for the future - John F. Kennedy

Little Food Junction wishes all the kids a very happy children's day.

Children's day (in India) is celebrated on 14 th november each year. 
The day commemorates the birthday of our first Prime Minister , 
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who  loved kids and believed that they 
 are the future of our country and should be nurtured and loved 
dearly. As a tribute to which his birthday is celebrated as
 children's day. Most schools have cultural programs on this
 day. Often the teachers enact plays, narrate stories , sing songs
 and shower them with yummy treats and colorful gifts. 

Magic Toadstools 

Garlic oregano cheese bread from local bakery (or substitutes)* 
topped with tiny cheese circles (use small bottle caps/larger end of a
piping tip), cucumber, cherry tomato, grape and parsley.  

My lil one is very fond of  fairytales - thus for the celebrations at home 
her dad bought her a big book of '365 fairytales 'so that we never 
fall short of great stories for reading out to her every night. To add 
a wonderful zing to the day , I decided to bring alive the little 
land with  -' The Frog Prince' and the ' Magical Toadstools '. 
spotted some garlic oregano cheese bread in one of the local 
bakeries and decided to put in to use with some veggies 
and  loads of fun !!

The Frog Prince 

Garlic oregano cheese bread from local bakery (or substitutes)* 
with tiny cheese circles green tomato , cucumber and olive eyes , 
cherry tomato ketchup mouth and cucumber feet . For the cheesy tongue-
keep a cheese slice diagonally & cut out a long ribbon using a 
toothpick, make a cut on the bread and insert it gently  

*Half moon shaped bread can be replaced  with  folded stuffed paratha ,
dosa, uttapams, crepes, pancake , whole wheat bread circles, tacos  
calzones or even Quesadillas ( click link to check out our indo 


  1. Amazing pics..!! such a beautiful post !!.. Happy children's day to Nandika .. Give her my love..

  2. What a lovely presentation! Happy Children's Day to your little princess!

  3. Happy Children's day to your little one. Excellent looking toadstool.

  4. wow awesome presentation and pretty looking frog princess :)

  5. Presentation is awesome!! I will definitely try the Garlic oregano cheese bread. Thanx for sharing. Happy Children's Day.

  6. I have been following you for a while, but never got to leave a comment! I love your creativity!

  7. Such a perfect meal for children's day!

  8. why kids ?
    I may eat anything if am served like this !
    Kudos to ur patience and creativity .. I just loved both but loved frog prince lil more
    Loved ur blog :)
    keep them cmng

  9. First time on your blog and regretting why didn't I find you earlier. i am drooling over each and every image. So much creativity, hats off to you :)

  10. every kid would love to eat this....u have a very innovative blog...following u now!

  11. Your presentation skills are amazing. Inspiration for newbie like me. :)


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