Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Xmas

~Merry Christmas~ 

 For most of us the holiday season 
revolves around  family and friends, spending 
countless hours with them, going out for long strolls 
to  beautifully decorated malls and markets , just 
sitting and admiring the shimmering Christmas tree
or may be spending time in the kitchen making 
some beautiful xmas themed fun foods !!! 

1 min Xmas tree 

One sliced n halved kiwi, few pomegranate arils, star 
shaped munching snack n some cream cheese 

Gulping down few Santa cookies or munching 
some xmas themed cute salad adds the 
perfect pep to the gloomy cold winters , after 
all its the echo of tiny peals of laughter that makes 
the world going !!! If you haven't made some xmas
 themed treats for kiddos go ahead.. this kiwi xmas
 tree is surely the best way to sprinkle some
 joy to the plates !!

Christmas is incomplete without sweet treats and  beautifully 
decorated  X-mas trees. Be it the traditional christmas pudding 
or the yummy Christmas mocktails , the cheer of holiday 
season is a perfect excuse to sink your tooth into a generous
 holiday indulgence !!! 

 Ho ho ho merry Christmas .......
May this Christmas bring all the jolly and joy to 
everyone !!


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