Saturday, October 24, 2009


~ Hello Halloween ~

Halloween is incomplete without draculicious
foods. These creeeeeepy delicious treats for little ghouls
n goblins are easy to make n healthy too ........
And free from artificial colors n preservatives !!

Coffin Sandwiches

Coffin- Brown n white bread , Wreath- cucumber slice
spinach n tomato .

Eyeball Rice

Rice, tomato , olive n beet juice
To make the eyeball shape -Put the hot rice in a greased
bowl n gently press . Once little cool demould on a serving
platter. Make the iris with tomato n olive . Use a clean brush n
beet juice to make the scary red veins .

Ghostly Tortillas

Flour , salt n olives
Make a thin batter with flour n salt ,squeeze ghostly shapes on
a greased hot skillet ,cook from both sides till done.
Decorate with olives.

Jack o lantern platter

Rice, carrots, beet , gherkin
To make carrot rice- Sprinkle salt to finely shredded carrots ,
after a few mins squeeze out all the water from the carrots n mix
to the cooked rice . Shape into balls. Top with pickled gherkins .
Cut the eyes n mouth from a thin beet slice n stick on the
ball with mayonnaise.

Scary Snacks

Eyeballs- Eggs, olives, beet juice ,cheese balls
Spiders- gherkins , round crackers, olives , mayo

Haunting Dino Eggs

Boiled eggs, tea water
Commonly known as Chinese tea eggs .

Ultimate Halloween

Coffin sandwiches, eyeball eggs n spooky cracker spiders

Happy Hauntings to all
have a spooktacular Halloween !!!
- Little Food Junction

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The hungry Caterpillar

~ The Hungry Caterpillar ~

( click the link for the animated version )
was one of my favorite books when I was a kid,
& now being a mom I love reading it to my little one .
The caterpillar who munches his way through
a variety of edibles before metamorphosing
into a pretty butterfly is the inspiration
behind this edible creation........

The Veggie Caterpillar

Cucumber, olives, tomato slices, cabbage ,
basil , mini swiss rolls , mustard sauce.

The Fruity Butterfly

Pineapple n apple slices, pomegranate, olives
and pickled gherkins ( cucumbers)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Diwali

~ Happy Diwali ~

Hope the festival of light enlightens your home
and heart with peace and prosperity .
A very Happy Diwali to all !!!!

Diwali is certainly the biggest and brightest of all Indian festivals.
It symbolises the triumph of the good over evil . This festival of
lights is marked by five days of celebration. Clay lamps , gifts,
Sweets n savories ,holy chants , colorful rangolis n fireworks are
an integral part of the festival bringing with it enthusiasm,
merriment , enjoyment , happiness n loads of excitement .
My edible creations to mark the festivities .......

The Rangoli

Cashews, mini swiss rolls , crunchy snack loops

Diya (Clay lamp ) Sandwich

Brown bread, cottage cheese, finely chopped carrot n
capsicum, tomato sauce , cucumber n mustard sauce

Cracker Lanterns ( Traditional kandils )

Krackjack buiscuits /Graham crackers , julienned cucumber
tomato sauce .

Edible Fireworks - Rockets

For The fireworks rocket - Oblong bread rolls & tomato/ cottage
cheese/ cucumber triangles on a skewer .
Spinach murukku/chakli and mini swiss rolls (fireworks spirals)

Edible Fireworks - Fountain ( Anaar)

Triangle shaped snacks ( Bingo Mad Angles ), Tomato sauce

Edible Fireworks - Spirals ( Charkhi )

Spinach murukku / chaklis

Warm Wishes to all from

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mission Capsicum

~ Mission Capsicum ~

Yesterday I ran out of my veggie stock ,
what was left in the refrigerator was capsicum
& carrots . It surely sounds little funny to make a
salad only using capsicums !! but being aware of its
great degree of nutritional value I decided to go
ahead and challenge my creative juices.
Seeing the salad platter my daughter hesitated for a
moment but soon started munching the crispy greens !!
My salad Mission Accomplished !!!!!
Lol - ' The sense of sight succeeded over the sense of taste '

Turtle plz ....

Capsicum , carrot, peas, mayonnaise n nigella seeds

Scorpion Salad !!!!

Capsicum , carrot, peas, mayonnaise n nigella seeds


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