Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mission Capsicum

~ Mission Capsicum ~

Yesterday I ran out of my veggie stock ,
what was left in the refrigerator was capsicum
& carrots . It surely sounds little funny to make a
salad only using capsicums !! but being aware of its
great degree of nutritional value I decided to go
ahead and challenge my creative juices.
Seeing the salad platter my daughter hesitated for a
moment but soon started munching the crispy greens !!
My salad Mission Accomplished !!!!!
Lol - ' The sense of sight succeeded over the sense of taste '

Turtle plz ....

Capsicum , carrot, peas, mayonnaise n nigella seeds

Scorpion Salad !!!!

Capsicum , carrot, peas, mayonnaise n nigella seeds


  1. how do u manage to cut them so finely..
    and how do u think of all this??
    amazingly good...
    keep it up.. Cheers..:)

  2. Thanks Manya.
    Well i jus use a simple pairing knife for most of my creations. N as all artists wen i'm with my palette n canvas ( ( food n plate in my case ) ideas start thriving automatically !!!!

  3. Awesome! I am sure ur daughter might be enjoing all this!looks damn cute!

  4. Thanks for your comments Preeti.
    My daughter has surely outgrown her picky eater attitude n started loving healthy foods .Making fun foods truly takes some extra time but its definitely worth it !!

  5. My grown son might even be tempted by these creations. Now he is a picky one for sure.

  6. Lori do try n let me know ur kiddies reactions !


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