Saturday, October 24, 2009


~ Hello Halloween ~

Halloween is incomplete without draculicious
foods. These creeeeeepy delicious treats for little ghouls
n goblins are easy to make n healthy too ........
And free from artificial colors n preservatives !!

Coffin Sandwiches

Coffin- Brown n white bread , Wreath- cucumber slice
spinach n tomato .

Eyeball Rice

Rice, tomato , olive n beet juice
To make the eyeball shape -Put the hot rice in a greased
bowl n gently press . Once little cool demould on a serving
platter. Make the iris with tomato n olive . Use a clean brush n
beet juice to make the scary red veins .

Ghostly Tortillas

Flour , salt n olives
Make a thin batter with flour n salt ,squeeze ghostly shapes on
a greased hot skillet ,cook from both sides till done.
Decorate with olives.

Jack o lantern platter

Rice, carrots, beet , gherkin
To make carrot rice- Sprinkle salt to finely shredded carrots ,
after a few mins squeeze out all the water from the carrots n mix
to the cooked rice . Shape into balls. Top with pickled gherkins .
Cut the eyes n mouth from a thin beet slice n stick on the
ball with mayonnaise.

Scary Snacks

Eyeballs- Eggs, olives, beet juice ,cheese balls
Spiders- gherkins , round crackers, olives , mayo

Haunting Dino Eggs

Boiled eggs, tea water
Commonly known as Chinese tea eggs .

Ultimate Halloween

Coffin sandwiches, eyeball eggs n spooky cracker spiders

Happy Hauntings to all
have a spooktacular Halloween !!!
- Little Food Junction


  1. Wow beautiful presentations....

  2. i really liked all work.. well done :)

  3. Nice halloween decorations!!

    I loved the tortilla ghosts and eyeball very much!

  4. so cute! I am going to try making that jack o lanterns....great job!

  5. What fun! I love all your Halloween food! Now you need a nice scary drink to go with it :)

  6. Tortilla ghosts are awesome.. other creations are fablous as well...
    great going..

  7. Ha, what adorable and creative Halloween edible! I just love it!

  8. Wow! Beautiful creations and lovely presentation!! Brava!

  9. Your attention to detail is perfection... well done!!! You are very talented!!

    Many blessings-

  10. These are so adorable, even my 17 year old son like them.

  11. Thanks for visiting n putting in ur lovely comments ....

    @Manvi- Thanks Manvi

    @Chakhlere - Thanks Chakhlere

    @ Preeti - Do post ur creation on ur blog i'd love to c !

    @Lyndsey- A scary drink is surely a nice idea , i'd try out some spooky ones ....

    @Manya-Deeply appreciate ur comments Manya .

    @Hannah- I'm so glad that u love my creations Hannah !!

    @Ellie- Thanks so much Ellie !!!

    @Amanda- Thanks for ur kind words Amanda !!!

    @Diana h -Thanks Diana . I'm glad that ur son liked them.

  12. Such a creative work.. I just adore those lantern platter.. So cute :)

  13. so much fun our blog!! i like to play with food, am sure my kids will love too.

  14. Wow...very nice cooking and decorating skills.

    You paid my blog ( a visit a while back, commented and suggested I visit took me a little while but I am very glad I did.

    Thanks for sharing...keep it up! You have some great ideas!

  15. just love u r work!!keep gazing at it:))

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