Monday, August 15, 2016

Independence Day

~ Happy Independence Day ~
the celebration of Tricolor 

15th August is the most important day in the 
Indian history and this year is definitely much 
more special as we are all geared to celebrate our
 70th Independence Day today. This auspicious day 
is surely the day of celebration!! Streets, malls, 
market places, offices and  houses are beautifully
 decked up in gorgeous shades of the Indian 
tricolour. Music of patriotic songs seems to be 
echoing in from far and wide, there is a wave of 
celebration everywhere !!! 

Peacock - Our National bird   

Peacock fruit n candy platter - cookies, apple, 
kiwi and some tricolour candies(opt). 

India is a land of colours and peacock our 
national bird beautifully exhibits the most 
vibrant and shimmering colours one can think
 of. The bird is a symbol of grace and love and 
finds mention in almost all Indian scriptures.
So go ahead involve the  tiny ones in this
 super  easy DIY peacock theme platter 
and add some fun and healthy element to the 
celebrations today. 

The fruity tricolour palette 

Little Food Junction salutes the Nation and the
immortal National Heros for their devotion and
sacrifices. Hope peace , love and harmony reigns in
all the parts of the world today n everyday !!! 


  1. Que la PAZ y la ARMONÍA se instale por siempre en tu BLOG y en toda la TIERRA!!!
    Un abrazo AMIGA :)))

  2. same to u.....
    you represent very good pic for environment.
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