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Review- CCD

~Review - Cafe Coffee Day ~

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness
tasted & time well spent !!

Over the last decade the humble cup of home brewed
beverage has undergone a drastic revolution
and the coffee culture has beautifully taken over the
Indian mass. Cafe Coffee Day is remarkably one of
the trailblazers of this stylish cafe trend....

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee !!!

Owing to some family commitments I had missed the
golden opportunity to attend the unveiling event
of the Mysore Royal ..& by any chance I didn't want to
miss the opportunity of tasting the fresh flavors of
the new food menu. As a part of the invite I chose
the CCD at Shipra Mall for the menu sampling.

The lively ambience of the beautifully lit cafe filled with the
most enchanting aromas of the coffee beans was a perfect
paradise for the coffee lover in me. Mr Asif Ansari ,asst
marketing manager introduced me to the differently
enabled brewmasters & latte artists better known
as the the silent brewmasters ...Like a young child
my eyes were glued to the magical technique of
transforming a cup of coffee into an exquisite
piece of art !!!!

The new menu is a great selection of food items
that can be beautifully summarized as- 'something
to munch on', ' something that is filling ' or
'something that simply satisfies a sweet tooth'...
The foods wonderfully suit the modern consumer.

The Small Eats section is perfect to pamper our going
global taste-buds- the Cheesy Veg Croissant filled
with garden fresh vegetables & a blend of subtly flavored
sauces &cheese offers a wonderful touch of French
delight while the soft yet crunchy ChilliCheese toast
gives the feel of a light heavenly treat . The freshly
baked Chocolate Cookies doused with delicious chocolate
chips are perfect accompaniments to flavorful Latte,
mocha or cappuccino. Hot n spicy veg/chicken puff & the
delectable veg samosa are some more must try items
from this menu.

I simply loved the Tex mex Veg Cheese Sandwich ..
this delicious treat in the Big Eats category is a perfect
mix of Mexican salsa & cheese wrapped in soft bread
topped with cornmeal. My lil one accompanying me was
playing a perfect critique to the Spinach & corn cheese
sandwich- crunchy greens & juicy corns enrobed within
the freshly baked bread was tastier beyond expectations.

Apart from sharing his immense knowledge on coffee
beans & bread doughs Mr Asif told us how a majority of
young coffee lovers crave for the Tandoori Chicken &
Smoked Chicken Sandwiches from this menu .

The humbly prized filler combos starting out for as
low as Rs 59/-are undoubtedly the perfect fillers.

The Sweet treats from the cafe played like little
angels to our visit. 'The Dessert Shot '- which is essentially
a small bite of dessert put together in attractive cups is the
star attraction of the new menu.The luscious & creamy Mango
delight & the rich & smooth Belgian choco shots are great
soothers for the clamoring sweet tooth.These dessert
shots which ooze indulgence with every bite are prized at
just Rs 20/- ...unbelievable !!!The classic Black forest
cake in a cup , the signature oozing chocolate cake-
Indulgence , Nutty Fudge Brownie & Chocolate fantasy
are sure to pamper you in their new avatars.....
Rush into your nearby CCD to treat you taste-buds !!!

This menu is currently available in Delhi NCR &
will be launched in all of the CCD cafes throughout
India phase wise.

A big thanks to Mr Asif , from CCD , Mr Ayush & Ms Anchal
from Madison PR for this delectable evening !!!
All pics (except the first ) courtesy Cafe Coffee Day .


  1. Mmm! Wish I lived there! Lots of delicious treats!

  2. I am sure u must have had a gr8 day enjoying the coffee and all the goodies!!

  3. Nice post..Looking very delicious and awesome..

  4. beautiful & very tempting pics..great post dear..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Really it will do.....

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