Monday, August 22, 2016

Adieu !!

~Adieu Olympic 
Adieu Google Fruit Games~ 

While Rio was busy with the spectacular 
closing ceremonies of Olympic 2016 and 
Google was all ready to wrap up the super 
Doodle Fruit Games my daughter and I were 
craving for some more fruity games . 
Though we are not much of a online /app 
gaming family but the daily super cute google
doodles that kept popping for 17 days in cutest 
new avatars totally stole our hearts.
To add a zing to the sunny sunday morning 
(yesterday) , we decided to make a few 
cutie avatars  come alive !!!!

Mr Orange - the Golfer 

Orange, Banana, grapes, cucumber, kiwi, beans

Ms Appleberry - the athlete 
(Apple mocks the strawberry in this 
no strawberry season here ) 

Apple, Banana, grapes, cucumber, kiwi, orange 

Ms Mango - the Badminton Champ 

Our  very own super talented PV Sindhu who 
bagged wonderful Silver for our country 
looked radiant in  bright yellow costume on
 the final day of the match !! How we
 cheered like super enthusiasts throughout 
her match and were truly bowled over by 
her super duper performance!!  

Mango, Kiwi, banana , grapes, tomato n cheese 

The  Apple Wrestlers

It was the first time we stayed glued to the 
wrestling match when the female super wrestler 
from our country was in the ring …. the chivalry 
and efforts displayed by Sakshi Malik were 
just out of the world !Her bronze n never say die
 attitude created history when she became the first
 female Indian wrestler to clinch an Olympic medal. 

Apple, Banana, grapes, kiwi, 

Olympic cookies from the blog archives .
Google doodles for ref only. 

The endless discussion over Rio Olympic, the 
 2020 Olympics at Tokyo,the significance of 
sports in ones life and the importance of fibre
 and a balanced diet for a healthy life 
along with some cute fruit doodles turned a 
simple morning to a wonderful chirpy family
 time morning. 
After all these are the little joys of life !!!!! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Independence Day

~ Happy Independence Day ~
the celebration of Tricolor 

15th August is the most important day in the 
Indian history and this year is definitely much 
more special as we are all geared to celebrate our
 70th Independence Day today. This auspicious day 
is surely the day of celebration!! Streets, malls, 
market places, offices and  houses are beautifully
 decked up in gorgeous shades of the Indian 
tricolour. Music of patriotic songs seems to be 
echoing in from far and wide, there is a wave of 
celebration everywhere !!! 

Peacock - Our National bird   

Peacock fruit n candy platter - cookies, apple, 
kiwi and some tricolour candies(opt). 

India is a land of colours and peacock our 
national bird beautifully exhibits the most 
vibrant and shimmering colours one can think
 of. The bird is a symbol of grace and love and 
finds mention in almost all Indian scriptures.
So go ahead involve the  tiny ones in this
 super  easy DIY peacock theme platter 
and add some fun and healthy element to the 
celebrations today. 

The fruity tricolour palette 

Little Food Junction salutes the Nation and the
immortal National Heros for their devotion and
sacrifices. Hope peace , love and harmony reigns in
all the parts of the world today n everyday !!! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016


~ Crocreatures -2 ~

A food bloggers love for hoarding endless
 pieces of beautiful chinaware is just too 
difficult to be put into words. On every visit to
 local markets, malls, city/intercity escapades
 the eyes frantically keep on searching for new
 props, new tableware and  gorgeous bright 
linens ... Back home making space for newly
 found booties in overflowing cupboards,
 or shoving some larger picks under beds 
are things we immensely enjoy !!!Few days 
back while selecting chinawares for an up-
coming shoot, the uncanny connection between
  condiment bowls and facial features and  the 
striking unspoken similarity between spoons n
 fashion danglers awakened the artist in me , as a
 result of which a crockery + creatures
 series, which hubby named CROCREATURE
 was born.  


Graduation Day 

Ms.Bumble bee 

Mr Bunny ears 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


…gets me back to blogging !!

The call of the Blogsphere has  been too hard 
to resist and finally i'm back to blogging and 
fun food love after a long time. The  past few
months revolved  around several professional
assignments,family commitments, meditation
practice and evening swimming sessions with

And one day …….

Though blogging had taken a back seat yet my
love for fun foods and art had never stopped
taking form in my sketch book. One day while
choosing props for an upcoming shoot
the artist in me started seeing forms in simple 
chinawares. How some condiment bowls owed 
similarity to teddy ears or how a pizza plate with a 
handle resembled  front profile of the trunked beast. 
Through out the shoot days a corner of my brain  had 
been silently observing,coding n de coding them for the 
new theme. After seeing the rough layouts and quick
idea shots hubby exclaimed" Nice CROCREATURES' 
and thus the idea of crockery as creatures were born !!! 

Jumbo The Elephant 

The Night Owl 

Mr Bean's Teddy 

An Apple a Day  


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