Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation Time

~ Vacation Time ~

I'm going to be heading off on holidays shortly .
I probably won't be posting anything here for the
next one month . Feel free to browse the archives
while I'm away . Will catch u up by the end of June
with lots of new posts ......- Take Care !!!

Choo Chooo Train .....

Bread, cheese , carrot , pickled gherkin .

Artsy - Crafty Challenge ( May 2010 )

Sending our Birdy cups for the May Artsy Crafty
Contest .Couple of months ago while browsing the net
for party ideas I came across some party animal faced
tumblers . Truly admire the brain behind the fabulous
object d' art !!!!!!!Although this idea is all over the net
yet not even a single site tells the name of the creator
to appreciate his/her design.
Being inspired by these designs my lil one &
I create these beaky cups ..........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

~ Happy Mothers Day ~

"Mother is such a simple word ,
But to me there's meaning seldom heard .
For everything I am today ,
My mother's love showed me the way .

( -What Mother Means by Karl Fuchs )

Little Food Junction wishes all mothers a very
Happy Mothers Day . Hope your day is full
of warmth ,sunshine, love & flowers .....

Say it with Flowers !!!

Watermelon , papaya, grapes, cucumber , falsa
( Indian berry ) , kakdi ( armenian cucumber ).
Gadgets- flower shaped cookie cutter ( large n
small), melon baller , skewers .

To Mamma - with Love

The daddy daughter duo got up early in the morning
to make a beautiful surprise for me ... OMG this
lovely grape stick ( pl read bouquet ) is worth
a billion roses ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿...

Skewered green & black grapes & a slice of orange

Saturday, May 1, 2010

zoo sandwiches -3

~ Zoo on my plate ~ 3 ~

Summer holidays are fast approaching n kids are
already in the vacation mood . With all their sporty
attitudes it seems the motto for the current month is
'Less of studies and more of play ' Lol . I'm happy
that kids will get a break from the structured routine
but still pondering over multiple ways to keep holiday
boredom at a bay . The overwhelming response from
all of you for Zoo sandwiches motivated me for some
more yummy foody fun animal creations ......Hope
you like these too , do let me know ......... :) :) :) :)

Fishy fishy fishy

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives

Jumbo Dumbo

Bread,cheese ,cucumber ,olives ,egg, armenian cucumber (kakdi

Miss Piggy Wiggy

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives , egg, pepper corns

Sandwich Cowtoon

Bread, cheese , carrot, olives , egg

Monkeys for Lunch ?????

Bread, cheese , carrot, cucumber , olives , egg, tomato sauce


Award Time

I'm beaming with joy . Our creation paper mache
Babushaka has won the User Choice award at the
Thanks a lot to Shruti n all of you for liking &
voting for our creation .

A warm thanks again to Shruti , the creative brain
behind Mindful - meanderings for passing on
this award to me ........:) :) :)

The award asks for listing 3 things I love abt myself .
- ha ha need to think ovr before answering !!!
Also calls to post a pic that i love -
of course it has to be of my lil one


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