Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun with Salad

~ Fun with Veggies ~

Salads make  perfect mini meals during busy days , and 
the best way to make the lil ones enjoy this mini power meal
 is to add some crazy fun to normal veggies. 
What about transforming vegetables into fruits or botanically 
speaking fruits into some other fruits , sounds confusing 
isn't it ?????? These easy to make  Fruitoveggies will
 surely be welcomed with a big big smile...........

Cucumber Grapes 

Very few of us know that cucumber is actually a fruit  with more than 90% 
water but like tomatoes and squash they are often perceived prepared
 and eaten a veggies!!! ( source- Wikipedia)

Cuto (Cucumber -tomato) Watermelons

Sliced & halved cucumbers topped with halved tomato slice
 & nigella (kalonji) seeds.
The humble tomatoes with treasures of antioxidants are
 actually  fruits !!!!!! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new beginning....

A new beginning ......

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, Sand into
 pearls and  coal into diamonds using time and pressure ...... 
I am sure he is  working on me to !!!!! 

Born and brought up in a simple Indian family the 
first things I learnt  besides the normal day to day activities
 was to have faith in the Almighty. During all the ups and 
downs  of life mom and dad always taught me one thing - 
to have an unending FAITH. Today decades after I still 
remember Martin Luther's lines that dad had pasted on 
our study table- 
"All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the 
heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what 
they have asked and desired ."

When this tiny blog had started as a fun way to feed my picky
lil one, little had I thought how will things change from fun to 
profession. Right from getting featured on some sites and 
publications worldwide  to the extent of writing  fun and 
food columns, photography and  styling. Life was silently 
taking new turns and I was gently following those paths. 

Today after almost an year of hard work I would love to share 
with you my association with Pepsico Quaker Oats, India. 

You can find my recipes and pics on all their packs through out 
India - After days n nights of brainstorming with their team, 
 research,  development and tasting sessions I'm glad they
liked my work & encouraged me. 

Last but not the least we've paired together for some fun 
video tutorials too ..... Do LIKE the Quaker Oats Face book page -
 Good morning Heart you can find all the recipes , pics and 
 videos there.  Hope you enjoy  !!!


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