Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation Time

~ Vacation Time ~

I'm going to be heading off on holidays shortly .
I probably won't be posting anything here for the
next one month . Feel free to browse the archives
while I'm away . Will catch u up by the end of June
with lots of new posts ......- Take Care !!!

Choo Chooo Train .....

Bread, cheese , carrot , pickled gherkin .

Artsy - Crafty Challenge ( May 2010 )

Sending our Birdy cups for the May Artsy Crafty
Contest .Couple of months ago while browsing the net
for party ideas I came across some party animal faced
tumblers . Truly admire the brain behind the fabulous
object d' art !!!!!!!Although this idea is all over the net
yet not even a single site tells the name of the creator
to appreciate his/her design.
Being inspired by these designs my lil one &
I create these beaky cups ..........


  1. Love the train , so perfect for vacation time . The cups looks awesome too..

  2. aw i love such cups! saw them somewhere on the internet. have a great vacation!

  3. Thanks for ur comments Jessy n Rima . I too admire the brains behind the original creator of the cups .... I wish these were availabe here, i would have been the first one to buy it for my lil one .. Lols !!

  4. love the train...have a great vacation....

  5. Enjoy your vacation Smita. The cups look awesome .

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. thanks for visiting me and thereby helping me ti find you. its an amazing blog you have created. am amazed at your creativity. I also have a little one and feel like saving and downloading your whole page to use later. lovely creations and great photography. the train looks cute but the best is your sweety pie. hugs and kisses to her.

  7. Enjoy ur break, am truly amazed with ur creativitiy...beautiful work Smitha..

  8. Have a nice vacation....awesome bread train and cups.....

  9. Another great creation. Where do you find your inspiration? goodness. Have a great trip!

  10. Creativity at its best again!! Have a great vacation!!

  11. Dearest what a pleasure! Thanks for visiting your blog is super, congratulations!

  12. Have a wonderful vacation and have lots of fun. I liked the train very much. Very nice and creative.

  13. Cute train and nice cups...lovely post dear...happy to find ur blog n to follow:)

  14. Dear Smita,
    New to ur beautiful space...absolutely love the way u present food creatively.
    Also loved the beak cups...too good.
    Will keep visiting you...following u as well.
    Between a food blogger from down under.
    U enjoy your vacation.

  15. Wow, luv all ur creations...first time here...nice job done...enjoy ur vacation.

  16. this is just lovely... u have a great blog .. following u now :)

  17. Hello there,
    I used your idli pics in my blog. I also mentioned about your blog as a wonderful blog there. Unfortunately its a Tamil blog. If you dont know Tamil please let me know to Will try to translate it for you.

    Have fun


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