Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Diwali

~ Happy Diwali ~

Hope the festival of light enlightens your home
and heart with peace and prosperity .
A very Happy Diwali to all !!!!

Diwali is certainly the biggest and brightest of all Indian festivals.
It symbolises the triumph of the good over evil . This festival of
lights is marked by five days of celebration. Clay lamps , gifts,
Sweets n savories ,holy chants , colorful rangolis n fireworks are
an integral part of the festival bringing with it enthusiasm,
merriment , enjoyment , happiness n loads of excitement .
My edible creations to mark the festivities .......

The Rangoli

Cashews, mini swiss rolls , crunchy snack loops

Diya (Clay lamp ) Sandwich

Brown bread, cottage cheese, finely chopped carrot n
capsicum, tomato sauce , cucumber n mustard sauce

Cracker Lanterns ( Traditional kandils )

Krackjack buiscuits /Graham crackers , julienned cucumber
tomato sauce .

Edible Fireworks - Rockets

For The fireworks rocket - Oblong bread rolls & tomato/ cottage
cheese/ cucumber triangles on a skewer .
Spinach murukku/chakli and mini swiss rolls (fireworks spirals)

Edible Fireworks - Fountain ( Anaar)

Triangle shaped snacks ( Bingo Mad Angles ), Tomato sauce

Edible Fireworks - Spirals ( Charkhi )

Spinach murukku / chaklis

Warm Wishes to all from


  1. amazing work Smita!! really hats off to your creativity!!

  2. Find more Rangoli in my recipe blog search:

  3. amazing, mindblowing,superb ;).... i really liked all the work... gr8888.... keep it up.

  4. Hey Smita :) Thanks for visiting the blog. This is wonderful stuff. I love the Kandils :D

    Which also reminds me that I need to update my own blog with this Diwali's updates at least

  5. omg... this is amazinglyyyyyyyyyy good.....
    just cant imagine anyone can think and do all this...
    no words to express!!

  6. Lovely food for Diwali1 may the Light of Diwali shine forever in everybody kitchens and hearts! :-)

  7. Lovely creations! My kids would love for you to come visit...hee hee!

  8. Thanks to all , for visiting my blog n putting in your lovely comments.
    - Smita @ LFJ

  9. wow, vry creative..was looking for some Diwali fun recipes and stumbled upon ur blog. Happy Diwali!
    Do visit my blog:

  10. One diwali which I would love to eat.. Good to know that there are still people who would create rather than steal. cool one.. happy diwali y'all..

  11. Spinach chakri sound amazing! I've never tried that combination before! x

  12. Very Nice Creations. I loved Rockets. Visit my blog and leave your comments.

  13. Beautiful creation.loved it.Happy diwali.Do visit my blog when u find time

  14. A v happy diwali to all .........
    Thanks for ur valuable comments n encouragement friends !!!!
    I will surely visit ur blogs Thas n Sudha .. once the festivities r over .

    Warm regards
    Smita @LFJ

  15. hi Smita
    I visit food blogs regularly (mainly to look at how creative people get with pictures) and very rarely I comment.
    Your creations are mind blowing to say the least. I have no creativity at all. But I certainly can enjoy if someone else is creative and I truly enjoy your blog though only first time in yours.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog n writing such lovely comments .
    Dear Anonymous - Creativity is something that exists with everyone
    its jus that sometimes we underestimate ours while looking at others creations .....
    U enjoy creative works & photography which indicates that its present with u too !!!!

  17. dear mami wonderful,amazing,creative site. ask all the moms who r in ur reach 2 hav a luk at ur blog. kids will like d food items if they get dem 2 eat. i'l ask my frnds 2 hav a luk at ur blog. im sure they will like it. REALLY CREATIVE!
    luv ashi
    3/105 kirti aptts. mayur vihar

  18. Thanks for visiting n putting in ur lovely comments Aarushi !!

  19. Lovely creations Smita as always. I have linked to this post in my post Diwali Craft ideas with full credit to you. Here is the link:
    Thanks for this amazing post.

  20. luv to follow you here...beautiful collection of recipes....

    Anu's Healthy Kitchen


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