Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day

~ Joys of the Fall ~ 

Technology has made the world smaller ! After having a 
long online chit chat with a friends daughter in USA, my little one 
wanted to know why don't we have a Thanksgiving holiday here 
in India . Like her friend she also wanted to have a harvest festival 
with turkey lunch and a big slice of the spiced  pumpkin pie.Thus
 entire evening afternoon was spent answering her  innumerable
 questions about the varying cultures and  festivals around the
 world . Being a vegetarian I could not treat her on a real turkey 
but a turkey sandwich was waiting to be gobbled !!!! 

Turkey sandwich 

Bread , cheese & veggies

Beautiful Pumpkins 

The magic of this turkey sandwich is that with a few changes it can be 
transformed into a cute Red Indian(  Native American) inspired 
sandwich too, look how easily the turkey feathers becomes his funky
headgear ...and now all is needed is a cucumber arrow !!! 

 Native American  sandwich 

cheese, bread and veggies 


  1. very very very pretty turkey there! i love the creativity

  2. Hi Smita,

    I love the little turkeys. They look so cute and so eatable!
    How have you been?


  3. You are so very creative, I enjoy stopping by once in a while to get inspiration from your blog. Just one note...In the U.S., Red Indian is considered a derogatory term for native americans. Given that many of your readers are from this part of the world, I thought you might want to edit your description. Here's the definition from Oxford English dictionary: The term Red Indian, first recorded in the early 19th century, has largely fallen out of use, associated as it is with stereotypes of cowboys and Indians and the Wild West, and today may cause offence. The normal terms in modern use are American Indian and Native American or, if appropriate, the name of the specific people (Cherokee, Iroquois, and so on).

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing the information. I have updated it as Native American.


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