Saturday, August 13, 2016


~ Crocreatures -2 ~

A food bloggers love for hoarding endless
 pieces of beautiful chinaware is just too 
difficult to be put into words. On every visit to
 local markets, malls, city/intercity escapades
 the eyes frantically keep on searching for new
 props, new tableware and  gorgeous bright 
linens ... Back home making space for newly
 found booties in overflowing cupboards,
 or shoving some larger picks under beds 
are things we immensely enjoy !!!Few days 
back while selecting chinawares for an up-
coming shoot, the uncanny connection between
  condiment bowls and facial features and  the 
striking unspoken similarity between spoons n
 fashion danglers awakened the artist in me , as a
 result of which a crockery + creatures
 series, which hubby named CROCREATURE
 was born.  


Graduation Day 

Ms.Bumble bee 

Mr Bunny ears 

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