Monday, February 20, 2012

Animal pops

~ Animals on Sticks ~

A party with tiny tots , animal props and food on stick - what else can
lil ones ask for ????

Its a commonly known fact that food just tastes better (or i
should say looks n feels ) better when topped on sticks.
Inspired by cute food , cakes , fudges ,chocolate n of course
Bakerella these little cuties came alive from my sketch pad
to reality at my lil ones animal theme party. No doubt
they were a bit time consuming but definitely worth
all the time & effort. Owing to the omnipresence of cake
at the party I opted for a cookie truffle pop version .

From paws & leaves on floor , from placards to posters , the
party was a hit but the cuties on stick stole the show , the kids
simply loved the treats on sticks. (Although I just couldn't bring
myself to bite their heads off !!! )

Finding a variety of sprinkles, colorful loli sticks , brightest
food colors , colorful candy melts & of course the candy eyes
is not much easy in India . But as always my lil ones high
spirits opened paths for substitutions . I used Kellogg's
chocos for the ears , Cadburys Gems for the nose & white
mint holes for the eyes. To add life to the pops I finally made
the features- eyeballs , nose & mouth with food markers.

Prepare the cookie truffle balls according to the recipe
below.Dip one end of lolipop stick in melted chocolate
n fix into the prepared truffle balls, refrigerate for
10-15 mins.Hold the pops from the stick n dip the ball
in melted chocolate.Gently shake off the excess chocolate.
Quickly place the sprinklers n other decorations. Place on a
florist foam or styrofoam block to set .

Cookie Truffles Recipe for Pops
Ingredients - 250 gms Marie biscuits, 1 tbs powdered sugar , 4tbsp
cocoa powder, 20 gms butter , 1/2 cup milkmaid ( condensed
milk), 100 gms cooking chocolate , finely crushed nuts (opt)

Method- Roughly crush the biscuits by pressing down a rolling pin.
Melt the butter n chocolate in a double boiler and add in the crushed
biscuits n the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and shape into lemon
sized balls . Refrigerate for 6-7 mins. Use as required .

(Tip- you could replace Marie with any leftover cookies, but jus 
make sure to adjust the quantity of condensed milk to balance 
the sweetness)


  1. So cute looking animals. Wonderful recipe.

  2. Stunningly cute :) loving it. :)

    Buddy did you find candy melts at India??? and what chocolate did you use for these?? Did they melt down when kept outside for a long time???

    1. @ Nithya - Candy melts are not easily available here. Used Selbourne semi sweet chocolate , but anyways u can go off with Morde, 2M or an othr locally available brand, jus remember to temper it well. Its pretty cool here in Delhi - hence they didnt melt , but surly we'l have to keep them refrigerated in scorching summers.

  3. This is beautiful. You think a newbie cook can do it? One who has never handled chocolate before? Really must try.

    1. Not difficult indeed. The truffle part is really really easy. But if you are novice to handling chocolates i would suggest you to first try out working with ( esp melting & tempering ) chocolates beforehand .

  4. utterly, deliciously CUTE!!!
    Love the idea. More pics from the party plsssssss

    1. Surel !!! Was able to click jus a few pics as was busy managing the kitchen & of course 20 tiny lil tots . Will put them rest of the pix on FB. BTW I think i shud arrange for a backup photographer so that pics too can be in abundance :) :)

  5. awesome wonderful and cute as usual with a yummilicious presentation

  6. These are the most darling thing I've ever seen! You are very talented :)

  7. wow wonderful and yummy tempting pops ......

  8. so cute and pretty animal pops !!

    Ongoing event CC-Dish For Loved Ones

  9. wonderful work.. keep doing more..!!

  10. looks so yummy . I could love to be the big bad wolf.:)

  11. Thanks for giving me opportunities in commenting your site, especially if you want to give summary point for that. Nice time to see you.

  12. Wow!!! Those pops look so cute :-)

  13. Hi . tried the brownie recipe , had marked it ages back but somehow forgot . It turned out so so wonderful . Why dont u write more about recipes .. i'm sure they'd be equally good .

    1. Thanks . Yes the best part of these is that they dnt require fats n still taste equally yummy.

  14. Loved the blog…

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  16. Awesome.. will try the recipe soon!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Heaven in a few simple bites

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  19. Hi..thanx a ton 4 all ur fab recps!! A few Q,s reg pops:
    1.U used white butter?
    2.Do u use measuring instruments 4 all ur ingredients? 2 melt choc in a double boiler? Plz let me knw d procedure..or any way i can do it in microwave 2??
    4.Is cooking choc easily available??
    5. What are food markers??

  20. Hi Smita, just bumped on your blog and i must say ur creations are jus amazing!!
    I need help, as a new cook even i would be keen to know abt melting and tempering chocolates..can u pls help me with the equipment reqd and how to do?

  21. Hi Smita,

    This looks really tempting and I am planning to make it for my son's 3rd b'day. Could you also let us know all the measurements you used to make 20 pops? Thanks in advance.

  22. Amazing and very cute pops..Hats off to you for the Indian version of Bakerella pops..I too want to try them for my daughter's b'day..just want to know what to use for eyes in pops..what are mint holes that you mentioned ? just let me know the brand name for that..thank daughter is eagerly waiting to eat them ..

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  25. hey where can I get the chocolates and other baking products here in Delhi..pls help..wanna try ur pops

    1. Aliya , cooking chocolate is easily available in INA market, stores of Le marche , Pigmento ( in jangpura& chandni chowk) and all candy & fmgc shops in sadar bazar . Although there are many barands available bit i usually use Selbourne or morde .

  26. hi smita

    Just came across your blog.. and the cake pops look beautiful and immaculately done.. but how did you make the eyes? what are mint holes and which brand and where did u buy them from..look fwd to hearing from you soon so that i can make these ASAP.

  27. just cam across you blog while searching for a place in india to buy candy melts.. i must say the pops look beautiful and immaculately done. i would love to make these. i have onee question though. how did u make the eyes? what are mint holes, which brand and where did u buy them from?? look fwd to hearing from you soon so that i can make these ASAP

  28. Thnx for the kind words Abhilasha..the eyes are the tiny mint holes (polo)availble at candy /dept stores. Hav made the black dots on them using an edible marker (u cud even use black food color for it). Feel free to share ur creations on our facebook page .

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  30. So cute looking animals. Wonderful recipe...

  31. This looks really tempting and I am planning to make it for my son's 3rd b'day. Could you also let us know all the measurements you used to make 20 pops?

  32. what chocolate did you use for these ?? Did they melt down when kept outside for a long time???

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