Monday, February 20, 2012

Animal pops

~ Animals on Sticks ~

A party with tiny tots , animal props and food on stick - what else can
lil ones ask for ????

Its a commonly known fact that food just tastes better (or i
should say looks n feels ) better when topped on sticks.
Inspired by cute food , cakes , fudges ,chocolate n of course
Bakerella these little cuties came alive from my sketch pad
to reality at my lil ones animal theme party. No doubt
they were a bit time consuming but definitely worth
all the time & effort. Owing to the omnipresence of cake
at the party I opted for a cookie truffle pop version .

From paws & leaves on floor , from placards to posters , the
party was a hit but the cuties on stick stole the show , the kids
simply loved the treats on sticks. (Although I just couldn't bring
myself to bite their heads off !!! )

Finding a variety of sprinkles, colorful loli sticks , brightest
food colors , colorful candy melts & of course the candy eyes
is not much easy in India . But as always my lil ones high
spirits opened paths for substitutions . I used Kellogg's
chocos for the ears , Cadburys Gems for the nose & white
mint holes for the eyes. To add life to the pops I finally made
the features- eyeballs , nose & mouth with food markers.

Prepare the cookie truffle balls according to the recipe
below.Dip one end of lolipop stick in melted chocolate
n fix into the prepared truffle balls, refrigerate for
10-15 mins.Hold the pops from the stick n dip the ball
in melted chocolate.Gently shake off the excess chocolate.
Quickly place the sprinklers n other decorations. Place on a
florist foam or styrofoam block to set .

Cookie Truffles Recipe for Pops
Ingredients - 250 gms Marie biscuits, 1 tbs powdered sugar , 4tbsp
cocoa powder, 20 gms butter , 1/2 cup milkmaid ( condensed
milk), 100 gms cooking chocolate , finely crushed nuts (opt)

Method- Roughly crush the biscuits by pressing down a rolling pin.
Melt the butter n chocolate in a double boiler and add in the crushed
biscuits n the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and shape into lemon
sized balls . Refrigerate for 6-7 mins. Use as required .

(Tip- you could replace Marie with any leftover cookies, but jus 
make sure to adjust the quantity of condensed milk to balance 
the sweetness)


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